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Austrian Remembrance Grant

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Anschluss the Austrian government has announced it will make a one-time €1,000 (approximately £800) Remembrance Grant to certain Austrian Holocaust victims. …read more

Kinder pensions

After a long campaign spearheaded by former KT Chairman, Hermann Hirschberger, certain Kindertransport refugees who fled to Britain, and whose parents were of German nationality, may be entitled to an increase in their German retirement pensions following a change in British pension law announced by the Minister for Pensions Reform, Mike O’Brien QC MP. …read more

AJR members meet in Manchester

AJR members meet in Manchester

Eighty members from across the north of England met in Manchester on 14 August for their annual Northern groups get-together.

We were delighted to welcome Suzanne Bardgett, Head of Department of Holocaust and Genocide History at the Imperial War Museum. As well as giving a fascinating presentation of the history and current work of the Museum she responded to questions about the educational work they provide. …read more

Compensation for Jewish victims of the Nazi siege of Leningrad

In an historic breakthrough, the Claims Conference has negotiated one-time payments from Germany for certain Jewish victims of the Nazi siege of Leningrad. …read more

Esther Rantzen addresses AJR members

Esther Rantzen addresses AJR members

Broadcaster, journalist and television presenter Esther Rantzen was the guest speaker at the our summer regional get-together on 1 July. at the Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue. …read more

Belgium compensation – a clarification

Reports at the beginning of March appeared to suggest that the Belgium government was introducing a new fund to pay compensation to Holocaust survivors who were persecuted or lost assets. …read more

Poland to enact restitution legislation

According to media reports, the government of Poland is committing itself to introducing property restitution legislation by the end of 2008. Although reports refer to property restitution, it is thought that the bill would provide compensation of 20 percent of a property’s value to former owners, both Jewish and non-Jewish. The law would apply to properties seized during the Second World War. …read more

AJR statement commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Anschluss

As the largest UK organisation representing and supporting Holocaust survivors and refugees, the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) recalls the tragic events of 13 March 1938, the Anschluss, which formally incorporated the territory of Austria into the German Reich and which signalled Nazi Germany’s aims to conquer Europe. …read more

Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger meets AJR members

Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger meets AJR members

The AJR was delighted to welcome Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger toaddress AJR members at a dinner on Wednesday 5th March 2008. …read more