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06 Jan 2014 - AJR Centre's doors close but Sobell's open
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AJR Centre's doors close but Sobell's open

AJR Centre's doors close but Sobell's open

On the bittersweet occasion of the closure of the AJR Centre some 80 guests attended the farewell party at the Belsize Square Synagogue on 19 December 2013.

Chief Executive, Michael Newman and Executive Director, Carol Rossen, paid tribute to the loyal and hard working staff and to the roles played by the late AJR Treasurer Ludwig Spiro who oversaw the creation of the Centre and the philanthropy of Paul Balint who helped finance the project.

Guests were entertained by a medley of songs by Glenys Groves, who regularly performs at the annual AJR Concert, and it was left to AJR Centre Manager Ros Collin to make the final announcement: to encourage members to come along instead to the Jewish Care run Sobell Centre, based at Amélie House, 221 Golders Green Road, London NW11 9DQ.

Ros herself will be in attendance on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help with the transition to our new meeting place and we very much hope members will join in. Sobell offers a wide range of activities and services and serves hot and cold, non-meat lunches. Ros stressed that, as we did when we met at Belsize Square Synagogue, we will be arranging transport for members who otherwise could not attend.

Please email Ros at if you would like to participate.

Click here to see some pictures from the farewell party.