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About Volunteering

Volunteers are a vital resource for The AJR and there are several ways you can volunteer. Click HERE if you are interested in volunteering or have a look below at some of the volunteering opportunities we offer. 

Individual Befriending
Many elderly AJR members, though still living in their own homes, are frail and often isolated. Some have few or no surviving family and can find themselves to be very lonely indeed. A befriender, who can make regular visits, be someone to talk to and possibly go on walks with, would be very welcome. Currently, befrienders visit between 1-2hrs weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly.

Befriending invariably proves to be an extremely rewarding activity. If you think this is something for which you believe that you possess the necessary qualities.

Supporting Clients with Memory Loss

In 2013 The AJR launched a ground breaking project to support our members with memory loss.  Memory loss can often leave a person feeling misunderstood, lonely and isolated.  If you feel you are sensitive, caring, calm and intuitive then you will find visiting somebody with memory loss extremely rewarding.  Volunteer befrienders are required to visit up to one hour a week/fortnight.  All volunteers will receive specialised training and regular supervision. Please click HERE for the application form

Computer Help Project

Many AJR members would like to learn how to use a computers to keep in touch with familiy and friend abroad or generally learn how to use Webpages such as Google or online newspapers. Volunteers with basic computer skills (Word, Exel, Internet, etc.) are required to visit them and assist them in using their computer. The time commitment will be about one hour every week or fortnight.

Telephone Friends Project  

The AJR has more than 600 members over the age of 90. They may have been very active in their younger days, but many find that old age and ill-health means that they are less able to get out and often feel isolated and lonely.

We are looking for volunteers who will keep in telephone contact with our members on a regular basis – time agreed between you (our volunteer) and each AJR member. You will be allocated specific member(s) to call, so over time you should be able to build a rapport.

This volunteering role can be done from the AJR office, or from your home. Whatever is most suitable for you.

Regional Outreach Groups

Our outreach programme operates 44 regional groups throughout the country. These groups meet up monthly where our members meet to share experiences. Volunteers are required to register people, serve refreshments and be of general assistance.

"My Voice" - Project based in Manchester

Last year, we launched a new joint project by the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and the Fed based in Manchester.

Its purpose is to tell the life stories of older members of our community through production of individual life story booklets to be kept as treasured memories and tools for reminiscence.

While some people might claim they haven’t done “anything special” in their life, we know that everyone has their own individual voice and their memories and stories should be cherished. The booklet is a way to celebrate a person’s life.


The project involves volunteers visiting clients, listening to their experiences, adventures, philosophies and messages for the next generation. A complete booklet is printed and presented to the clients, for them to keep and share with family, friends and carers.

We are looking for volunteers who will appreciate the opportunity to undertake an exciting piece of voluntary work which has a satisfying end result. You will gain a greater understanding of the lives of Holocaust survivors and refugees while acquiring new skills by documenting memoirs and working on an inter-generational project. We see this process as an enjoyable and empowering activity for both clients and volunteers.

Head Office
Various office-based tasks arise throughout the year, such as answering phones, sorting through paperwork, sealing envelopes and taking bookings. From time to time the AJR also needs volunteers to help members complete forms relating to German and Austrian pensions and compensation claims. If you think this would be of interest to you, please click HERE for the application form. 
How do I become a volunteer?

After completing an application form and once references have been obtained you will be invited to meet with a member of the volunteers department on how you can begin your volunteer journey with the AJR.

You will receive an induction to your role and to AJR so that you can see how your time will benefit both of us and the people we support. Please click the link for the application form.

Experts in Volunteering