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02 Apr 2007 - Child Survivor Association joins AJR

Child Survivor Association joins AJR

Child Survivor Association joins AJR

The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is delighted to announce that the Child Survivor Association (CSA) of Great Britain has joined the AJR as a Special Interest Group.

The CSA, which represents around 80 of the youngest victims of the Holocaust, formally became part of the AJR on 1 January 2007. Members of the CSA survived Nazi persecution in concentration camps, were in hiding or lived under false identity in occupied Europe.

The CSA joins the Kindertransport – the organisation representing child refugees who fled pre-war Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany – as another AJR Special Interest Group.

Absorbing the CSA coincides with a great increase in AJR membership. CSA members form part of the 275 new members the AJR has recruited over the past year, bringing the overall AJR membership to 3,250.

AJR Chairman, Andrew Kaufman, said: “We are delighted to welcome members of the CSA and encourage them to take advantage of the extensive social and welfare services we provide. We especially hope our new members will participate in our regional groups programme and at events and lunches at the AJR Centre in Cleve Road.”