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26 Jan 2011 - AJR commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

AJR commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

AJR commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

Members of the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) gathered on Monday 24 January 2011 at the Belsize Square Synagogue, London NW3 to commemorate the annual Holocaust Memorial Day.

AJR member and Kindertransport refugee Susi Bechhofer spoke about the recent discovery of letters written by her mother, Rosa, describing her perilous predicament in Nazi Germany. It is not known whether these letters were answered, so leaving an untold story, the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2011.

Rabbi Stuart Altshuler, who recently took up his post at the Belsize Square Synagogue, led the service and recited the Jewish mourning prayer, Kaddish. As part of the service, AJR members lit six memorial candles to remember the lives of the six million Jewish people murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust.

AJR Chairman, Andrew Kaufman, said: “The theme for this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is a timely reminder that the experiences of Holocaust refugees and survivors must be recorded for posterity and studied in perpetuity. Like the AJR’s own Refugee Voices project, these witness statements are critical as both an important cathartic experience for our members and as a means to study one of the darkest episodes in history.

As the AJR celebrates its 70th anniversary, for AJR members Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to remember and honour the memory of loved ones who perished in the Holocaust and to reach out and inform people about the experiences of the Holocaust refugees and survivors who rebuilt their lives in Great Britain. Untold Stories should encourage us all to consider what we can do to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten.”