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AJR Glasgow Dinner

AJR Glasgow Dinner

Every picture tells a story. Steven Anson’s photograph captured the mood at the Glasgow AJR dinner as members mingled over cocktails at the reception, ensuring a great atmosphere at the start of a wonderful evening.Thereafter a three course dinner was served on tartan laid tables in true Scottish style and was enjoyed by all.

Ethne Woldman, former Chief Executive of Jewish Care, Scotland, spoke about her work with the Targa Mures Community of Romania. Ethne first came across the tiny Jewish community in 1992. The two hundred strong Community, mostly survivors of Auschwitz and Dachau were aged 75 and over and lived in appalling unimaginable poverty. Most were unable to afford the most basic necessities such as medicines, dentures and glasses. One old lady lived in a chicken coup with no electricity or running water, buying one slice of bread at a time.

Ethne and her colleagues formed the Targa Mures Trust and over the last ten years have supported and helped the remnants of what was a Community which once numbered over six thousand. Sadly there are no children or grandchildren to help.The Jewish School of 350 children were all taken and murdered by the Nazis. It is terribly sad that Holocaust survivors having endured the cruelties of the Holocaust were faced with further terrible hardship. Our thanks reach out to Ethne and her colleagues for all the wonderful work they have done to improve the lives of the Targa Mures community, who are still in need .