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25 Oct 2013 - AJR Concert Lunch 2013

AJR Concert Lunch 2013

AJR Concert Lunch 2013

AJR members enjoyed an afternoon of socialising, good food and entertainment at the annual AJR Concert and lunch on Sunday 20th October 2013.

In his welcoming remarks, AJR Chairman, Andrew Kaufman, spoke of this being "another bumper year at the AJR crowned by the events we organised in June to commemorate and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransport."

He also spoke of his sadness at the forthcoming closure of the AJR Centre and paid tribute to the late Ludwig Spiro, our President and former Treasurer, "not only for his eloquent, witty and wise remarks on occasions such as today’s but also his visionary role in creating a Centre for our members. We also recall the contribution of the late Paul Balint whose generous donation helped us realise the project."

He concluded by saying that "there is much to celebrate about the work of the AJR this year as in all years."

As in previous years, guests at the Lunch were regaled by singers from the Royal Opera who performed A Medley of Memories. We were delighted to see Glenys Groves and Jonathan Fisher again and to welcome for the first time at our Celebration, Mark Luther. They were accompanied on piano by the AJR’s Diana Franklin. .

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