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Claims Conference programmes expanded

Claims Conference programmes expanded

At the latest round of negotaitons with the German government, the Claims Conference secured significant improvements for applicants to the Article II and Hardship Funds.

With effect from 1 January 2013, the minimum time period a persucted person who lived in hiding or under false identity under Nazi occupationis is reduced from 12 to six months. This change will make an additional 5,000 survivors eligible for monthly pensions of €300.

Additionally, from 1 November 2012 - and for the first time - some 80,000 Jewish victims of Nazism living primarily in the former Soviet Union will benefit from the one-time payment of €2,556 from the Hardship Fund.

Further, the special pensions currently being paid to survivors age 75 or older who were in a ghetto for three to 11 months can now be paid to any eligible ghetto survivor, regardless of age. This change also comes into effect from 1 November 2012.