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Extension of Austrian pension law

The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is delighted to learn of the improvement in Austrian social security law that extends the right to an Austrian state retirement pension to Jewish Nazi victims born in Austria after the Anschluss (12 March 1938) and before the end of the Second World War (8 May 1945).

The new law entitles “persons persecuted by the National Socialist regime, who had to emigrate and acquired only few or no insurance months in Austria” to retroactively purchase insurance months (contributions) at a preferential rate in order to qualify for the pension.

It is thought that some 400 former Austrian Nazi victims worldwide will be entitled to claim. Prior to the extension of the law it was considered that following the Anschluss these victims had ceased to be Austrian residents, or citizens, and had become part of the ‘German Reich’.

The new law in no way affects existing pensions paid to pensioners by the Austrian government.

AJR Director Michael Newman welcomed the change in the law and encouraged those who could be eligible to contact the AJR, “We have already made contact with some survivors who will now be entitled to a pension and hope to hear from others who can benefit from this important and rightful improvement in Austrian social security legislation.”

To download the application form in German click here and for an English translation click here