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For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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21 names beginning with H

Haas, Eva Gisela - born Czechoslovakia 1924, lived with family (later foster parents) Mr and Mrs F. Davis, 6 Gibbon Road, Nunhead, London SE15. Eva learned family’s business, hairdressing. Any info pls
   e-mail: Morrisdior@aol.com

Halberstadt, Prof Ernst (Ernest) - friend from Wöhlersschule, Frankfurt. Last met in London around 1939.
   e-mail: Neuluther@aol.com

Hammond (née Frieder), Margit/Margarit Ottilie - We are looking for information on this lady born 19.3.1911 (or on descendants/relatives). In 1956 she lived at 7 Rutland Gate. We are also looking for information on her brother, Robert Frieder, born 2.5.1915. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Harzberg, Franz - born May 1921, may have arrived in London from Upper Silesia around 1939. Had nominated address of Manville Road, London. Any info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hecht, Otto -

b around 1900 in Przemysl (?), fled Vienna at time of Anschluss, probably to France. He owned a business in Hüttelsdorferstrasse, Vienna 15. We later heard (unconfirmed) he was deported but survived and after liberation worked in publishing in an English-speaking country. Any info please to

   e-mail: ken.keller77@gmail.com

Hedwig Bercu (aka Goldenberg), -

I am researching the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands and seeking friends or relatives of Hedwig Bercu (aka Goldenberg), born Austria 1919. She came to the UK in 1938 and lived in Jersey during the war. She may have had a sister in London. Any info pls to 

   e-mail: Alice Allen alicemaryallen@yahoo.co.uk

Hedwig Jordan -

My grandmother, Hedwig Jordan, a refugee from Nazi Germany, lived in the Jack Gardner House in London in 1952. Any info pls to Caroline Newton 

   e-mail: cnewton@cityholden.com.au

Heinz Wagner -

Students from Rostock are seeking info about Heinz Wagner, b. 25/7/1923 in Anklam. He went to England by Kindertransport (?), moved to Palestine IN 1945. Any info pls to Petra Klawitter at

   e-mail: secretariat@rsg-roev.de

Helga Hofmann (née Zwarts) and family. -

I am looking for my father’s cousin Helga Hofmann (née Zwarts) and family. Helga was born Cologne 3.1.1914 and has been in UK since 1938. Any info pls to



   e-mail: jessjacoby@aol.com

Hemel Hempstead children's home - My mother came to England from Vienna in late 1938-early 1939. I would like to find out exactly when she came and anything about the circumstances (type of visa, etc). I was born a few months after her arrival and vaguely remember being in a Jewish children's home of some kind in Hemel Hempstead during the war years. I would like to find out about that institution and if any records from its period of operation still exist.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Herta Oschinski -

Herta Oschinski (b. 1901?) arrived in England in June 1939 as domestic worker at home of Stanley Thorne, connected with Quaker school in Saffron Walden. Herta’s daughter Lore arrived in England IN August 1939 aged 15 and was interned in Rushen Camp, Port Erin, until April 1941, when she joined her mother in Saffron Walden. Any info pls to Francis Deutsch at

   e-mail: francis.deutsch@ntlworld.com

Hertzka, Yella -

(1873-1948), feminist and pacifist, arrived in UK February 1939 to work as horticulturalist/gardener. Information sought by researcher Corinna Oesch, Hans Sachs-Gasse, 17/8, A-1180, Vienna or write to

   e-mail: Corinna.oesch@univie.ac.at

Herz, Erika -

my mother, b 2.5.1926 in Krefeld, went via KT from Berlin to UK in May 1939. She was in an Orthodox orphanage in London, then in a boarding school with German teachers (Bunce Court?), then in a boarding school in northern England. In 1941 they emigrated to Brazil, where I was born in 1947. My mother died in 2002. With her on the KT were her sister Hannelore Herz, b 21.12.23, and cousins Margot and Ellen Herz. Any info please to Renato Fraenkel, tel +49 531 886 3936 or write to


   e-mail: rhfraenkel@gmail.com

Herz, Irene - Born 1928 Aachen, raised Duesseldorf. Married name Bergenthal. Father's name Walter Herz (did not survive war), was engineer at Mannesman Corporation. My father's name (Irene's cousin) Richard Walter Herz. Address of family with whom Irene lived: c/o Gottstein, Flat 2, 50 Compayne Gardens, London NW6.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hess, Frank Stanley (formerly Fritz) - born 28.01.1886, emigrated to England April 1934 from Berlin. Lived Daleham Mews, Camden, London; died November 1975. Children: Michael Andrew and Yvonne Bridgett. Also Edgar Hammond and Miriam Siodmak. Last known address of Michael Andrew is 56 Hillside Road, Ashstead, Surrey. Information on relatives/descendants please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hildegard Rosenfelder -

I would like to make contact with any relatives of Hildegard Rosenfelder (née Dannenberg?), who lived at Alba Gardens, London NW11. Her husband was Robert Rosenfelder. In 1966 she posted info at Yad Vashem about two cousins, Kurt and Ernst Hecht, who lived in Gelnhausen. Any info pls to Bettina Baeumler (née Hecht) at

   e-mail: mail@chantrell1.plus.com

Hirsch (née Lewy), Johanna - born 05.08.1877 in Schildberg, emigrated to London 31.01.1939, and Margarete Helbing (née Schüler), born 24.04.1879 in Elberfeld, emigrated to England 1938, died 14.01.1969 in Manchester. Any information on these two doctors, please email
   e-mail: monikaebertmue@.compuserve.de

Hirsch, Betty -

Hirsch, Betty, blind German-Jewish educationalist from Hamburg, worked with Manfred Vanson, British Jewish Blind Society. Any info on London years 1934-47 pls to John Churchill, 20 Chiltern Hills Road, Beaconsfield HP9 1PL, tel/fax +44 (0) 1494 672 118, [AUG 08]

   e-mail: books@beaconsfield-publishers.co.uk

Hirsch, Greta and Ursula -

Otto Hirsch and Martha Hirsch-Loeb did not survive the Holocaust but they had two daughters, Grete and Ursula Hirsch, who apparently emigrated to England in 1939 and have passed away. Does anyone know if Grete and Ursula had any children and grandchildren? Harry Breman at harmkarstjohannesbreman@live.nl

   e-mail: harmkarstjohannesbreman@live.nl

Hlawatsch, Olga - who lived at Obersdorferstrasse 7, Wolkersdorf, Austria, was murdered by the Nazis. Her son, Dr Kurt Hlawatsch, born 1909, has been in London since 1949. Any info, pls contact

   e-mail: david.lang119@btopenworld.com

Hyde, Walter (formerly Hecht) - Born Vienna 23.6.23, died Birmingham 29.11.01. Father Friedrich Hecht, born 19.12.1879 at Olmuetz Czechia, number was 48T 1447/58-5, Nr. 3069/1959. Mother Elsa Hecht, née Hartmann, born 2.2.1894, number was 48T 1447/58-5, B. Nr. 3068/1959. Friedrich and Elsa married 18.5.1921 Vienna. Family lived Vienna 18th district, Vinzengasse nr. 9. Friedrich previously married 1914-18, first wife died. Their daughter, Lisbech Hecht, born 22.11.1914. Regarding estate, any relatives of Walter Hyde and anyone who knows whether Lisbeth survived Holocaust and had any descendants, please contact Dass Jakhu.
   e-mail: law@dassjakhu.com

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