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For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

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66 Miscellaneous items

Anlernwerkstatt in the Fischerfeldstrasse, Frankfurt/Main - I would like to hear from any former pupils/trainees/apprentices at the above. Any information on what was taught, practical and theoretical, who taught what and how it was organised and financed, would be appreciated.
   e-mail: debehac@yahoo.co.uk

Army interrogators in WW2 -

For Channel 4 TV programme we are looking for people who worked in places like The London Cage and Bad Nenndorf. Call Liz Webster at Guardian Films on +44 (0)20 7886 9799

Austrian women who married British soldiers - I am writing a thesis on Austrian women who married British soldiers during the occupation of Austria and moved with them to the UK. I am also looking for British soldiers based in Austria at that time who married Austrian women but remained in Austria.
   e-mail: Judith.Moeslinger@sbg.ac.at

Bayer, Richard Franz -

I came across a brief mention of Bayer, Richard Franz regarding ‘teatime at Auschwitz’. I know he drew a series of cartoons. I am researching for my book ‘True Tea Tales’. Any info pls to


   e-mail: editor@glily.com

Berkshire or Buckinghamshire - Did you live in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire before, during or after the war? If so, please call me, Rabbi Jonathan Romain, on 01628 671 058 or email me at rabromain@aol.com I am writing a history of the Jews in the area, particularly those settled with local families after coming to the UK on the Kindertransport or those evacuated from London during the Blitz.

   e-mail: Rabbi Jonathan Romain, on 01628 671 058 or email me at rabromain@aol.com

Bunce Court School - my mother, Josephine Wilson (maiden name), went to this school. Anyone with information on Ruth Weingarten, David Muller, Claus Eilemberg, Gunter and Martin Heinz (twins) and Frank Arbach, please write
   e-mail: corrithelwall@hotmail.com

Capuut Jewish Children's Home -

My aunt Eveline Alkan, b. 1925 Berlin d. 1990 in Israel, stayed in 1936-38 in this home, probably in or near Berlin. Any info on the home and/or its archives pls to



   e-mail: dalkan@inter.net.il

Centrum Judaicum in Berlin -

The Centrum Judaicum in Berlin is preparing a book on the subject ‘German Field Rabbis in the First World War’. We are seeking materials on the life and works of these rabbis and of any witnesses and descendents who may have materials or information relating to them. Some of the rabbis may have emigrated to Britain. Any information please

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Children of La Hille - Kinder-Link, the newsletter of the KTA in America, is planning to publish a lead article on this subject. Information is needed on recent meetings among survivors, and, above all, on how to make direct contact with survivors, possibly for a first-hand account of their experiences. Attempts to contact Walter Reed, who has written and spoken about the experience here in the USA, have failed. Any information please
   e-mail: ireneschmied@verizon.net

Co-ed Jewish school in Poland - evacuated to Denmark then Wales 1939. When the teachers were interned in 1940 some or all of the pupils were temporarily housed with Quaker Walter Birmingham near Dorking, Surrey. Info pls
   e-mail: M.D.P.Bridge@city.ac.uk

Cologne - Was anyone there in spring/summer 1939? I am anxious to establish whether and how the local Jewish community helped Austrian refugees in their attempts to cross the border into Belgium. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Contribution of German and Austrian refugees to the British Forces in WWII - I am co-authoring a book on this subject. If you came to the UK as a Jewish refugee before 1939 and enlisted in the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps and/or you were in a fighting unit of the British Forces or intelligence services or ATS during WWII, please write to me
   e-mail: fry@medphys.ucl.ac.uk

Denmark - I am seeking survivors or relatives of persons born in Denmark or who had Danish citizenship and were persecuted in the Holocaust - in particular, women who married non-Danish husbands, lost their Danish citizenship and were deported from their homes outside Denmark. Am also interested in chalutsim with knowledge of the Der neue Weg group around Bertl Grass. Info pls
   e-mail: silviagtarabini@hotmail.com

Domestic servants in England - a historian, I am searching for people of Austrian or German origin who escaped to England from Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and worked as domestic servants in English homes. Any info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Dunkirk 1940 - Urgently seeking information about refugees fleeing Nazis who got caught up in evacuation of BEF from Dunkirk 26 May - 4 June 1940. Specifically (but not only) seeking information about Gertrud Kermisch from Vienna.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Edith Robinsky - My aunt Edith Robinsky taught music at the Judische Volksschule in Berlin until early 1942. If you knew her pls contact Prof Steven Robins at
   e-mail: robins@netactive.co.za

Emil Bieber , Max Halberstadt, Erich Kastan and Kurt Schallenberg, - Jewish photographers from Hamburg. Photos and other documents sought for exhibition of their work. Contact Wilfried Weinke
   e-mail: weinke@compuserve.com

Enemy alien - I am writing a book on what German and Austrian refugees did in the British Forces from the end of the war until their demobilisation. Many returned to Germany for de-nazification work etc. If you served in the British Forces then as an ‘enemy alien’, pls contact me ASAP: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL.
   e-mail: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL

Fire Service or Firewatchers - I am drawing up a Roll of Honour of Jews who served in the Fire Service or as Firewatchers in WW2 or since. Please send any names, photos and details to Martin Sugarman, Archivist, AJEX Jewish Military Museum, at
   e-mail: martin.sugarman@westking.ac.uk

Frauenschule Wirtschaftliche - If you have info on anyone in this school of household management in Wolfratshausen/Oberbayern in 1926-38, please send it
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

German air raids on Britain - In my field as a political scientist and freelance journalist I am looking for Kindertransport participants and/or other refugees from Bavaria, particularly from Munich and Nuremberg, who experienced German bombing raids from 1940 onwards in Britain, including those who subsequently went on to a third country, such as USA or Israel. The results of this study will be published either on the Website (htt://rijo-research.de) created by me in 1999, which concentrates on Jewish history in Bavaria and Nazism, or in a book to be published later. I would be most appreciative of any information in this context. Ms. Susanne Rieger, Kobergerplatz 6, 90408 Nuernberg, Germany. Phone: (++49-911) 36 59 051
   e-mail: Susanne.Rieger@t-online.de

Gibraltar Camp, Jamaica 1940-45 - I am doing research on this subject for a project and looking for anyone with information and personal recollections. Information please
   e-mail: mabalub@adelphia.net

Gloucester Association for Aiding Refugees - I am working on an exhibition about the hostel established in 1939 by the above association. Ten Kindertransport boys aged from 12 to nearly 15 were housed there in the care of a couple from Prague called Arnstein. I would like to find out what happened to any of the boys after the war. Any information, please contact James Turtle
   e-mail: james.turtle@ gloucestershire.gov.uk

Graz - Has anyone information on a group (formal or informal) of former refugees from Graz or their descendents, and/or a group (formal or informal) of Jewish people who worked at the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp with the British Army of the Rhine 1945-48? If so, please email
   e-mail: kloogwein@aol.com

Hemel Hempstead children's home - My mother came to England from Vienna in late 1938-early 1939. I would like to find out exactly when she came and anything about the circumstances (type of visa, etc). I was born a few months after her arrival and vaguely remember being in a Jewish children's home of some kind in Hemel Hempstead during the war years. I would like to find out about that institution and if any records from its period of operation still exist.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Internment - David Baddiel, presently writing a novel about a Jewish refugee family from Königsberg who came to Britain in 1939. Would like to hear from anyone with experience of refugee life in Britain during the war, especially tales of internment and of women who were not interned but whose husbands were, particularly if anyone was a refugee in Cambridge at the time.
   e-mail: ronskanky@blueyonder.co.uk

Isle of Man - I am looking for women, or relatives of women, interned on the Isle of Man (or elsewhere) in WWII in connection with a book I am writing. I am also interested in women's experiences of working during the war and of evacuation.
   e-mail: marybraiduk@yahoo.co.uk

Jewish Children's Home - Did you spend part of your childhood in the Jewish Children’s home at Fehrbelinner Strasse 92, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin? I, Inge Francken, a German writer, have published a book about those children who emigrated to the US and Israel and would like to add the stories of those who settled in the UK.
   e-mail: Inge.Franken@klar-a.de

Jewish doctors - who emigrated from Hamburg in the 1930s-40s. I am a historian looking for the families of the above. Any information, please contact Anna v. Villiez
   e-mail: annavonvilliez@gmx.de

Jewish Hospital in Berlin - was used partly as a Gestapo-controlled hospital for Berlin's 'mixed-race' Jews and partly as a quasi-prison/holding camp for Jews being sent east. I am seeking survivors (or families/friends of survivors) and people who passed through the Hospital in any capacity during the war, even as doctors or nurses. I believe there are some Jewish survivors who came to this country as refugees after the war. I am also seeking survivors abroad.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Jewish refugees - who came to Britain as domestic servants in the 1930s. US academic seeks information. Photographs would be added bonus. I will reimburse all expenses. Information please
   e-mail: brenne_m@sbcglobal.net

Jews from Berlin deported to Minsk -

14 November 1941 or 26 June 1942. A student at Berlin Humboldt University, I am looking for descendants or acquaintances with information about the lives of these people for a research project. Please contact Martina Berner, Korsoerer Str. 5, 10437 Berlin or at

   e-mail: MartinaBerner@gmx.de

Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling - Author seeks anecdotes, lore, memories, leads regarding the Louis-Schmeling fights of 1936 and 1938 from those who read about or listened to them in England, Germany, Austria, or elsewhere. Contact David Margolick
   e-mail: margolick@aol.com

Kindertransport -

I am a Canadian author writing a book on the Kindertransport for children aged 10 and over. I would be delighted if you would tell me your experiences. Please contact Deborah Hodge at

   e-mail: dhodge@shaw.ca

Kitchener Camp -  Kitchener Camp 1939 to early 1940: I am seeking contact with anyone with recollections of that time, particularly regarding Max Bomze. I have old barracks photo, willing to share. Pls contact Ellen Minkwitz at [AUG 08]
   e-mail: the_minkys2@verizon.net

Kloster Indersdorf, near Dachau, - There were three DP children’s centres at Kloster Indersdorf, near Dachau, in 1945-48. The first was led by UNRRA Team 182 (Principal Welfare Officer Greta Fischer). The second, the ‘Jewish Children’s Kloster Indersdorf Centre’, was led by UNRRA Team 1066 and contained kibbutz organisations from Poland and Hungary. The IRO and Kibbutz Dror were in charge of the third. If you have memories of this time, pls contact Anna Andlauer at
   e-mail: andlauer@onlinehome.de

Kosice - (in 1944 Kassa in Hungary), Eastern Slovakia. Kosice branch of Slovak Hidden Child Organisation wishes to identify and publish names of every victim and survivor from the city (12,000 Jews were deported to camps in 1944; only 2/300 survived). Please Email:
   e-mail: kende.csaba@nextra.sk

Kristallnacht - I require information for a book on Kristallnacht in the Eifel region: Euskirchen, Mechernich and Kommern, Kall, Gemünd, Schleiden, Blumenthal and Hellenthal and surrounding area. Personal reminiscences of contemporary witnesses are requested for the volume, to be published in 2008 by Helios Verlag, Aachen. Documents and photos will be treated in confidence and returned promptly. Please contact urgently Hans-Dieter Arntz, Hasenhecke 16, D-53881 Euskirchen, tel (0)2251 61900, or email
   e-mail: hans-dieter-arntz@gmx.de

Lechfeld, Germany - - Jewish refugee camp - I am seeking information regarding the location of this camp, where I was born in 1948. I am one of two daughters of Abraham and Chana Furer. My sister was born in Berlin in 1947. Two other sisters were born in Russia, where my parents escaped during the war. I would like to locate records of our existence. Any information, please send email
   e-mail: mezi@prodigy.net

Lest We Forget - Author has written book on Holocaust with graphic displays of concentration camps. Seeks survivors' opinions on 125-page chapter and, perhaps, help in promoting book. Contact Steve Richards.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Love during WW2 - Were you a German refugee who had a love affair with a British person during the war? Testimony Films is making a series for UK TV History. Contact Lisa Lipman on 0117 925 8589

Mansfield College - Mansfield College was a Jewish girls’ boarding school which existed from 1894 to 1958 mostly in Hove with a period in North Wales in the 1940s. In its last 30 years it was run by two of my mother’s sisters, Dr Nancy Hart and Mrs Enid Alfandary. I am writing a book on this. Pls share your memories with me, Jane Manaster, at
   e-mail: janeman@earthlink.net

Millisle Farm Belfast - Anyone who went there on Kindertransport, or knows anyone who did, pls contact me re novel I am writing. Ruth Tobin
   e-mail: rtobin55@hotmail.com

Musical Activities in British Internment Camps -

I am writing a dissertation on musical activities in British internment camps in the WW2 era. I am interested in musical activity of any kind. Any info pls to

   e-mail: suzanne.snizek@gmail.com

North Devon - I am writing a book on the Jewish presence in North Devon in the Second World War. I would like to hear from anyone who lived in North Devon during this time, either as a child from the Kindertransport or as a member of The Pioneer Corps. I would like to trace Heinz Katsenellenbogan and his sister who lived on Lundy island for a short time. Also, anyone who attended the small Jewish school in Exford on Exmoor. Please contact: Dr Fry
   e-mail: andrea@ajr.org.uk

North Devon - I am researching Jewish refugees in North Devon in WWII. Readers who escaped Nazi Europe, were sheltered by Maurice Prince in his cinemas in Barnstaple and Bideford as temporary safe-houses,
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

North Rhine-Westphalia Kindertransports 1938-39 -

The Jawne Learning Centre in Cologne wishes to contact Kindertransportees from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and elsewhere in today’s North Rhine-Westphalia for a research and exhibition project. One focus will be the Kindertransport organised by Dr Erich Klibansky, headmaster of Jawne school. Please write to Lern- und Gedenkort Jawne, c/o Dr Ursula Reuter, Rothehausstr. 5-7, D 50823 Koeln or email

   e-mail: u.reuter@netcologne.de

Nyaradszereda in Transylvania - My uncle Harav Avraham Frankel was the rabbi of Nyaradszereda in Transylvania until he, his family and community were taken to Marosvasarhej and put on cattle trucks for Auschwitz, where the family was murdered. He arrived in Auschwitz on the second day of Shavuot in June 1944. We are searching for individuals born in the above community over whose barmitzvahs he officiated and would be eternally grateful for any information. Please contact Bracha Frankel
   e-mail: a622906@actcom.net.il

Ostrava Moravska - Did you escape through the coalmines in 1938-39 or do you know someone who escaped on that route or helped someone to escape? Do you know other routes between Czechoslovakia and Poland? I am a Swiss historian writing a book about rescuers – people who helped others to cross borders illegally – during WWII and later. Any info pls to
   e-mail: iboesch@smile.ch

Peitz - I am researching into Jewish inhabitants of Peitz in 1938. Also, seeking information on Heinz Richard Abraham, born 23.04.1919 in Königsberg, an electrical engineer who emigrated to Oxford, England in 1939. Please contact Susanne Rothe
   e-mail: susi.rothe@web.de

Philipps-Universitaet, Marburg - has unearthed about 2,600 books which the Nazis confiscated from Jews and other persons but did not destroy. A researcher has tracked down one of the victims' heirs in Manchester, to whom the university recently returned several volumes at a public ceremony. University is anxious to hand back more books to descendents of former owners
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Port Erin Women's Internment Camp - Isle of Man 1941-45. I am researching this subject and seeking photographs of both camp and internees. Any information, please send email
   e-mail: campuzano@onetel.net.uk

Ravensbrück - I am searching for survivors of this camp for a book. Also, further to a notice last December, I am still searching for survivors of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin. Some readers called about the Jewish Hospital but failed to reach me. Pls email me at
   e-mail: Sarah¬¬_¬helm@btconnect.com

Refugee women -

I am a historian searching for refugee women who worked or trained in Britain as nurses in 1933-48. Any info please to Tashia Scott at

   e-mail: tscott@brookes.ac.uk or at stsctt1@yahoo.co.uk

Refugees from Hitler in Northern Ireland/Millisle Refugee Farm -

I am a student researching the story of German-speaking refugees, in particular Kindertransportees, in Northern Ireland. Any info please to Martti Steinke, Belfast tel (0044) 773 279 9559 or at

   e-mail: marttisteinke@ymail.com

Regent's Park School - Has anyone memories, fond or otherwise, of this school, run by Alma and Bruno Schindler (formerly of Leipzig) in the 1930s at 5 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 and later evacuated to Slough? Any information please
   e-mail: strausshaus@mindspring.com

Richard Wagner - Writer/researcher seeks information, especially anecdotes/recollections, on perceptions of Wagner during Nazi era, especially explanations of why he is so associated with Nazis and Holocaust. Contact Richard Burger.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate - Information sought from boys at Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate. Please contact Bernd Koschland
   e-mail: nisraf@compuchange.co.uk

Schonthal families - The two Schonthal families of Godollo, Hungary boasted 16 children between them – 8 boys and 8 girls. There are known descendants in the USA, Canada and Hungary seeking family members in Switzerland. Due to name changes there may also be family members under the names of, e.g., Szepvolgyi or Komlos. Any info pls contact Catherine (Schontal) Adam at
   e-mail: cia@interlog.com

Scotland's smaller Jewish communities - I am writing a history of and would like to hear from or about anyone who came to Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Greenock and Inverness. Please write
   e-mail: n.abrams@abdn.ac.uk

Sonnenhalde - - In connection with research project on Jewish Children's Home Sonnenhalde in Bollschweil, near Freiburg-im-Breisgau, the Stadtarchiv Freiburg seeks information about Dr Annerose Heitler from Baden-Baden and Berlin, then Brighton. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Van Leer, Wim - I am seeking information on the group of young men organized by Wim Van Leer that left Leipzig for Welwyn Garden City in January 1939. I am the daughter of a member of that group (Werner Leschziner) writing a book on the period.
   e-mail: judyb14868@aol.com

Vienna University - Department of English - Is seeking former students. If you were a student there or know of a student there during or before the Nazi period, please contact Mag Barbara Olsson.
   e-mail: barbara.olsson@univie.ac.at

Viennese émigrés - I am writing about a cultivated family arriving in England in 1938 and want to hear personal experiences about adapting to a new life in this country.
   e-mail: martin.holland@octoberfilms.co.uk

Wolfratshausen/Oberbayern -

Does anyone know of any person who was at the Wirtschafliche Frauenschule (School of Household Management) in this location in 1926-38? We are a group of women who are carrying out research on this school but we have found only the following names of former students who appear to have emigrated to the UK: Minna Kocherthaler, Hanna Lichtenauer, Gertrud Fanny Maier and Hertha Mannheim.

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

WWII evacuation of refugees in the UK -

I am working on a research programme for Reading University.  If you have any info, pls contact Dr Eva Roman on 0208 462 5030 (evenings).