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Search Notices

For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email

Current search notices appear below.

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Atlas, Bader, Nichtern, Singer, Spielmann, Spitz -

My mother, Elsa Nichtern, was a domestic for a Mrs Turle. I am seeking information on the relatives of other survivors: Atlas, Bader, Nichtern, Singer, Spielmann, Spitz. All left Vienna in 1938-40. Some worked as domestics, then left for America. Some stayed with relatives named Lezer, Loewy, Goldberg, Rosswick. Pls contact Irving Adler at


Besmann, Margot, Besmann, Liesel (Lina) -

I am researching the former Jewish community in Mensfelden in Frankfurt/Main area. Any info pls on Besmann, Margot, b. 13/10/1923, daughter of Albert and Johanna, came to England in 1939, married man named Mountford (?), changed name to Ilsa (?), daughter Paula. Also Besmann, Liesel (Lina), b. 15/7/1908, daughter of Albert and Joanna, went to England March 1939, may have died in 1994 in Lancashire. Pls contact Markus Streb at


Bodek, Dr Cornelia -

Bodek, Dr Cornelia, b. 1895 in Przymysl, emigrated from Vienna to England in 1938, lived in 1967-68 at 352 City Road, London. Any info pls to Angelika Gausmann at


Braun, Felix -

Has anyone info on Braun, Felix, who lodged with the Craxton family in Grove End Road, St John's Wood, London, in 1941? Pls contact Ian Collins at


Burgova, Sonja Eva -

Distant cousin seeks info on Burgova, Sonja Eva (b. 1928), daughter of Frantisek and Jarmila Burg, last known address La Retraite School, Burnham-on-Sea, June 1939. Pls contact Dr Richard Pinard at


Die Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft -

If you have info on hard labour during WW2 in Christianstadt (Krzystkowice) for Die Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft or lived in Christianstadt (Krzystkowice) before WW2 please contact Harry Breman at Timorstraat 70, 8022NE Zwolle, Holland


Eisenberger, Raoul Armin, Eisenberger, Leopold -

I am seeking info on my relatives Eisenberger, Raoul Armin, b. 17/4/1924, who fled Vienna with his father, Eisenberger, Leopold, b. 6/7/1888, to England in late Dec 1938. Pls contact Erika Wantoch at 


Lederer, Eric (Erik) -

My cousin, Lederer, Eric (Erik), b. 3/9/1911 in Mohelnice, Czechoslovakia, parents Maximillian (Max) and Hedvika (Hedwig), both apparently Holocaust victims, had a sister, Elsa. In Palestine Eric joined Czech battalion that was part of British army, later joined British army, probably Jewish Brigade. Any info pls to Eytan Lederer at


Littman, Margit -

My mother, Littman, Margit, came to England from Vienna in early-mid-1938, worked as maid/nanny/governess, left England on 19/11/38 for New York on the Normandie, died in Los Angeles in 1987. She was born in Guswerk, Vienna, in Feb 1919, parents Oskar and Adele (née Anschul). Any info pls to Joyce Craig on 1-818-207-5737

   e-mail: at

Morocco -

The N.Y. Picture Company Inc. seeks surviving European Jews interned in WWII concentration camps in Morocco. Pls contact us at 


Paula Kormany (1880-1950) and Fritz Kormany alias Frederick Kerr (1913-2003) -

lived in London. If you have any info about this family from Austria pls contact Corinne Benestroff at


Roper, Ernestine (Erna) and her son Oswald (Ossie), Roper, Aron -

For memorial stones in Vienna, has anyone info on Roper, Ernestine (Erna) and her son Oswald (Ossie), who both left on Kladovo transport? Ernestine died in Sabac camp in Yugoslavia in Oct 1941, Ossie possibly made it to Shanghai. Also Roper, Aron, died Theriesenstadt in Oct 1942. Pls contact Ariel Roper on 0203 115 00 38 or at


Rosenhauch, Manek -

My grandfather, Rosenhauch, Manek (Mauricy), who was interned on the Isle of Man, was born in Lvov and listed as Polish but came to the UK from Vienna in 1939 as a refugee with his wife and child. Any info pls to Elizabeth Gamlin at


‘Figurines Fantastiques’ -

I am looking for material on the exhibition ‘Figurines Fantastiques’, which took place in the George Street flat of Ernest Friedman in October 1950. The exhibition included figurines by Lotte Pritzel. Pls contact Dr Sara Ayres on 07988 692538


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