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Ghetto pensions review

Following a court ruling in Germany it is now possible for people whose applications for a ghetto pension were rejected, to have these claims reviewed. The court has ruled that the previous eligibility criteria were too restrictive and that as a result peoples’ claims were unjustly rejected.

Approximately 70,000 people applied for a ghetto pension but around 60,000 claims were rejected. The original eligibility criteria were extremely difficult to satisfy and the pension authorities came under immediate pressure to liberalise the conditions that must be met.

Matters were further complicated because of the subsequent introduction of the Ghetto Fund introduced in response to the huge numbers of rejected claims for the Ghetto pension. The Ghetto Fund paid a one-time award of EUR 2,000 for people who worked in a ghetto. One of the conditions upon receiving this payment is that if someone was subsequently awarded the Ghetto pension, they would have to repay the EUR 2,000.

We are advising those whose Ghetto pension claims were rejected to write to the pension authority which turned down their claim to ask for a review. If this is not know, you should write to: DRV Bund, 10704, Berlin, Germany.

In circumstances where a husband or wife applied but has since passed away a widow/er can pursue the claim.

It is still possible for those who have not yet applied for a Ghetto pension to do so.

To view further information about the Ghetto pension click here and to download the application form in English click here. Applicants will also need to complete a life certificate (click here) and a form with their bank details (click here).