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03 Jul 2007 - Overwhelming response to Kinder survey
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Overwhelming response to Kinder survey

Overwhelming response to Kinder survey

The Survey Team of the KT/AJR Planning Committee has been very busy registering the returns of our Survey Questionnaires.

The good news is that the number already received approaches 1,000. Approximately 550 are from the UK, 150 from Israel, 280 from the USA, and a handful from other countries. We have also received several hundred Supplementary Questionnaires about ex-Kinder no longer with us. These are yet to be registered

This response is very pleasing, to say the least. A return of over 60 per cent is a result which would be hailed with euphoria by any market research organisation, which would normally have to make do with a mere fraction of this.

The Survey Team wishes to express its unstinting admiration and gratitude to everyone who has returned forms. Those who have not yet responded, be assured - it is not too late. We would very much welcome further returns. Each one will add value to our historical archive.

We are indebted to the AJR Charitable Trust for funding this initial stage of the project and intend to report fully at an early opportunity.

To all those who have generously provided additional anecdotal information on the last page of the Questionnaire, it has so far not been possible to assess this fully and/or answer letters, but please be assured that these contributions will yield much knowledge.

We are now striving to formulate the next stage, the aim of which includes computer scanning of the returns and data processing of the historical facts. This may take some time, but ultimately, I am confident, it will lay the ghost and provide us with statistically dependable, archival information of what have hitherto been only views and guesstimates.

Bertha Leverton and Judy Benton, who have generously given of their time to work with me, and Ronald Channing, who has provided support and advice, join me in expressing our gratitude. I will report again.

To former Kindertransportees who have yet to reply: we do hope you will be able to take part in this unique survey and add to its authenticity. Anyone wishing to receive a questionnaire, or a supplementary questionnaire for a deceased relative or friend, please send your name and address to Andrea Goodmaker at AJR, Jubilee House, Merrion Avenue, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4RL, tel 020 8385 3070.