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For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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18 names beginning with A

Adler, Rudolfine -

Does anyone remember Rudolfine Adler? She came to London as a refugee from Vienna and returned to Austria around 1954.

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Alexander Feldberg -

I would be grateful for any information on my great-grandfather Alexander Feldberg, b. Butow in 1850. Please contact Naomi Silverton at

   e-mail: naomisil@ozemail.co.au

Allied Museum Berlin -

The Allied Museum Berlin is searching for persons, information and artefacts for an exhibition. The subject is German-Jewish refugees who emigrated in 1933-38 and returned to Berlin in 1945 as members of the Allied Occupation Forces.

   e-mail: d.schmiedke@gmx.de

Ambrahamson, Ruth née Fränkel - born November 1906 in Wilhelmshaven. According to state archive in Hamburg, emigrated to USA early 1939. We are also seeking whereabouts of her relatives Lore ('Sarah') Hartog, married Hepburn, born 11 November 1924 in Jever, and Inge Hartog, born 4 December 1926 in Jever. We wish to record lives and fates of Jewish citizens in Nazi period in our town. Information, please Email
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Anlernwerkstatt in the Fischerfeldstrasse, Frankfurt/Main - I would like to hear from any former pupils/trainees/apprentices at the above. Any information on what was taught, practical and theoretical, who taught what and how it was organised and financed, would be appreciated.
   e-mail: debehac@yahoo.co.uk

Anna Wilensky -

Anna Wilensky was born 27/8/1882 in Linz, emigrated to England Nov 1939, lived in Malvern Link, where she died 1973. Her daughter Edith Wilensky, b. 24/3/1905 in Linz, was a gifted dancer; died Malvern Link 1976. Any info pls to Astrid Frauendienst at

   e-mail: a.frauendienst@eduhi.at

Anspacher, Bernd (or Bernhard) - - later changed to Anson, and Gunther Weiss, who became Joe White. Bernd lived in Dewsbury, Yorks; Gunther lived in London. Info pls to
   e-mail: jamesjschultz@verizon.net

Army interrogators in WW2 -

For Channel 4 TV programme we are looking for people who worked in places like The London Cage and Bad Nenndorf. Call Liz Webster at Guardian Films on +44 (0)20 7886 9799

Aron, Renate - was my best friend. We attended Berlin Prinzregentenstrasse synagogue till 1938, then lost contact. Was red-haired like her mother. Her father, an undertaker, was Jewish. Any info pls to Irene Zuckerbraun at
   e-mail: lenz2265@sbcglobal.net

art collectors -

PhD student researching émigré art collectors seeks info on Peter and Irene Meyer, Lily Meyer-Wedell (1881 Düsseldorf - 1944 London), Dr Ernst J. Nelkenstock, later Norton (1893 Hanau, from 1937 London), Dr Fritz Rothmann (1893 Danzig, from 1934 London).

   e-mail: lucywatling@hotmail.com

Arthur Paunzen; Cornelia Westreich-Paunzen -

Graphic artist Arthur Paunzen (Vienna 1890-Isle of Man 1940) and wife Cornelia Westreich-Paunzen arrived in the UK on or around 13 June 1938. Any info on them please to Dr Gregory Hahn at

   e-mail: gregoryhahn@docsanddocs.com

Arthur Wallach, Ida Wallach, Annemarie Meyer -

Arthur Wallach, a relative and German-Jewish poet, born 1906, left Germany in 1938 with his mother, Ida Wallach, a British national born in Australia. They arrived in Australia on the Strathnaver in March 1939. I believe they spent time in England, probably in London, after leaving Germany. They probably travelled to England from Essen, where the family lived. Also, my mother, Annemarie Meyer, came to England from Hanover in late December 1937 and stayed in a boarding house in London which housed Jewish refugees. She spent some time in Swiss Cottage before leaving for Australia in1940. Any information please to Margaret Jacobs at

   e-mail: wellcutwords@optusnet.com.au

Asch, Kurt - Possible Kindertransportee. Came with sister from Düsseldorf, where his father was a judge. They stayed in Bradford, Yorks, with ‘mill owner’ and wife. The daughter went to Bradford Grammar School; Kurt to Linton Residential School. Kurt was at school when it opened on 10 July 1940. He returned to the school as a young man; said he had restaurants in California, US. Any info pls to
   e-mail: chantryms@earthlink.net

Aschaffenburg, Rose Lore Lewald - - 16.7.32. Information sought by Laurence Lowenthal
   e-mail: andrea@ajr.org.uk

Ash (or Asch), Sir Eric - - born Berlin late 1920s, came to London in 1930s. German name Ulrich, known as Ulli by family. PhD in electrical engineering or physics, son of Walter and Dora, has a sister (name unknown). Purpose of enquiry: family genealogy. If you have any information, please Email:
   e-mail: azernik@aol.com

Auerhahn, Franzi (Franziska) -

Auerhahn, Franzi (Franziska) Born April 1926. Father: Felix Auerhahn, born 21 September 1896; mother: Jolanka, born 9 August 1899. Franzi came to England

on Kindertransport and lived with a Mrs Myers in Monday 14th April 2008 Lionia (?) Street, Camp Road, Leeds 7. I would like to contact her for a book I am writing about a Jewish nurse who survived the war in Vienna working for the Kultusgemeinde. Any info please to Elisabeth Fraller at aszoreps@gmail.com

Austrian life -

For purpose of a screenplay am researching all aspects of Austrian life including before, during and after the Depression and Anschluss; family life; local government; the Socialist Party. Contact Marcus Hunefalk-Franzen

   e-mail: palfour@hotmail.com

Austrian women who married British soldiers - I am writing a thesis on Austrian women who married British soldiers during the occupation of Austria and moved with them to the UK. I am also looking for British soldiers based in Austria at that time who married Austrian women but remained in Austria.
   e-mail: Judith.Moeslinger@sbg.ac.at

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