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For members and others attempting to re-establish contact with friends or family members, the AJR Journal publishes, for a nominal fee, a regular column of search Notices.

Authors, makers of film and television documentaries, researchers and research institutes, academics and students also place notices to request contact from survivors and refugees and invite testimony from members who witnessed the relevant events, as well as to obtain access to original documents, photographs, artefacts and records.

To place a search notice in the next available edition of the AJR Journal please email search@ajr.org.uk

Current search notices appear below.

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Atlas, Bader, Nichtern, Singer, Spielmann, Spitz -

My mother, Elsa Nichtern, was a domestic for a Mrs Turle. I am seeking information on the relatives of other survivors: Atlas, Bader, Nichtern, Singer, Spielmann, Spitz. All left Vienna in 1938-40. Some worked as domestics, then left for America. Some stayed with relatives named Lezer, Loewy, Goldberg, Rosswick. Pls contact Irving Adler at

   e-mail: irvadler@frontier.com

Besmann, Margot, Besmann, Liesel (Lina) -

I am researching the former Jewish community in Mensfelden in Frankfurt/Main area. Any info pls on Besmann, Margot, b. 13/10/1923, daughter of Albert and Johanna, came to England in 1939, married man named Mountford (?), changed name to Ilsa (?), daughter Paula. Also Besmann, Liesel (Lina), b. 15/7/1908, daughter of Albert and Joanna, went to England March 1939, may have died in 1994 in Lancashire. Pls contact Markus Streb at

   e-mail: markus.streb@gmx.net

Bodek, Dr Cornelia -

Bodek, Dr Cornelia, b. 1895 in Przymysl, emigrated from Vienna to England in 1938, lived in 1967-68 at 352 City Road, London. Any info pls to Angelika Gausmann at

   e-mail: a.gausmann@chmoellmann.de

Braun, Felix -

Has anyone info on Braun, Felix, who lodged with the Craxton family in Grove End Road, St John's Wood, London, in 1941? Pls contact Ian Collins at

   e-mail: ian.collins@archant.co.uk

Burgova, Sonja Eva -

Distant cousin seeks info on Burgova, Sonja Eva (b. 1928), daughter of Frantisek and Jarmila Burg, last known address La Retraite School, Burnham-on-Sea, June 1939. Pls contact Dr Richard Pinard at

   e-mail: pinardpr@yahoo.com

Die Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft -

If you have info on hard labour during WW2 in Christianstadt (Krzystkowice) for Die Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft or lived in Christianstadt (Krzystkowice) before WW2 please contact Harry Breman at Timorstraat 70, 8022NE Zwolle, Holland

   e-mail: harmkarstjohannesbreman@hotmail.nl

Eisenberger, Raoul Armin, Eisenberger, Leopold -

I am seeking info on my relatives Eisenberger, Raoul Armin, b. 17/4/1924, who fled Vienna with his father, Eisenberger, Leopold, b. 6/7/1888, to England in late Dec 1938. Pls contact Erika Wantoch at 

   e-mail: erika.wantoch@tele2.at

Lederer, Eric (Erik) -

My cousin, Lederer, Eric (Erik), b. 3/9/1911 in Mohelnice, Czechoslovakia, parents Maximillian (Max) and Hedvika (Hedwig), both apparently Holocaust victims, had a sister, Elsa. In Palestine Eric joined Czech battalion that was part of British army, later joined British army, probably Jewish Brigade. Any info pls to Eytan Lederer at

   e-mail: eytan.lederer@gmail.com

Littman, Margit -

My mother, Littman, Margit, came to England from Vienna in early-mid-1938, worked as maid/nanny/governess, left England on 19/11/38 for New York on the Normandie, died in Los Angeles in 1987. She was born in Guswerk, Vienna, in Feb 1919, parents Oskar and Adele (née Anschul). Any info pls to Joyce Craig on 1-818-207-5737

   e-mail: at joyce.i.craig@gmail.com

Morocco -

The N.Y. Picture Company Inc. seeks surviving European Jews interned in WWII concentration camps in Morocco. Pls contact us at 

   e-mail: info@tnyp.com

Paula Kormany (1880-1950) and Fritz Kormany alias Frederick Kerr (1913-2003) -

lived in London. If you have any info about this family from Austria pls contact Corinne Benestroff at benestroff.c@orange.fr

   e-mail: benestroff.c@orange.fr

Roper, Ernestine (Erna) and her son Oswald (Ossie), Roper, Aron -

For memorial stones in Vienna, has anyone info on Roper, Ernestine (Erna) and her son Oswald (Ossie), who both left on Kladovo transport? Ernestine died in Sabac camp in Yugoslavia in Oct 1941, Ossie possibly made it to Shanghai. Also Roper, Aron, died Theriesenstadt in Oct 1942. Pls contact Ariel Roper on 0203 115 00 38 or at


   e-mail: arielroper@ntlworld.com

Rosenhauch, Manek -

My grandfather, Rosenhauch, Manek (Mauricy), who was interned on the Isle of Man, was born in Lvov and listed as Polish but came to the UK from Vienna in 1939 as a refugee with his wife and child. Any info pls to Elizabeth Gamlin at

   e-mail: lizgamlin@btinternet.com

‘Figurines Fantastiques’ -

I am looking for material on the exhibition ‘Figurines Fantastiques’, which took place in the George Street flat of Ernest Friedman in October 1950. The exhibition included figurines by Lotte Pritzel. Pls contact Dr Sara Ayres on 07988 692538

   e-mail: ayressara@hotmail.com

Adler, Rudolfine -

Does anyone remember Rudolfine Adler? She came to London as a refugee from Vienna and returned to Austria around 1954.

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Alexander Feldberg -

I would be grateful for any information on my great-grandfather Alexander Feldberg, b. Butow in 1850. Please contact Naomi Silverton at

   e-mail: naomisil@ozemail.co.au

Allied Museum Berlin -

The Allied Museum Berlin is searching for persons, information and artefacts for an exhibition. The subject is German-Jewish refugees who emigrated in 1933-38 and returned to Berlin in 1945 as members of the Allied Occupation Forces.

   e-mail: d.schmiedke@gmx.de

Ambrahamson, Ruth née Fränkel - born November 1906 in Wilhelmshaven. According to state archive in Hamburg, emigrated to USA early 1939. We are also seeking whereabouts of her relatives Lore ('Sarah') Hartog, married Hepburn, born 11 November 1924 in Jever, and Inge Hartog, born 4 December 1926 in Jever. We wish to record lives and fates of Jewish citizens in Nazi period in our town. Information, please Email
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Anlernwerkstatt in the Fischerfeldstrasse, Frankfurt/Main - I would like to hear from any former pupils/trainees/apprentices at the above. Any information on what was taught, practical and theoretical, who taught what and how it was organised and financed, would be appreciated.
   e-mail: debehac@yahoo.co.uk

Anna Wilensky -

Anna Wilensky was born 27/8/1882 in Linz, emigrated to England Nov 1939, lived in Malvern Link, where she died 1973. Her daughter Edith Wilensky, b. 24/3/1905 in Linz, was a gifted dancer; died Malvern Link 1976. Any info pls to Astrid Frauendienst at

   e-mail: a.frauendienst@eduhi.at

Anspacher, Bernd (or Bernhard) - - later changed to Anson, and Gunther Weiss, who became Joe White. Bernd lived in Dewsbury, Yorks; Gunther lived in London. Info pls to
   e-mail: jamesjschultz@verizon.net

Army interrogators in WW2 -

For Channel 4 TV programme we are looking for people who worked in places like The London Cage and Bad Nenndorf. Call Liz Webster at Guardian Films on +44 (0)20 7886 9799

Aron, Renate - was my best friend. We attended Berlin Prinzregentenstrasse synagogue till 1938, then lost contact. Was red-haired like her mother. Her father, an undertaker, was Jewish. Any info pls to Irene Zuckerbraun at
   e-mail: lenz2265@sbcglobal.net

art collectors -

PhD student researching émigré art collectors seeks info on Peter and Irene Meyer, Lily Meyer-Wedell (1881 Düsseldorf - 1944 London), Dr Ernst J. Nelkenstock, later Norton (1893 Hanau, from 1937 London), Dr Fritz Rothmann (1893 Danzig, from 1934 London).

   e-mail: lucywatling@hotmail.com

Arthur Paunzen; Cornelia Westreich-Paunzen -

Graphic artist Arthur Paunzen (Vienna 1890-Isle of Man 1940) and wife Cornelia Westreich-Paunzen arrived in the UK on or around 13 June 1938. Any info on them please to Dr Gregory Hahn at

   e-mail: gregoryhahn@docsanddocs.com

Arthur Wallach, Ida Wallach, Annemarie Meyer -

Arthur Wallach, a relative and German-Jewish poet, born 1906, left Germany in 1938 with his mother, Ida Wallach, a British national born in Australia. They arrived in Australia on the Strathnaver in March 1939. I believe they spent time in England, probably in London, after leaving Germany. They probably travelled to England from Essen, where the family lived. Also, my mother, Annemarie Meyer, came to England from Hanover in late December 1937 and stayed in a boarding house in London which housed Jewish refugees. She spent some time in Swiss Cottage before leaving for Australia in1940. Any information please to Margaret Jacobs at

   e-mail: wellcutwords@optusnet.com.au

Asch, Kurt - Possible Kindertransportee. Came with sister from Düsseldorf, where his father was a judge. They stayed in Bradford, Yorks, with ‘mill owner’ and wife. The daughter went to Bradford Grammar School; Kurt to Linton Residential School. Kurt was at school when it opened on 10 July 1940. He returned to the school as a young man; said he had restaurants in California, US. Any info pls to
   e-mail: chantryms@earthlink.net

Aschaffenburg, Rose Lore Lewald - - 16.7.32. Information sought by Laurence Lowenthal
   e-mail: andrea@ajr.org.uk

Ash (or Asch), Sir Eric - - born Berlin late 1920s, came to London in 1930s. German name Ulrich, known as Ulli by family. PhD in electrical engineering or physics, son of Walter and Dora, has a sister (name unknown). Purpose of enquiry: family genealogy. If you have any information, please Email:
   e-mail: azernik@aol.com

Auerhahn, Franzi (Franziska) -

Auerhahn, Franzi (Franziska) Born April 1926. Father: Felix Auerhahn, born 21 September 1896; mother: Jolanka, born 9 August 1899. Franzi came to England

on Kindertransport and lived with a Mrs Myers in Monday 14th April 2008 Lionia (?) Street, Camp Road, Leeds 7. I would like to contact her for a book I am writing about a Jewish nurse who survived the war in Vienna working for the Kultusgemeinde. Any info please to Elisabeth Fraller at aszoreps@gmail.com

Austrian life -

For purpose of a screenplay am researching all aspects of Austrian life including before, during and after the Depression and Anschluss; family life; local government; the Socialist Party. Contact Marcus Hunefalk-Franzen

   e-mail: palfour@hotmail.com

Austrian women who married British soldiers - I am writing a thesis on Austrian women who married British soldiers during the occupation of Austria and moved with them to the UK. I am also looking for British soldiers based in Austria at that time who married Austrian women but remained in Austria.
   e-mail: Judith.Moeslinger@sbg.ac.at

Babenhausen -

I am looking for a photo or sketch of the synagogue (external view) at Babenhausen, Hessen, Germany (NB: not the synagogue at nearby Sickenhofen). I purchased land on which this synagogue stood. Pls contact 

   e-mail: Petra Lambernd p.lambernd@gmx.net

Bass, Salo -

b. c 1875, died 1949 in Brighton, believed born in Czechoslovakia. Came to UK c 1937 with daughter Bass, Marianne Mathilda, b. c 1916, who married Jack Bringeman in Epsom in 1940. Any info please to Rob Alexander at

   e-mail: rob.alexander@ntlworld.com

Bauer, Elizabeth Therese, -

born 1/1/1921, came to England via Kindertransport in 1939. If you have any information, please contact Matt Knight at

   e-mail: mjkworldwide@hotmail.com

Bayer, Richard Franz -

I came across a brief mention of Bayer, Richard Franz regarding ‘teatime at Auschwitz’. I know he drew a series of cartoons. I am researching for my book ‘True Tea Tales’. Any info pls to


   e-mail: editor@glily.com

Beatrice (Dolly) Hyman -

My great-grandmother Beatrice (Dolly) Hyman is said to have used her many languages and cooking ability to make Port Erin, Isle of Man, internees feel at home. Any info pls to Gabby Benson at

   e-mail: gabriellabenson@hotmail.co.uk

Beck, Dayan Wolf - - born 18.02.1863 Futomo, lived Sternengasse 85, Cologne, later Horst-Wessel-Platz 14. Deported 16.06.1942 to Theresienstadt with wife Brocha née Rosenfeld, born 11.03.1878 in Visnits. A granddaughter may live in the USA, a greatgrandson may live, or have lived, in London. Information, Email:
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Berel-Dov and Mindel Summer - I am searching for survivors of this Warsaw family. Any information, please send email to Ashdar Galia at
   e-mail: galia@Netvision.net.il

Berkshire or Buckinghamshire - Did you live in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire before, during or after the war? If so, please call me, Rabbi Jonathan Romain, on 01628 671 058 or email me at rabromain@aol.com I am writing a history of the Jews in the area, particularly those settled with local families after coming to the UK on the Kindertransport or those evacuated from London during the Blitz.

   e-mail: Rabbi Jonathan Romain, on 01628 671 058 or email me at rabromain@aol.com

Berl, Max - died in 1999, left Prague around March 1939, on the last day it was possible to leave the country. He was seen off by my grandmother, who gave him a violin at the last minute. In her desperation, she also entrusted him to the care of a boy, who travelled with him all the way through Germany. I believe they both ended up in the Hook of Holland. I would like to contact that boy. Information please email:
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Berman, Hedi - born March 1919 in Vienna. Lived in London during the war, later moved to Paris and USA. Any information please to
   e-mail: amayer1247@aol.com

Bernstein, Alice & Unger-Jacoby, Grete - I am a historian seeking information on Alice Bernstein , a teacher from Berlin who worked as a domestic in Britain at the beginning of the war, and Grete Unger-Jacoby, whose sister Berta was imprisoned in Ravensbrueck and gassed at the Bernberg ‘euthenasia' facility. Alice returned to her old teaching job in Berlin after the war, but I would like to know what she was doing during the war - e.g. was she interned? Regarding Grete, I hope to find someone from her family who could tell me more about Berta and what she did to fall foul of the Nazis.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Bial, Lilly - a Kindertransportee to UK in 1939 at age of around 13, worked as nurse in Bexley Heath before 1960s. No trace of her since then. The Jüdisches Museum Wien still retains some possessions of hers and would like to return these to her or to her heirs. Any information, please contact Austrian Embassy, London.
   e-mail: embassy@austria.org.uk

Boas, Dr Kurt Walter Ferdinand - born c. 1892-97. Dermatologist. Resident in Berlin until late 1938. Son of Dr Ismar Boas died 1938 and Sophie née Asch murdered 1942. Sister Clara Schneider died in New York in 1971.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Boas, Kurt - born Kufsteiner Str. 10, Berlin-Schoeneberg, came in 1939 to England, where he stayed at Hotel Monopol, 44 Tavistock Square, London WC1. Any information, please contact me.
   e-mail: o.abbes.hef@t-online.de

Boas, Kurt Ferdinand MD, -

son of Ismar Boas and Sophie Asch, born Berlin 13/2/1890. Was dermatologist at Crimmitschau/Sachsen until 1935, then deported to KZ Sachsenburg. Any info pls to Harro Jenss, MD at

   e-mail: h.jenss@gmx.de

Bohndorff (Bodendorff), Heinz von -

Born 13 May 1902 in Elberfeld. Was a scientist who in 1932 in Berlin, Koloniestrasse made 0.0008 g pure gold from mercury. Escaped via Hamburg in 1934-35 but had addresses in Berlin until 1943. Any info please to Helmut Eikermann (aka Jan Eik), Berlin, at

   e-mail: janeik@online.de

Brailowsky-Buick, Nina - illustrated a poem in a book which belonged to my grandmother. The illustrations are the original water colours and are done with great skill. The dedication reads (in German): 'Presented to Blanche Dugdale, great-hearted champion of Jewish youth, with grateful respect.' Blanche (or Baffy) Dugdale, a niece of Arthur Balfour, wrote his biography and was deeply involved in the Zionist cause. Any information about either of these women or the connection between them, please contact me.
   e-mail: mountharry@btopenworld.com

Brasch - family arrived as refugees from Germany, not known which year. One son born Withow, Yorkshire, 1945. Moved back to Soviet sector of Berlin 1947 and became GDR citizens. Writing an article about their son, Thomas Brasch, dramatist and filmmaker, who recently died.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Bratz, Hilda - b. Poland 1914, daughter of shirt tailor Josef Bratz. Married Victor Smith, my father, in London in 1948. Died Hampstead 2001. Info pls to Jenny Ciampa.
   e-mail: jennyciampa@hotmail.co.uk

Breslau - my late parents were members of the AJR, of which my father was a board member. He lived and studied in Breslau - now Wroclaw - before coming to England in 1939. A lady at Wroclaw University is writing a book about Jews who had to leave Breslau. If you have anything which might help her in her research, please contact me.
   e-mail: sandbnelken@btinternet.com

Brighton home for Jewish refugee boys -

About 50 boys and choirmaster from Cologne were housed near Seven Dials. Any info please to Jackie Mills at

   e-mail: jrm@shawcable.com

Brod, Carl - born Vienna 10.3.1879 and Marie Brod née Tritsch, born Vienna 25.11.1885 - Their last Vienna address was Wien 9, Glasergasse 4a. My uncle and aunt, they fled Austria for England 30 or 31 May 1939. Information, Lea Okouneff.
   e-mail: dofilm@sprint.ca

Bronya -

My grandparents, Dr and Mrs Leslie Cuthbert, fostered, then adopted, Kindertransport girl Bronya. Lived Melville Terrace, Stirling. Any info to Polly Radcliffe, 63 Ospringe Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8TW

   e-mail: member@adcliffe.freeserve.co.uk

Brunner, Peter -

born c. 1930. During the war I was evacuated to Gobowen in Shropshire, where I befriended him, a Jewish refugee from Prague. He did well at Oswestry Boys High School, which we both attended. Any info pls to


   e-mail: jbmellor@btinternet.com

Bruno Adler, Annemarie Hase, Walter Rilla -

came to the UK in 1936 and worked on BBC World Service’s ‘Frau Wernicke’, a German-language radio show broadcast 1940-44.

   e-mail: Michelle Deignan info@michelledeignan.info

Buchdahl, Werner - from Wiesbaden. Came to London 1939 to join army. Was friend of my father Otto Hess. Info pls.
   e-mail: johnskinner6@aol.com

Buckdahl, Werner - from Wiesbaden, and his friend, my father Otto Hess, came to England as refugees in 1939. My father joined the Pioneer Corps then 3 Troop 10 Commando before being attached to SOE or SIS. In September 1944 both were dropped into Yugoslavia to join Tito's Partisans. My father was captured by the Gestapo and shot - date given for his death: 1.10.44. Information on Otto Hess please contact Sylvia Skinner.
   e-mail: Johnskinner6@aol.com

Bunce Court School - my mother, Josephine Wilson (maiden name), went to this school. Anyone with information on Ruth Weingarten, David Muller, Claus Eilemberg, Gunter and Martin Heinz (twins) and Frank Arbach, please write
   e-mail: corrithelwall@hotmail.com

Capuut Jewish Children's Home -

My aunt Eveline Alkan, b. 1925 Berlin d. 1990 in Israel, stayed in 1936-38 in this home, probably in or near Berlin. Any info on the home and/or its archives pls to



   e-mail: dalkan@inter.net.il

Carsch, Hans Helmuth - came to England as a refugee in 1936 (?). In September 1939 he volunteered for the British Army, being inducted into the 87th Division, Pioneer Corps (?).In 1940 he was in France and was shipped back via St Malo several days after Dunkirk, for which he was awarded a campaign ribbon. Around December 1942 he was temporarily released from the army to work in a small munitions factory in Sudbury, Middx. Any information on his service in the British Army, please contact
   e-mail: ellencarsch@aol.com

Centrum Judaicum in Berlin -

The Centrum Judaicum in Berlin is preparing a book on the subject ‘German Field Rabbis in the First World War’. We are seeking materials on the life and works of these rabbis and of any witnesses and descendents who may have materials or information relating to them. Some of the rabbis may have emigrated to Britain. Any information please

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Chapman, Stella -

Who remembers Stella Chapman from the World Press Service and Ritz Translation Bureau in Manchester in 1938-44? She was very helpful to a family of Austrian refugees from Vienna: Norbert, Sophie and Erwin Roth. Please contact Evelyn Adunka at Deinhardsteingasse 18/9, 1160 Vienna

   e-mail: adunkacm@utanet.at or adunkacm@gmx.net

Children of La Hille - Kinder-Link, the newsletter of the KTA in America, is planning to publish a lead article on this subject. Information is needed on recent meetings among survivors, and, above all, on how to make direct contact with survivors, possibly for a first-hand account of their experiences. Attempts to contact Walter Reed, who has written and spoken about the experience here in the USA, have failed. Any information please
   e-mail: ireneschmied@verizon.net

Clausen, Hilda (Becker) - lived in the house of Cicely Marshall in London from June 1939 and during the war, helping with domestic and other work. Historian working on exiles and refugees in wartime London seeks any information available about her.
   e-mail: GiovannaFV@btinternet.com

Co-ed Jewish school in Poland - evacuated to Denmark then Wales 1939. When the teachers were interned in 1940 some or all of the pupils were temporarily housed with Quaker Walter Birmingham near Dorking, Surrey. Info pls
   e-mail: M.D.P.Bridge@city.ac.uk

Cohen, Erich/Eric B. -

My father, Stephen Kates (Werner Katz), is looking for his friend, who came with him to England via Kindertransport from Holland. Erich was probably born in 1928 and lived about 4 years in Manchester with my father, who now lives in Philadelphia. Please write to

   e-mail: batyawarshowsky@comcast.net

Cohn, Ilse - Born 1924, she came from Essener str., NW Berlin to London in May 1939. Attended New Herrlingen School in Faversham, Kent from October 1939. Any info pls to
   e-mail: hillel@matav.net.il

Cohn, Kaethe -

I wish to contact the heirs or representatives of Cohn, Kaethe (1907-81), née Gassenheimer, wife of Ernst Cohn, born Eschwege, Germany. She moved to Berlin 1925. Author of Escape from Berlin (Victor Gollancz, 1944, under name Catherine Klein). Any info pls to M. Hughes, 4 Becmead Avenue, Harrow HA3 8EY, tel 0208 907 6387, [AUG 08]

   e-mail: humann@mannan.eu

Cohn, Margarete (Maja) - or children Eva Leonore (born 1925) and Hans Georg (born 1927) - widow and children of Dr Felix Benno Cohn, Leipzig, known to have emigrated to Britain in 1939. Information sought for project commemorating Jewish medical practitioners. Information, please
   e-mail: Stadtmuseum.Leipzig@t-online.de

Collins, Lisle - (née Ehrenburg?), a refugee, possibly a Kindertransportee, from Berlin, was at Bunce Court for a short time. She married Captain Leslie Collins RA, who possibly served in Indian army. A daughter born around 1943 was named Margaret and lived in Worthing in 1944-46. Contact desired to share memories of friendship. Any info pls to
   e-mail: alt@leslieturner.org

Cologne - Was anyone there in spring/summer 1939? I am anxious to establish whether and how the local Jewish community helped Austrian refugees in their attempts to cross the border into Belgium. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Compensation and restitution claims -

As a historian at the University of Vermont researching the politics of compensation in Anglo-German relations, I would like to talk to Holocaust survivors living in the UK about their experiences on this subject. Please contact Dr Susanna Schrafstetter at

   e-mail: susanna.schrafstetter@uvm.edu

Contribution of German and Austrian refugees to the British Forces in WWII - I am co-authoring a book on this subject. If you came to the UK as a Jewish refugee before 1939 and enlisted in the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps and/or you were in a fighting unit of the British Forces or intelligence services or ATS during WWII, please write to me
   e-mail: fry@medphys.ucl.ac.uk

Cosman, Rosemary and Templer, Manfred - these Kinder were, I believe, in France during the war, having been sent there from Belgium. They were definitely in England at some point after the war. Manfred Templer may have been in the Merchant Navy or British Navy in the late 1940s. A survivor of a group in France during the war is researching for a book about former Brussels children (mainly from two homes) who ended up in Château La Hille.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Czarny, Getzel and Avram - the children of Leah and David Czarny. The family lived in Czestochowa and Itza (near Radom), Poland. One of their sons was seen during liberation from Blechhammer concentration camp. The other family names are: Blajchman, Krakauer, Szyff, Rekszowicz, Zylbergold, Zajdenberg, Czarny and Majerowicz. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Danzig, -

I was on the last KT from Danzig, one or two months before war broke out. The late Ernest Jaffe was in the small group which travelled via Hilversum. Can anyone else who was on that KT please contact me, Manya Igel (née Dobkin), at

   e-mail: nisraf@compuchange.co.uk?

David Litvinoff -

David Litvinoff, b. David Levy in Whitechapel, London in 1928, grew up in Dalston, half-brother of writers Emanuel and Barnet Litvinoff. Evacuated to Habonim camps in WWII. Became associate of Kray Twins, Rolling Stones, Lucian Freud and Chelsea Set. Died 1975. Any info pls to his biographer Keiron Pim, 1 Pelham Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 3NG, tel 01603 487679 or 07921 376656,

   e-mail: keiron.pim@gmail.com

David, Clara, -

originally from Dresden, Durerstrasse 3, last known address 270 Heathfield Road, Ainsdale, Southport, is the niece of Aliza Ben Yosef (b Leipzig), who lives at Retirement Home Bayit Bekfar Hadarim, 77 Ben Yehuda St, Kfar Saba, Israel. If you have any info about Clara’s current whereabouts, please write to Aliza or contact Ruby Davis at

   e-mail: rubyd@intercall.co.il

de Sousa Mendes, Aristides -

I am seeking to contact any descendants of recipients of visas given by Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux in 1939-40. Pls contact me at

   e-mail: diane.barnett@blueyonder.co.uk

Denmark - I am seeking survivors or relatives of persons born in Denmark or who had Danish citizenship and were persecuted in the Holocaust - in particular, women who married non-Danish husbands, lost their Danish citizenship and were deported from their homes outside Denmark. Am also interested in chalutsim with knowledge of the Der neue Weg group around Bertl Grass. Info pls
   e-mail: silviagtarabini@hotmail.com

Deutsch (née Lauber), Lea - born November 1883 Tarnow. Married Emanuel Deutsch (1880-1938). In 1937-1940 her address was Köstlergasse 1/27, 1060 Vienna; in 1940-41 Dreihufeisengasse 3/8, 1060 Vienna. Deported to Riga December 1941. Info pls
   e-mail: lilly.axster@gmx.at

Deutsch, Dr Friedrich -

left Vienna for Australia late 30s. Last known address 22 Roslyn Gdns, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Was cousin of my late mother Hilda Zigman, who lived at Heinselmangasse, Vienna 20. After Hilda’s escape to England in 1939, her parents were moved to ghetto at Wien 2, Grosse Sperlgasse 31 with parents of their daughter-in-law Klara (née Gold). Any info pls to



   e-mail: sue1rutherford@btinternet.com

Deutsch, Emmanuel, -

born around 1880, married Lea/Laura Lauber and lived in Vienna, where they ran a fruit and vegetable stall in the Naschmarkt. Any info on the family pls to

   e-mail: segaldebbie@hotmail.com

Deutsch, Frieda - my aunt, married Albert Kende in Vienna. They left Vienna in 1936 with children Eleanore, Joseph and George for Neusatz (now Novi Sad). After the war, my father, who survived by leaving Vienna in 1938 for Rhodesia, could never find them. Information, please contact Peter Deutsch
   e-mail: pld@perlynd.com

Diamant, Kitty and Hermann Diamant MD -

my parents, left Vienna in 1938-39. He was interned at Kitchener Camp; she worked as a domestic in Sandwich. They sailed on MV Georgic to New York from Liverpool 30 January 1940. This story corroborated by my father’s medical school colleague Joseph Haber and his wife Gisela Jufy Haber, who were married at Kitchener (the first wedding there). Gisela may have worked in a London hospital. Any info pls to Michael Diamant at



   e-mail: mdmd@hawaiian.net

Dinger sisters Steffi, Trude and Elsa -

Dinger sisters Steffi, Trude and Elsa arrived in London from Vienna in 1938 and lived in north London. They joined Finsbury Park branch of Austrian Society. Each married: Steffi became Frocht, Trude became Spitz (later Spencer), Elsa became Mowbray. Any info on them or Steffi’s husband Uszer/Edi Frucht/Frocht pls.

   e-mail: gaby.weiner@btinternet.com

Domestic servants in England - a historian, I am searching for people of Austrian or German origin who escaped to England from Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and worked as domestic servants in English homes. Any info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Dore Silverman -

journalist (?), lived in Compaigne Gardens, London. He was instrumental in bringing my parents to England from Germany in 1939. Any information on him please to

   e-mail: mail@chantrell1.plus.com

Dormitzer, Else -

survived Theresienstadt and lived in London after the war. She had two children: Elisabeth Rosenfelder, who also lived in the UK, and Hildegard Haas, who lived in Holland (Hilversum). I am an Assistant Professor of German in the USA and my research focuses on German-language poetry from Theresienstadt. Any info pls to Dr Sandra Alfers at

   e-mail: Sandra.Alfers@wwu.edu

Dr Ladislaus L. Braun, -

born Hungary, attended University of Pecs. Arrived USA 1939, was eminent physician in Chicago for many years. If you have any information on him please contact me at

   e-mail: adaboard@btinternet.com

Duchesne, Michelle and/or brother -

Duchesne, Michelle and/or brother lived above family shop in Les Baux. Their mother was Jewish. Michelle possibly worked for underground with Donald and Marianne (Mano) Purslow, owners of Hotel de la Reine Jeanne. Donald and Mano fled France 1944.  [AUG 08]

   e-mail: heikef@yahoo.com

Dunera Boys -

I am searching for Dunera Boys who were part of the Kindertransport. Please tel +61 8 6488 2049 or write to

   e-mail: Alexandra.ludewig@uwa.edu.au

Dunkirk 1940 - Urgently seeking information about refugees fleeing Nazis who got caught up in evacuation of BEF from Dunkirk 26 May - 4 June 1940. Specifically (but not only) seeking information about Gertrud Kermisch from Vienna.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Dynamit Atktien Gesellschaft. -

My father did 2 years’ hard labour during WWII in Christianstadt for Dynamit Atktien Gesellschaft. Have any readers knowledge of this hard labour? Please contact Harry Breman at


   e-mail: harmkarstjohannesbreman@hotmail.com

Edith Robinsky - My aunt Edith Robinsky taught music at the Judische Volksschule in Berlin until early 1942. If you knew her pls contact Prof Steven Robins at
   e-mail: robins@netactive.co.za

Ellerman, Winifred - I am an author writing on the activities of this English author, who used the pseudonym Bryher. She was a wealthy woman who was said to have helped many to escape the Holocaust between 1930 and 1939 while living in Switzerland.
   e-mail: KorgO@attglobal.net

Emil Bieber , Max Halberstadt, Erich Kastan and Kurt Schallenberg, - Jewish photographers from Hamburg. Photos and other documents sought for exhibition of their work. Contact Wilfried Weinke
   e-mail: weinke@compuserve.com

Enemy alien - I am writing a book on what German and Austrian refugees did in the British Forces from the end of the war until their demobilisation. Many returned to Germany for de-nazification work etc. If you served in the British Forces then as an ‘enemy alien’, pls contact me ASAP: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL.
   e-mail: Dr Helen Fry, 38 Temple Gardens, London NW11 OLL

Erna Ella Rahel Moser -

was born in Berlin on 21 June 1905 and deported from Berlin to Auschwitz on 3 March 1943 (last known address Hohenfriedbergstr. 5, Berlin). For purpose of Stolpersteine, please contact  with any info you may have about her

   e-mail: henning.schmitz@yahoo.de

Ernest Simeon -

For article on Jewish glider pilots at Battle of Arnhem I am searching for info on family of Ernest Simeon, who was killed in that battle, and his late brother. Pls contact Martin Sugarman (AJEX Museum Archives) at

   e-mail: martin.sugarman@yahoo.co.uk

Farago, (née Elza Feuermann) - 1899-1944, Budapest-Ravensbruck, and her son György Farago, 1921-41, Budapest.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Feigenbaum, Ludwig (later Lewis) - Fled Austria August 1938, with wife Helga, for England. Eldest of 13 children. Mother Bette married twice. Father's name Eduard. Two sisters in America. Any relatives please contact me, their only daughter, Peggy Victoria Peters.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Feiner, Ruth - wrote lyrics to popular songs composed by my father, Ernst Freudenheim, in Berlin in late 1920s. Apparently emigrated to UK. Info please
   e-mail: tom@freudenheim.com

film by Munich Jewish Museum -

London-based artist wishes to meet people (or family members) who lived in Munich before 1945 for film by Munich Jewish Museum. Contact Sharone Lifschitz on 020 880 60132 or 07980025054

   e-mail: sharone.lifschitz@gmail.com

Finch Ernest -

I am looking for Ernest Finch (real name?), last known location Neustadt Holstein, Germany, 1945-46. Ernest saved 2 women, Rozi Nemet and Sylvia Nemet, near Plon or Eutin, Germany. Injured 5 May 1945. Please contact Rozi’s daughter Esther Goodman at


   e-mail: columbo1@cox.net

Fink, Anna - b. 07.09.1921, resident in UK since WW2. Daughter of Salomon Fink b. 1883 in Maerisch-Ostrau, died in Prague in 1940 and Helene née Bergofen b. 1896, lost in the Holocaust together with other children, Heinrich b. 1920, Hans b. 1928 and Marie b. 1931.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Fire Service or Firewatchers - I am drawing up a Roll of Honour of Jews who served in the Fire Service or as Firewatchers in WW2 or since. Please send any names, photos and details to Martin Sugarman, Archivist, AJEX Jewish Military Museum, at
   e-mail: martin.sugarman@westking.ac.uk

Fischer, Alfred Joachim - wrote in the 1950s for the AJR journal and many other periodical publications. On the internet I can find a man by that name who was a refugee in Turkey in WWII. Any information
   e-mail: vibm@mailme.dk

Folger, Joseph - I was with Joseph at Whittinghame Farm School in 1939-41 and with many other Kindertransporters. My name was Sonja Ibermann, but I am now married as Sonja Cowan. I was his first girlfriend in Berlin, where we went to kindergarten together. We met up in Glasgow, Scotland after Whittinghame, but lost touch in 1946. Any info about him pls to
   e-mail: sonlora@yahoo.com

Folger, Joseph (Joe), nickname Hesie - left Berlin via Holland for Dovercourt 1939. From late 1939 to mid-1941 was at Whittingham Castle, Lord Balfour's estate, where there were 150 children aged 14 to 16. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Frank, Ruth - b. Prague 10.03.39, emigrated to UK 30.06.39 with parents Erich and Klothilde Frank (Raudnitz). Erich was born in Cardiff in 1906 (?) and taught in Birmingham. Information please
   e-mail: amira.kt@verizon.net

Frankel, Avraham - My uncle Harav Avraham Frankel was the rabbi of Nyaradszereda in Transylvania until he, his family and community were taken to Marosvasarhej and put on cattle trucks for Auschwitz, where the family was murdered. He arrived in Auschwitz on the second day of Shavuot in June 1944. We are searching for individuals born in the above community over whose barmitzvahs he officiated and would be eternally grateful for any information. Please contact Bracha Frankel
   e-mail: a622906@actcom.net.il

Fränkel, Klara - She came from Vienna in late 1938 or early 1939. Her daughter is trying to find out about the circumstances of her arrival in England and her activities during the war years.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Fränkel, Lisbett -

Fränkel, Lisbett, detained in Gestapo prison in Tarnow, transferred 28 November 1941, destination unknown. Until September 1938 lived in Berlin with husband Georg Fränkel. Any info pls to her brother at [AUG 08]

   e-mail: leo2004@rcn.com

Franklin-Kohn, Jeannette - was instrumental in bringing out child refugees from 1936. Info on hostels she set up in Bournemouth, or any other info, pls
   e-mail: charlotte@gringras.com

Frau Marsden -

In 1938 a Frau Marsden worked as a cook in Amen Court near St Paul’s Cathedral. She taught me German and my mother to cook in the German way. In summer 1939 she was possibly interned. My last memory is of her two sons arriving to collect her hats. Any info pls to



   e-mail: sjaner@tiscali.co.uk

Frauenschule Wirtschaftliche - If you have info on anyone in this school of household management in Wolfratshausen/Oberbayern in 1926-38, please send it
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Freud, Ernst L - (1892-1970) architect. Architectural historian seeks information on Freud’s clients, collaborators (in particular Heinz Jacobsohn, Alexander Kurz, both in Berlin, and (G B ?) Bartlett in the UK), and his projects in Berlin, Vienna, and London. Freud concentrated mainly on domestic architecture (detached/semi-detached houses, refurbishment, interior designs, and furniture designs). For a preliminary list of clients, especially in Berlin, and to help with further information, please contact Volker Welter
   e-mail: welter@arthistory.ucsb.edu

Freud, Lucie - born Berlin 02.03.1896. Resident in St John’s Wood Terrace, London NW8 in 1958.
   e-mail: endschu@t-online.de

Freudenstein, Greta and Rosenberg, Hannah -

My aunts Freudenstein, Greta and Rosenberg, Hannah, both from Frankfurt am Main, were possibly on the Kindertransport. Any info pls contact Steven Wimpfheimer at

   e-mail: wimpf1@gmail.com

Friedlaender (Lodge) and Kasperovitch (King) - At Moussey Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery in France, there are two graves with crosses on them that should have Stars of David. The men are 5550151 Sgt R Friedlaender aka Lodge and 13301351 Cpl Boris Kasperovitch aka King. We desperately need to contact surviving relatives of these men in order to have this change made and to show that our men were there. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Friedlaender, Kurt - Kurt Friedlaender, possibly associated with the Jewish Refugee Committee, and wife Berthl lived at 35 Shoot Up Hill, NW London in 1940s-50s. Kurt helped people with restitution claims. I believe the Friedlaenders are related to my Salmonsohn ancestors. Any info pls to Rose Marie Whalley at
   e-mail: whalley@total.net

Friedlander, Margaret -

, my mother, came to England from Vienna in 1938 and lived with a Max Glaser until 1945. I was born in 1941. Did anyone know either of my parents in 1938-45 or later? Please contact Ann Meron at

   e-mail: ann@annmeron.com

Friedlanski, Rudi (Rudolf) - Bummie, Robsie, my sister Bernie and I (then Spier) met in Dovercourt in January 1939. Bummie, whom I met for the first time in 65 years at the last KT meeting at the West Hampstead Day Centre, told me Robse had died but Rudi was still about and could be in Manchester area. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Friedwald, Krystyna (née Wajs) - born Lwow 8.5.1926, and Friedwald, Dr Wiktor (poet and writer) - the family lived in Warsaw before WWII. In 1940 they were in Lwow. Krystyna was a student in a nursery school before she fled Poland. Apparently with the help of an uncle, Mr Kowalski, who was also Polish ambassador in Belgium or Holland, and with the help of a Jewish organisation from Gdansk, she came to England between 2.4.47 and 30.9.47. She is sought by two cousins in Israel, the daughters of Viktor's brother. Information please
   e-mail: davidlewin@btinternet.com

Fuld (first name?) - girl born Frankfurt am Main 1923, parents Frieda and Otto. Left for England on Kindertransport in 1939. Info please
   e-mail: GundR.Reuther@t-online.de

Furst, Robert - left Vienna for New York in 1938. He was a good friend of my late uncle, Anton Löwenthal, with whom he studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule. I am writing a book about my family’s experiences in the Holocaust. Any information on Robert or any of his descendants please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Fürth, Marie, née Amman - born 21.12.1881 Prague. Resident Lafontainestrasse 23, Halle 1938, possibly until 30.05.1942. Son, Dr.Phil Arthur Fürth, emigrated to England. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

German air raids on Britain - In my field as a political scientist and freelance journalist I am looking for Kindertransport participants and/or other refugees from Bavaria, particularly from Munich and Nuremberg, who experienced German bombing raids from 1940 onwards in Britain, including those who subsequently went on to a third country, such as USA or Israel. The results of this study will be published either on the Website (htt://rijo-research.de) created by me in 1999, which concentrates on Jewish history in Bavaria and Nazism, or in a book to be published later. I would be most appreciative of any information in this context. Ms. Susanne Rieger, Kobergerplatz 6, 90408 Nuernberg, Germany. Phone: (++49-911) 36 59 051
   e-mail: Susanne.Rieger@t-online.de

Gertmann, Felix and wife Josepha Spitzer -

arrived from Vienna in 1940. She, possibly a PhD, died in 1986 in Camden. Any info please to Rosemary Hoffman

   e-mail: rosiehoff@inform.f9.co.uk

Gibraltar Camp, Jamaica 1940-45 - I am doing research on this subject for a project and looking for anyone with information and personal recollections. Information please
   e-mail: mabalub@adelphia.net

Glaser, Edith - - and her mother Mitli (Marianne) - emigrated from Vienna to UK in 1938. Acting on behalf of Dr Gustav Beck, residing in USA. Info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Glaser, Maximilian - born 11.08.1886 in Saaz. Lived in Vienna at 19 Reithleg 6/2/3 from 31.12.1928 to 8.9.1938. Office at 1 Schullberg 5. Married Anna Glaser (née Sachs) born 1.10.1933. In 1938 Dr Glaser apparently emigrated to England
   e-mail: kohn@princeton.edu

Glaser, Rudolf Marcus - Glaser, Rudolf Marcus, a Kind, born Liegnitz, Germany 25 April 1924, died Sheffield 25 February 2008. Any info on his journey pls to his daughter Sonia Glaser-Rogers at [AUG 08]
   e-mail: sonia@rrrogers.fsnet.co.uk

Gloucester Association for Aiding Refugees - I am working on an exhibition about the hostel established in 1939 by the above association. Ten Kindertransport boys aged from 12 to nearly 15 were housed there in the care of a couple from Prague called Arnstein. I would like to find out what happened to any of the boys after the war. Any information, please contact James Turtle
   e-mail: james.turtle@ gloucestershire.gov.uk

Glyndebourne Opera -

Has anyone info on the role Glyndebourne Opera or its members played in assisting German and Austrian musicians to come to England as refugees from the Nazis? Michael Heppner, tel 020 8444 2290

   e-mail: Heppner@tesco.net

Goldberger, Moriz - born 8.1.1872 in Rechniz, left for England 3 March 1939 and Arthur Hoffman, born 15 November 1900 in Vienna, left for London 27 January 1939. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Goldman, Jacob, - wife and family - possibly from Kovno, Lithuania. Son Lewis or Nathan Goldman born 1871, died Liverpool 1950. He was married to Sarah Abelovitch or Aberlovitz. There was a daughter, Rebecca, and a son, Abe, born 1897 in Leeds. A second daughter, Cissy, was born 1900 in Leeds. Jacob and Nathan were caretakers of a Liverpool synagogue. Information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Goldschmidt, Bruno and Robert - born Hamburg 24.11.1926 and 19.05.1925 respectively. Bruno changed his name to Brian Goldsmith and Robert to Robert Goldsmith or Solomon Robert Goldsmith. According to Jewish Refugees Committee, London, they became naturalized British citizens in October and November 1947, and Brian joined the British Army in May 1944 (his army number 14494195).
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Goldschmidt, Hermann -

, my father, from Dortmund, had a married sister in Worms. A son was born in 1923. Would any survivors please contact me? Dr John Goldsmith, Deep Dene, 7 Rose Lane, Liverpool L18 8AD, tel 0151 724 5555

Goldschmidt, Walter Peter - my father, born Brackel, Germany, 1898, arrived UK September 1939. Sent to Kitchener Camp. Arrested Romily July 1940, then sent to Isle of Man; later went to Liverpool. Travelled on Dunera to Australia. Lived in Hay NSW, Tatura Victoria, and Liverpool NSW. Left Australia in June 1941 on Largo Bay. Info pls
   e-mail: goldschm@paradise.net.nz

Goldsmith, Dr Frederick -

sec., Centralverein, Charlottenburg, Berlin, 1933-39; sec., United Restitution Office, 1948-68; founding pres., Leo Baeck London Lodge 1951; wife Dr Erna Goldschmidt, B’nai B’rith Social Committee, Golders Green resident. Any info to grandson Bob Goldsmith, 116 Maryland Road, London N22 5AP, tel 020 8889 1607,

   e-mail: b.goldy@btinternet.com

Goldstrom, Ilse - of Marienburg, Prussia (now Malbork, Poland) left Marienburg in 1939 aged 15 with her family, apparently heading for London. Ilse is a former school friend of my mother, maiden name Hanna Andres, who also ended up in London by 1950. Any info pls to
   e-mail: pbryant@eu.skenergy.com

Gottschalk, Walter - Born 1920 (?) in Danzig, came by KT to England. His father Siegfried Gottschalk, died 1930of scarlet fever. Grandparents: Helene and Adolf Gottschalk; aunt: Martha Gerechter; cousin: Leo Gerechter. Any info please contact
   e-mail: aua.doege@t-online.de

Graz - Has anyone information on a group (formal or informal) of former refugees from Graz or their descendents, and/or a group (formal or informal) of Jewish people who worked at the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp with the British Army of the Rhine 1945-48? If so, please email
   e-mail: kloogwein@aol.com

Gruenwald, Herbert - b. 1910 in Vienna, went to UK 1939. Was stage photographer. Probably changed name to Howard Grunwald and married Dorothy Robins in 1941 in Barnstaple. Info pls
   e-mail: traude.tribel@inode.at

Gruenwald, Lothar - born Vienna 1880, was a musician (piano). Last heard of
1941 Rio de Janeiro, new name Lotario Grunwald. Any info pls
   e-mail: traude.triebel@inode.at

Grunewald Children’s Centre -

I am seeking the names of 12 children at the Grunewald Children’s Centre in Bad Saarow (Brandenburg) in November 1938. The children were mistreated on Kristallnacht but eventually returned to their parents or foster homes. One of them possibly went to the UK by Kindertransport. Any info please to Yvonne Stern

   e-mail: yvonne.stern17@gmail.com

Guggenheim, Wilhelm - b. 23.4.1887, Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, Alsterkrugchaussee 459. Former owner of beer company. In 1939 emigrated to Brzsil. Sons: Fritz Walter Guggenheim, b. 11.9.1921 and Heinrich Guggenheim, b. 15.10.1923. Heinrich possibly came to England as Kindertransportee, probably living under name of Henry Griffith.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Gumprecht, Gotthold - Violinist and director of Ziskoven Conservatory of Music in Bonn. Born Hamburg, arrived England 28.04.39, died aged 58 in War Memorial Hospital at Edenbridge, Seven Oaks, Kent 11.01.40. Last known residence: Garston Place, Godstone RD. I seek information on his time in England, and/or when and where he was incarcerated in Germany before his emigration. Married Anna Ziskoven, pianist. His Aryan wife stayed in Bonn and committed suicide after hearing of her husband’s death. Information, Karen Gumprecht Komar, his grandniece.
   e-mail: kaykay9936@aol.com

Haas, Eva Gisela - born Czechoslovakia 1924, lived with family (later foster parents) Mr and Mrs F. Davis, 6 Gibbon Road, Nunhead, London SE15. Eva learned family’s business, hairdressing. Any info pls
   e-mail: Morrisdior@aol.com

Halberstadt, Prof Ernst (Ernest) - friend from Wöhlersschule, Frankfurt. Last met in London around 1939.
   e-mail: Neuluther@aol.com

Hammond (née Frieder), Margit/Margarit Ottilie - We are looking for information on this lady born 19.3.1911 (or on descendants/relatives). In 1956 she lived at 7 Rutland Gate. We are also looking for information on her brother, Robert Frieder, born 2.5.1915. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Harzberg, Franz - born May 1921, may have arrived in London from Upper Silesia around 1939. Had nominated address of Manville Road, London. Any info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hecht, Otto -

b around 1900 in Przemysl (?), fled Vienna at time of Anschluss, probably to France. He owned a business in Hüttelsdorferstrasse, Vienna 15. We later heard (unconfirmed) he was deported but survived and after liberation worked in publishing in an English-speaking country. Any info please to

   e-mail: ken.keller77@gmail.com

Hedwig Bercu (aka Goldenberg), -

I am researching the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands and seeking friends or relatives of Hedwig Bercu (aka Goldenberg), born Austria 1919. She came to the UK in 1938 and lived in Jersey during the war. She may have had a sister in London. Any info pls to 

   e-mail: Alice Allen alicemaryallen@yahoo.co.uk

Hedwig Jordan -

My grandmother, Hedwig Jordan, a refugee from Nazi Germany, lived in the Jack Gardner House in London in 1952. Any info pls to Caroline Newton 

   e-mail: cnewton@cityholden.com.au

Heinz Wagner -

Students from Rostock are seeking info about Heinz Wagner, b. 25/7/1923 in Anklam. He went to England by Kindertransport (?), moved to Palestine IN 1945. Any info pls to Petra Klawitter at

   e-mail: secretariat@rsg-roev.de

Helga Hofmann (née Zwarts) and family. -

I am looking for my father’s cousin Helga Hofmann (née Zwarts) and family. Helga was born Cologne 3.1.1914 and has been in UK since 1938. Any info pls to



   e-mail: jessjacoby@aol.com

Hemel Hempstead children's home - My mother came to England from Vienna in late 1938-early 1939. I would like to find out exactly when she came and anything about the circumstances (type of visa, etc). I was born a few months after her arrival and vaguely remember being in a Jewish children's home of some kind in Hemel Hempstead during the war years. I would like to find out about that institution and if any records from its period of operation still exist.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Herta Oschinski -

Herta Oschinski (b. 1901?) arrived in England in June 1939 as domestic worker at home of Stanley Thorne, connected with Quaker school in Saffron Walden. Herta’s daughter Lore arrived in England IN August 1939 aged 15 and was interned in Rushen Camp, Port Erin, until April 1941, when she joined her mother in Saffron Walden. Any info pls to Francis Deutsch at

   e-mail: francis.deutsch@ntlworld.com

Hertzka, Yella -

(1873-1948), feminist and pacifist, arrived in UK February 1939 to work as horticulturalist/gardener. Information sought by researcher Corinna Oesch, Hans Sachs-Gasse, 17/8, A-1180, Vienna or write to

   e-mail: Corinna.oesch@univie.ac.at

Herz, Erika -

my mother, b 2.5.1926 in Krefeld, went via KT from Berlin to UK in May 1939. She was in an Orthodox orphanage in London, then in a boarding school with German teachers (Bunce Court?), then in a boarding school in northern England. In 1941 they emigrated to Brazil, where I was born in 1947. My mother died in 2002. With her on the KT were her sister Hannelore Herz, b 21.12.23, and cousins Margot and Ellen Herz. Any info please to Renato Fraenkel, tel +49 531 886 3936 or write to


   e-mail: rhfraenkel@gmail.com

Herz, Irene - Born 1928 Aachen, raised Duesseldorf. Married name Bergenthal. Father's name Walter Herz (did not survive war), was engineer at Mannesman Corporation. My father's name (Irene's cousin) Richard Walter Herz. Address of family with whom Irene lived: c/o Gottstein, Flat 2, 50 Compayne Gardens, London NW6.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hess, Frank Stanley (formerly Fritz) - born 28.01.1886, emigrated to England April 1934 from Berlin. Lived Daleham Mews, Camden, London; died November 1975. Children: Michael Andrew and Yvonne Bridgett. Also Edgar Hammond and Miriam Siodmak. Last known address of Michael Andrew is 56 Hillside Road, Ashstead, Surrey. Information on relatives/descendants please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Hildegard Rosenfelder -

I would like to make contact with any relatives of Hildegard Rosenfelder (née Dannenberg?), who lived at Alba Gardens, London NW11. Her husband was Robert Rosenfelder. In 1966 she posted info at Yad Vashem about two cousins, Kurt and Ernst Hecht, who lived in Gelnhausen. Any info pls to Bettina Baeumler (née Hecht) at

   e-mail: mail@chantrell1.plus.com

Hirsch (née Lewy), Johanna - born 05.08.1877 in Schildberg, emigrated to London 31.01.1939, and Margarete Helbing (née Schüler), born 24.04.1879 in Elberfeld, emigrated to England 1938, died 14.01.1969 in Manchester. Any information on these two doctors, please email
   e-mail: monikaebertmue@.compuserve.de

Hirsch, Betty -

Hirsch, Betty, blind German-Jewish educationalist from Hamburg, worked with Manfred Vanson, British Jewish Blind Society. Any info on London years 1934-47 pls to John Churchill, 20 Chiltern Hills Road, Beaconsfield HP9 1PL, tel/fax +44 (0) 1494 672 118, [AUG 08]

   e-mail: books@beaconsfield-publishers.co.uk

Hirsch, Greta and Ursula -

Otto Hirsch and Martha Hirsch-Loeb did not survive the Holocaust but they had two daughters, Grete and Ursula Hirsch, who apparently emigrated to England in 1939 and have passed away. Does anyone know if Grete and Ursula had any children and grandchildren? Harry Breman at harmkarstjohannesbreman@live.nl

   e-mail: harmkarstjohannesbreman@live.nl

Hlawatsch, Olga - who lived at Obersdorferstrasse 7, Wolkersdorf, Austria, was murdered by the Nazis. Her son, Dr Kurt Hlawatsch, born 1909, has been in London since 1949. Any info, pls contact

   e-mail: david.lang119@btopenworld.com

Hyde, Walter (formerly Hecht) - Born Vienna 23.6.23, died Birmingham 29.11.01. Father Friedrich Hecht, born 19.12.1879 at Olmuetz Czechia, number was 48T 1447/58-5, Nr. 3069/1959. Mother Elsa Hecht, née Hartmann, born 2.2.1894, number was 48T 1447/58-5, B. Nr. 3068/1959. Friedrich and Elsa married 18.5.1921 Vienna. Family lived Vienna 18th district, Vinzengasse nr. 9. Friedrich previously married 1914-18, first wife died. Their daughter, Lisbech Hecht, born 22.11.1914. Regarding estate, any relatives of Walter Hyde and anyone who knows whether Lisbeth survived Holocaust and had any descendants, please contact Dass Jakhu.
   e-mail: law@dassjakhu.com

Ignaz (Isak Maier) Haas and Clara (Klara Debora) Haas (née Plahner), -

Descendants of Ignaz (Isak Maier) Haas and Clara (Klara Debora) Haas (née Plahner), formerly of Vienna. Ignaz (b Jaslo) died in Buenos Aires in 1947, Clara, b Tarnopol 16.2.1879, died in Vienna 24.3.1967. Clara was the sister of Samuel Plahner, d Vienna 12.1.1936. Clara, Samuel and their parents Mina and Simon Beer Plahner are buried at Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof. Clara’s memorial inscription mentions children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Any info about Ignaz and Clara’s descendants please to Professor Robert Shaw at

   e-mail: Brettargh.holt@dsl.pipex.com

Ili Jakubovic -

My grandmother, Ili Jakubovic, now living in New Jersey as Ellen Hersh, was born in Ungvar, Czechoslovakia on 26.1.1924. She went with her friend, Fitzy Klein, to the Hebrew Gymnasium. Any info on Fitzy or schoolmates please to Bex Shapiro at

   e-mail: bex87@brandeis.edu

Internment - David Baddiel, presently writing a novel about a Jewish refugee family from Königsberg who came to Britain in 1939. Would like to hear from anyone with experience of refugee life in Britain during the war, especially tales of internment and of women who were not interned but whose husbands were, particularly if anyone was a refugee in Cambridge at the time.
   e-mail: ronskanky@blueyonder.co.uk

Isle of Man - I am looking for women, or relatives of women, interned on the Isle of Man (or elsewhere) in WWII in connection with a book I am writing. I am also interested in women's experiences of working during the war and of evacuation.
   e-mail: marybraiduk@yahoo.co.uk

Jarosch/Parker, Eva - born 25.04.31 Vienna, went on Kindertransport 20.02.39 to Holland. Later apparently adopted in UK and may have married a Mr Parker. Appears to have lived at 66 Ashburton Road, Addiscombe, East Croydon, Surrey. Information please
   e-mail: barbara.kintaert@akwien.at

Jazowy, Jozef -

b. Poland, only surviving member of his family (?), died Queensland, Australia 1995. His widow, my aunt, is in nursing home. Any info to Carol Parra

   e-mail: esposa1501@bigpond.com

Jeckle, Feiga (Fanny) and Philipp, Richard - married at Kitchener Camp around 1945. Richard was with British army as translator, Feiga from concentration camp. They moved to Buenos Aries but finally settled in England. Info on either pls
   e-mail: chantellejosephs@hotmail.co.uk

Jewish Children's Home - Did you spend part of your childhood in the Jewish Children’s home at Fehrbelinner Strasse 92, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin? I, Inge Francken, a German writer, have published a book about those children who emigrated to the US and Israel and would like to add the stories of those who settled in the UK.
   e-mail: Inge.Franken@klar-a.de

Jewish doctors - who emigrated from Hamburg in the 1930s-40s. I am a historian looking for the families of the above. Any information, please contact Anna v. Villiez
   e-mail: annavonvilliez@gmx.de

Jewish Hospital in Berlin - was used partly as a Gestapo-controlled hospital for Berlin's 'mixed-race' Jews and partly as a quasi-prison/holding camp for Jews being sent east. I am seeking survivors (or families/friends of survivors) and people who passed through the Hospital in any capacity during the war, even as doctors or nurses. I believe there are some Jewish survivors who came to this country as refugees after the war. I am also seeking survivors abroad.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Jewish memory and trauma -

I am working on a project on Jewish memory and trauma and looking for volunteers of Italian or any other nationality willing to tell me their story of the period of ant-Semitic persecutions. Please contact me at

   e-mail: R.Piazza@sussex.ac.uk

Jewish refugees - who came to Britain as domestic servants in the 1930s. US academic seeks information. Photographs would be added bonus. I will reimburse all expenses. Information please
   e-mail: brenne_m@sbcglobal.net

Jews from Berlin deported to Minsk -

14 November 1941 or 26 June 1942. A student at Berlin Humboldt University, I am looking for descendants or acquaintances with information about the lives of these people for a research project. Please contact Martina Berner, Korsoerer Str. 5, 10437 Berlin or at

   e-mail: MartinaBerner@gmx.de

Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling - Author seeks anecdotes, lore, memories, leads regarding the Louis-Schmeling fights of 1936 and 1938 from those who read about or listened to them in England, Germany, Austria, or elsewhere. Contact David Margolick
   e-mail: margolick@aol.com

Judith Lipton-Trijtel -

The Dutch Stichting (Foundation) Wolff are anxious to contact Judith Lipton-Trijtel, who lives/lived in England. Please write to

   e-mail: arensnicole@hotmail.com

Julius Wolffsberg -

Landkreis Oder-Spree wish to trace Julius Wolffsberg, last address Ormesby Road, Kenton and only survivor of the Warschauer family, in whose memories it wishes to lay a Stolperstein. Any information please to Amt 25, Breitscheidstrasse 7, 15848, Beeskow

Jungheim Marianne -


Seeking information of whereabouts of Marianne Jungheim, born03/02/26 and Rosa Erna Jungheimb, born 05/02/27. Parents Aron and Julie, transported from Zwesten, Germany to Maidanek. Please contact Alfred Younghem (formerly Jungheim) of Los Angeles at

   e-mail: younghem.a@worldnet.att.net

Jutta Fabian -

came to the UK in late August 1938 (?). She was born in Berlin on 27.3.1932, possibly to Walter and Charlotte Fabian. Walter, born 1896, was murdered in 1942. Charlotte was born Charlotte Braun in 1909 in Berlin. Jutta had been adopted in Germany by Schlesinger family. Any info on Jutta pls to Alexander Watson 

   e-mail: a.watson.genas@gmail.com

Kahn, Emma (née Feibelmann) -

All her family emigrated to Milwaukee, USA. Her children: Robert (married Alice Wendel), Sophie (married May), Else (married Sommer). Any info please to Georg Schneider, Feuerbachstr.39, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany, tel 611 940 6010, email

   e-mail: mail@georg-schneider.de

Kahn, Irene Julie - my mother, who came to England during the last war, resided in NW London, and had an illegitimate son, David, whom she put up for adoption. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Kahn, Ludwig - famous Jewish clairvoyant born Offenburg/Südbaden 21.06.1873. Emigrated to England and interned on the Isle of Man. Researcher seeks any information about what happened to him during internment and thereafter. Please contact Uwe Schellinger
   e-mail: schellinger@igpp.de

Kahn, Ruth née Freund - (Berlin), last known address 15 Wellman Street, Brookline, MA 02446-2828, USA.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Kasperovitch (King) and Friedlaender (Lodge) - At Moussey Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery in France, there are two graves with crosses on them that should have Stars of David. The men are 5550151 Sgt R Friedlaender aka Lodge and 13301351 Cpl Boris Kasperovitch aka King We desperately need to contact surviving relatives of these men in order to have this change made and to show that our men were there. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Katz, Erich -

Katz, Erich, my father’s cousin, born 1900, lived in Berlin, taught music at Freiburg University before the war, was sent to Dachau before the war. Then came to England, where he worked at the Anna Essinger School at Bunce Court School, Wem, Shropshire. Any info, pls contact John Martins at [AUG 08]

   e-mail: Johnwmartins1@hotmail.co.uk

Kaufmann, Peter Georg - born 27.6.1926 in Vienna. In 1938 he and his father Theodor Kaufmann arrived in Rotterdam. The mother Istvanka (Stephanie), born Marton, left Vienna in the same year but emigrated to England. Theodor was deported from Holland. A second child, a handicapped girl, lived in Augsburg, Germany and was deported from there. Any information on Peter Georg, please
   e-mail: roemerg@aol.com

Kay, Lorna - Manchester. Bernd Apotecker died 1940 aged 12 buried in non-Jewish cemetery, Oswestry, fostered by family known as Mr & Mrs Smith. Information please.
   e-mail: andrea@ajr.org.uk

Kazimierz-Riszard (Kazimir-Richard) Frenkel -

If you have any info on my cousin Kazimierz-Riszard (Kazimir-Richard) Frenkel, born Lodz 1919, and his descendants, pls contact Isak Gath, Israel,

   e-mail: isak@bm.technion.ac.il

Kermisch, Gerda (or Grete) and family - Currently researching TV documentary-based drama on evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk in May-June 1940. Story in which we are interested is that of Gerda Kermisch and Kermisch family. Gerda, from Vienna, fleeing the Nazis at 19, got caught up in events in north-eastern France at that time. Would also like to hear from anyone who may have been fleeing the Nazis and got caught up in evacuation from Dunkirk.
   e-mail: wanda.koskia@bbc.co.uk

Kinder, Esme - my partner (maiden name), born in Gibralter, believes her paternal grandfather left Germany during the war, possibly on a Kindertransport. Any info pls
   e-mail: margkurt@aol.com

Kindertransport -

I am a Canadian author writing a book on the Kindertransport for children aged 10 and over. I would be delighted if you would tell me your experiences. Please contact Deborah Hodge at

   e-mail: dhodge@shaw.ca

Kindertransport photo -

Kindertransport photo sought. Does anyone have a photo of a child on a KT train departing from an identifiable station (preferably in Berlin)? The photo should show the name of the station and will be used in conjunction with a brochure to be produced for a commemorative train journey in 2013. Pls contact

   e-mail: neilhoward@blueyonder.co.uk

Kitchener Camp -  Kitchener Camp 1939 to early 1940: I am seeking contact with anyone with recollections of that time, particularly regarding Max Bomze. I have old barracks photo, willing to share. Pls contact Ellen Minkwitz at [AUG 08]
   e-mail: the_minkys2@verizon.net

Kitchener Camp -

We are looking for stories for a BBC1 programme. If you experienced life at Kitchener Camp or have any knowledge of life there, please contact Lily Davis on
01892 675 649

   e-mail: lily.davis@bbc.co.uk

Klagsbrun, Frieda (née Schaefer) - husband Maximilian. Dentist of 18 Weinburggasse Vienna 1. Emigrated to London 1939. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Klara Koch (née David) - b. Nieder Wollstadt 19.05.1883, came to Manchester in 1939. She lived in the German-Jewish home at 7 Amherst Road, Fallowfield from 1950 to her death in 1958. Any info about her friends there or her husband or son Eugen Koch, born 1.11.1906 died aged 17, pls to Prof Miriam E. David at
   e-mail: M.David@ioe.ac.uk

Klein, Gideon -

pianist and composer, b. Prerov 1919, died Furstengrube c Jan 1945; his mother Kleinova, Ilona (née Marmorsteinova), d. Auschwitz October 1944; his sister Kleinova, Liosa (Eliska), d. Prague 1999; his girlfriend Edelsteinova, Franziska (Francka), d. Auschwitz, date unknown; his cousin Kulka, Arnost, b. 1920, died Majdanek 1942. All were interred in Terezin. Any info please to Dr David Fligg, Principal Lecturer in Classical Music in Leeds, at

   e-mail: d.fligg@lcm.ac.uk

Kligler, Evelyn - My friend was a Kindertransport child. She lived with a family in England (the lady’s name was Phoebe). Any info pls
   e-mail: suedenton@boomclub.com

Klipp, Joseph, Scheindel, Lotte, Max -

Parents and brother of my mother, Laura Klipp, who left Vienna in December 1938 by Kindertransport. They were deported from Vienna on 5 March 1941. Any info about them, please contact Alan Mew, Montreal, at


   e-mail: almew200@videotron.ca

Kloster Indersdorf, near Dachau, - There were three DP children’s centres at Kloster Indersdorf, near Dachau, in 1945-48. The first was led by UNRRA Team 182 (Principal Welfare Officer Greta Fischer). The second, the ‘Jewish Children’s Kloster Indersdorf Centre’, was led by UNRRA Team 1066 and contained kibbutz organisations from Poland and Hungary. The IRO and Kibbutz Dror were in charge of the third. If you have memories of this time, pls contact Anna Andlauer at
   e-mail: andlauer@onlinehome.de

Klugman, Bernard (AKA Buzio) - born c 1898. Lived in Graz in 1920s-30s with wife Fanny Halberg Klugmann and daughter Henriette (Naomi), born 1922. Wife and daughter killed near Sniatyn, Poland in 1942. Registered with Jewish Refugees Committee in London June 1942. Served at Bergen-Belsen with Military Government of British Army of the Rhine. Left UK for USA February 1948. Any information on my father's cousin
   e-mail: kloogwein@aol.com

Koch, Henriette Rosa - My mother, born 28 July 1922, in Rodalben, Germany, came to England on a Kindertransport in December 1938 or January 1939. She remained in and around London until 1950, training and working as a children’s nurse. Any info pls to
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Kochman, Inge - born ca. 1921. Father Ferdinand, ex-Berliner. Sought by cousin Harold Becker.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Koenigsberg, Edith - My father Hermann Burg , 83, came from Vienna to Brazil, having been freed from work camps by efforts of his sister and brother. He would like to contact Edith Koenigsberg , a friend of his youth who lived in Vienna TreuStrasse nr 11-20 district and who, he believes, went to England as a kindertransportee.
   e-mail: michel.efroim@itelefonica.com.br

Koerpel, Wolfgang Karl -

I am searching for relatives of my grandfather, later Robert Allan Kennedy. He fled from Poland to England, arriving May 1939. His parents, Martin and Margarathe (maiden name Raatz), last known to be in Berlin in 1920 when my grandfather was born. Any info please to

   e-mail: nicole.kennedy.ccsu@gmail.com

Kohn (née Silberstein), Regina - b. 14.12.06, arrived in UK September 1939. She had a Certificate of Registration issued by Metropolitan Police Office at Bow Street, London. Last address known (from 1948) 126 Hartherley Court, London W2. Information please
   e-mail: francoisemax@att.net

Kohn, Stephanie -

Kohn, Stephanie, the late mother of my newly-found cousin Tom Brady, who lives in Australia and knows little about her, was born in Vienna in 1911 and came to England in 1939 as domestic to work in Cassio Park Avenue, Watford. Her friends then were Rosa, Walter, Paula. Stephanie married a soldier, Edward Brady, in 1941. Tom was born in 1942 in Watford. Any info pls to Charlotte Lang at [AUG 08]

   e-mail: david.lang119@btopenworld.com

Kormany, Paula -

Paula Kormany (1880-1950) and Fritz Kormany alias Frederick Kerr (1913-2003) lived in London. If you have any info about this family from Austria pls contact Corinne Benestroff at benestroff.c@orange.fr

   e-mail: benestroff.c@orange.fr

Kosice - (in 1944 Kassa in Hungary), Eastern Slovakia. Kosice branch of Slovak Hidden Child Organisation wishes to identify and publish names of every victim and survivor from the city (12,000 Jews were deported to camps in 1944; only 2/300 survived). Please Email:
   e-mail: kende.csaba@nextra.sk

Kramer, Katherine - born 24.2.1904, maiden name Käte Mann. 1950-56 lived at The Homestead, Cadole, Mold, Flintshire. 1956 to approx. 1962 lived at The Lodge, Ravenscroft Hall, Middlewich, Cheshire. Any information, please contact Austrian Embassy in London
   e-mail: embassy@austria.org.uk

Krausz Gertrud/Prochownik and Krausz, George -

Researcher seeks info for book about Berlin Jewish families persecuted by the Nazis. Contact

   e-mail: hans-theo¬_wagner@web.de

Kristallnacht - I require information for a book on Kristallnacht in the Eifel region: Euskirchen, Mechernich and Kommern, Kall, Gemünd, Schleiden, Blumenthal and Hellenthal and surrounding area. Personal reminiscences of contemporary witnesses are requested for the volume, to be published in 2008 by Helios Verlag, Aachen. Documents and photos will be treated in confidence and returned promptly. Please contact urgently Hans-Dieter Arntz, Hasenhecke 16, D-53881 Euskirchen, tel (0)2251 61900, or email
   e-mail: hans-dieter-arntz@gmx.de

Kuchinsky -

from Berlin, who was in Kitchener Camp and was shipped to Australia as enemy alien. Herbert Kolb

   e-mail: TheKolbs132@verizon.net

Kummer, Ilse - born Berlin 26 January 1920, emigrated after 1942 first to Israel then to the UK. Any information please to Andreas Gres (genealogist in Vienna)
   e-mail: gres@historiker.at

Kunfi, Eva -

Kunfi, Eva, my mother, born 1924 in Breslau, left Vienna, where she lived with her parents, Anna and Tibor, for England in 1938 via the Kindertransport. Any info pls on her short stay in England (she joined her parents in Shanghai before the outbreak of the war in the Pacific) to Eric Ekvall at  [AUG 08]

   e-mail: corpstratcom@gmail.com

Kurt -

Kindertransportee Kurt (second name?), from Germany, celebrated his barmitzvah in Chester while living with my late parents in 1943 or 1944 in Liverpool. My father was a soldier; my mother lived during the war in North Wales. Kurt’s sister too was taken in by a Liverpool Jewish family. After the war the parents collected the children and went to America. Any info about Kurt pls to Angela Lehrer 

   e-mail: angela.lehrer@gmail.com

Kurz, Marietta -

Born Vienna 1927, came to England on Kindertransport, worked as photographic technician in physics dept of Bristol University around 1945-48. Naturalised 1948. Any info please to U of Bristol archivist Brian Pollard at

   e-mail: b.r.pollard@bristol.ac.uk

Kuttner/Cutner, Alfred -

AJEX are campaigning to have Cross on his Normandy war grave corrected to Star of David. Was paratrooper and refugee, killed 1944. Any info pls to Martin Sugarman on 0208 986 4868 (evenings after 7 pm) or at

   e-mail: Martin.Sugarman@westking.ac.uk

Lambert, Daniel and Frances - who adopted Kindertransport children lived in Lickey Woods, Birmingham area. One child, Alice, married Solomon Gould. Info pls
   e-mail: doreen.medcraft@btinternet.com

Lazar, Maria - was a well-known Jewish writer and journalist who was forgotten after she fled from Austria in 1933. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Goettingen who would like to republish her work and, for this reason, contact her daughter Judith, who lives in the UK and administers her estate. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lechfeld, Germany - - Jewish refugee camp - I am seeking information regarding the location of this camp, where I was born in 1948. I am one of two daughters of Abraham and Chana Furer. My sister was born in Berlin in 1947. Two other sisters were born in Russia, where my parents escaped during the war. I would like to locate records of our existence. Any information, please send email
   e-mail: mezi@prodigy.net

Lederer, Ruth - from Austria (?). During early years of war lived at home of Overtons, Church Street, Rugby. Had younger brother. Worked at George Over Ltd Booksellers, Market Place, Rugby. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lederer, Ruth -

Kindertransportee, born 4.11.1923 in Vienna, parents Herta and Alfred Lederer. Arrived in England summer 1939 from Prague. One address: R. A. Overton, The Green, Bilton, Rugby; a second address: Mrs Forsdike, 68 Hallam Crescent, Leicester. Worked in hospital/nursing home in London in 1945. Any info please to

   e-mail: ralfcam@online.no

Lehmann family - from Nordenburg, East Prussia. I believe my family (22 members in total) were deported to Minsk in Russia. I arrived in England as a Kindertransportee in January 1939 and lived in Glasgow until internment. In 1940 I joined the Pioneer corps and later transferred to the Intelligence Corps 6th Airborne Division. My name was Erwin Lehmann, my father's name Louis Lehmann. Any information on my family, please email
   e-mail: langfordlewis@btclick.com

Leidler, Ludwig - born Vienna 26.1.32, Kindertransport to England 1939. Any info please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lemler, Eva - born Vienna 22.01.1919. Last address in Vienna: Grundsteingasse 47, Ottakring. Fled Vienna for England, probably in 1938, by train and boat. Travelled with her cousin Sali Sigal, and possibly with the Schlesinger (sp?) family. Any information, please contact Marilyn Sheridan (Miriam Sigal)
   e-mail: marilyns@dakotacom.net

Lemmé, Maria (née Schwarzkopf), -

artist, died Theresienstadt 1943. Researcher seeks information about relatives of hers who came to Britain. Please contact Margrit Timme at

   e-mail: friedrichtimme@aol.com

Les Hillman (Lothar Himmelstaub), -

 I wish to trace ex-KT companion Les Hillman (Lothar Himmelstaub), last living in Queensland, Australia. He and I lived in Birkenward Hostel in Skelmorlie, Scotland, during the war with some 40 girls and boys mainly from Austria and Germany (project financed by Gertrude Jacobson Foundation). Lothar apparently had a relative in London, Henry Diamond. Please contact Henry Herner, Pompano Beach, Florida, at

   e-mail: hherner@hotmail.com

Lest We Forget - Author has written book on Holocaust with graphic displays of concentration camps. Seeks survivors' opinions on 125-page chapter and, perhaps, help in promoting book. Contact Steve Richards.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lévy, Dr Raymond - my father, was director of Montintin château in 1943-44. I am seeking information relating to this period.
   e-mail: levy_jackie@yahoo.fr

Levy, Else - born Könen 21.2.1927, is a camp survivor who came to England after the war. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lichtenberg, Samuel -

Family Tree Ltd, based in Budapest, are doing research for purpose of locating heirs to an estate. Researching Samuel’s family led us to the UK and the 300 Jewish children who found refuge in Windermere. Pls contact Marija Stojanovska Rupcic at

   e-mail: rupcic@familytree.hu

Liffman - Residents of Suedvorstadt, Dresden until 1934-35. Father's name Simon or Samuel, a co-owner of Alsberg department store. Hannelore Kuhn, a schoolfriend of Ursula (Ulla) Liffman still living in Dresden, has heard that the Liffmans emigrated to England and would like to get in touch. Contact Frederick Taylor.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lilley ,Elfriede (née Poms) - or family. Last known address off Roman Road, Bow, London, married Frederick, around 1950. Previous address 1 Sefton Avenue, Mill Hill, London, 1948. Father’s name Heinrich. Preacher in East End of London. Came to UK around 1939 with family from Germany (Berlin?). Please Email:
   e-mail: stevenbracher@yahoo.com

Lobl, Dr Elizabeth -

Information sought for student writing dissertation on famous German author (her patient). Please contact Jasmin Weber at Gutenbergring 2, 84453 Mühldorf am Inn, Germany, or at

   e-mail: jasmine-web@gmx.de

Loewental, Professor Artur Immanuel - b. Vienna 1879, died Wellingore, near Lincoln, 1964. This Austrian sculptor and medallist moved to Berlin before escaping to England in 1934. Lived first at 25 Elm Street London; around 1942 moved to Lincoln. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Loewy, Fritzi -

I am doing a research project on this former Vienna Hakoah swimmer. Any info please to Vida Bakondy on tel 0043-699 108 27 259 or

   e-mail: vida@strg.at

Louis and Renee Crossley (Louis Plofsky and Renee Shenker), -

My late parents, who lived in Clapton, east London, sponsored a KT child jointly or individually. For purpose of my family tree, could that KT refugee please contact David W. Crossley at

   e-mail: crobat@dircon.co.uk

Love during WW2 - Were you a German refugee who had a love affair with a British person during the war? Testimony Films is making a series for UK TV History. Contact Lisa Lipman on 0117 925 8589

Löwenstein, Oscar (Oskar) - born 10.5.1868 in Danzig, died probably in 1955. His wife, Irma Löwenstein (née Samec/Sametz, name from first marriage Hübsch) was born 8.8.1892. Following death of Oscar Löwenstein she married a third time, now calling herself Irma Austin-Löwenstein. In 1959 she lived at 6 Wetherby Gardens, London SW5. From the first marriage she had a son, William H. Harcourt (previous name Wilhelm Hübsch), born 19.3.1910. In 1958 he lived at 27 Pembridge Square, London W2. Any information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lowus, Susi -

Born Vienna late April 1927, spent war years in Glasgow. Last heard of 1952-53 when working for Dupont Co. in Montreal. She was a member of MHWA in Montreal. Any info pls to



   e-mail: slomb@skynet.be

Löwy, Dora -

b. 1924 or 1925, arrived London from Prague via Kindertransport in May 1939. Moved to Northern Ireland or Irish Republic soon after. Any info on her pls to


   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Lowy, Lisbeth - born 29.12.1918. In 1999 her address was Lanark Mansions, 14 Lanark Road, London W9 1DB. Information on her family members or, at least, her date of death, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Ludwig and Selma (Hayek) Lederer -

My grandparents Ludwig and Selma (Hayek) Lederer moved to Vienna from Slovakia. They had two children: Walter (b. 25/1/1911) and Olga (older, dob unknown). They left for America (Oakland, Calif.) in 1939, sponsored by Ludwig’s brother Hugo. Any info please to Evelyn Lederer Hernball at

   e-mail: yourevieness@gmail.com

Mangold - mother and daughter - possibly from Gutersloh, Westphalia, left Germany just before the war. In 1941-42 were in Moelfre, Anglesey, running a private school from Craig y Mor house. In 1951-52 were still at Craig y Mor, owned by Ann Halstead. Info pls
   e-mail: chasnunn@onetel.com

Mann, Walter and Elisabeth - my grandparents. He was a dentist in London before the First World War. She may have been a piano teacher. They had a son, Franz Richard, born 1914. All were interned on the Isle of Man during the First World War and then sent back to Germany. Later my father was sent to Paris to be with an uncle. Elisabeth survived concentration camps and lived in Berlin. Any info, pls contact Judith Mann-Calvi.
   e-mail: jcalvi@tiscalinet.it

Mannheim, Jack -

my father, was born in Grossmunzel, Germany in 1922. He came to the UK via Kindertransport January 1938 and was interned in Australia, to which he went on the Dunera. Any info pls to


   e-mail: unfoldedmap@googlemail.com

Mansfield College - Mansfield College was a Jewish girls’ boarding school which existed from 1894 to 1958 mostly in Hove with a period in North Wales in the 1940s. In its last 30 years it was run by two of my mother’s sisters, Dr Nancy Hart and Mrs Enid Alfandary. I am writing a book on this. Pls share your memories with me, Jane Manaster, at
   e-mail: janeman@earthlink.net

Margot Aufrecht -

Has anyone information about Margot Aufrecht, who lived as a schoolgirl in Berlin-Pankow before the War and was incarcerated with her parents and brother in Bergen-Belsen? After the camp’s liberation she spent over a year on site, was befriended by General Montgomery’s sister-in-law, and is thought to have emigrated eventually to Australia to join an uncle. I am especially anxious also to get in touch with Heinz Bloch, his wife or descendants. Please contact Leslie Baruch Brent, 30 Hugo Road, London N19 5EU or email

   e-mail: lesliebrent@waitrose.com

Markus, Edgar - my grandfather and his parents, Rosa and Josef (or Alfred) Markus, left Vienna in August 1939 for London. Info please
   e-mail: vivian@vivianhirsch.com

Marston, Dr Sylvia Mignon -

Born 16.11.1925 Leipzig. In 50s lived Caroline House, Bayswater, London W2. Father Felix Berthold Nathan Rosenfelder (1892-1939). Mother Rosika Colin. Any info pls to


   e-mail: jomaier@tiscali.co.uk

Marx (or Marks), Ruth - born Bettingen, Germany, 4.4.1922. She and her sister were on the last train to reach England before the war. Her sister did not survive the war. The sisters may have stayed in a centre in Tunbridge Wells. During the war Ruth worked as nanny with a family in Birmingham, where she also stayed with the Isaac family, specifically in Olton, Warwickshire. She may have married a Canadian soldier and be living in Toronto. She had an uncle named Leo Abraham. Any information please
   e-mail: davidlewin@btinternet.com

Max Auszenberg -

b. 29 April 1928, left Holland for Liverpool on the SS Bodegraven on 14 May 1940. Any info on him please to Dirk Veenhuizen at b. 29 April 1928, left Holland for Liverpool on the SS Bodegraven on 14 May 1940. Any info on him please to Dirk Veenhuizen at

   e-mail: dirkjeewee@wxs.nl

May, Elizabeth (Lisa) Julia née Spott - bborn 23.02.1922. Came to UK on Kindertransport. Lived for some years in Liverpool, Birmingham, London. Studied fashion design. Information sought by cousin Ruth in California.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Maybaum, Edith - From Hannover, probably emigrated to England in 1935. Worked in Hannoveranische Knopffabrik Gompertz & Meinrath. The owners also left for London in 1935 and founded a button factory there. Is Ludwig Meinrath still alive and does the factory still exist? Information, Monica Wittib.
   e-mail: monicawittib@hotmail.com

Mayer family - In 1930s family left Langenlonsheim (Rhineland-Palatine) for England. Some 20 years ago Paul Meyer lived in Cardiff. He had apublishing company (?). Another member of the family, Erica Kissinger born Mayer, died in Stockholm last year. Information, contact Karl-Wilhelm Hoeffler.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Mayer, Harry and Irma - and daughter Jacqueline, who was born around 1955. Harry and Irma met in North Finchley, London after arriving here from Germany. They were friendly with my grandmother Eileen Head/Steele. Information please
   e-mail: Sharonronron@yahoo.com

Mayer, Ilse Charlotte née Fabisch -

b Breslau 12.9.1915, emigrated to London and had 3 children (b 1939, 1944, 1946). In the 1960s she lived at 181 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6. Her brother, Hans Fabisch, was murdered in Auschwitz. In the 1960s she searched for him and his wife, Valerie Fabisch (b Scheftel). Any news about this family would be most welcome. Please contact Sarah Wildman at

   e-mail: swildman@gmail.com

Mayer, Ursula -

, my best friend from Germany, was sent to England like me. I have had no contact with her since 1939. Born 1929 (?), she came from Stuttgart. Any info please to Erica G. Kanter (née Hecht) at charhos@aol.com or to 9342 Bay Vista Estates Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836, USA

Mayer, Ursula -

born 19 November 1928, came to England on the Kindertransport in 1939. She lived with her guarantor in Bournemouth and in 1947 moved with her parents to 3 Wellfield Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10. We were close friends when we lived in Stuttgart. Any info pls to Erica (Hecht) Kanter at charhos84@gmail.com

   e-mail: charhos84@gmail.com

Mayer-Wolf, Oscar - was one of founders of Naharia by a group of Germans in 1934. Could this be the same Mayer family that left Langenlnsheim for England? Pls contact Aaron Sovers at
   e-mail: ashovers@aol.com

Mayerova, Anna - In 1952 lived in Santiago de Chile, Higgius 1885, Depto C, Avenida. Related to Gabriela Neumannova and Otto Neumann. If you have any information
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Meinrath, Ludwig - born Cologne 16.7.1902, died Rio de Janeiro 1982, owned a textile factory which no longer exists. His wife, Hilfe née Blumenfeld, 93, now lives in Rio. I am his oldest son and live in Sao Paolo. My only brother lives in New Haven CT. Any information on Ludwig Meinrath, please
   e-mail: telemake@terra.com.br

Menachim Yehuda/Jehuda Galas (also known as Moniek Galus), -

My uncle Menachim Yehuda/Jehuda Galas (also known as Moniek Galus), b. Lodz 1919, was last reported alive in Celle, Germany, July 1945. Any info pls to Deborah Long at

   e-mail: debbietheteacher@gmail.com

Meyerhof, Hartwig -

 Born Kassel 1903, arrived UK 1933, lived Belsize Avenue, died Amersham 1961. Cousin of Kurt Wertheim (Ken Wilson) of Germany then Highgate. Friend of Illa and Fritz Walter, 81 Fitzjohns Avenue, Hampstead. Please contact Hartwig’s daughter, Caroline Williams,  tel 0792 322 6640 or

   e-mail: williamscjuk@tiscali.co.uk

Michaeli, Gilah - last known address Cotleigh Road, London NW6 in 1980s. Any info please
   e-mail: peter.block@virgin.net

Michelson -

If you have info about the Michelson family, who lived in Königsberg, East Prussia, in the 1930s (on Lindenstrasse, next to Jewish Orphanage), please phone Max Zieman on 0208 205 0028

Millisle Farm Belfast - Anyone who went there on Kindertransport, or knows anyone who did, pls contact me re novel I am writing. Ruth Tobin
   e-mail: rtobin55@hotmail.com

Mittler, Walter - Born in Vienna. His English home was in Birmingham, where he was a watch repairer. Early 1950s he emigrated to Canada. Any info on his whereabouts pls to Len Terry (RAF 1943-47) at
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Moos, Siegfried -

my father, b. Munich 1904, fled Germany 1933, died London 1988, active in communist refugee circles in London in 30s. Please send any info on left-wing activities among German exiles in this period to

   e-mail: merilynmoos@blueyonder.co.uk

Morgenbesser brothers - Fritz born 12.05.1912 probably called Frederick Morgan, and Hans born 29.10.1913, both born in Brün (Brno), said to have emigrated to England in 1939. Sons of Josef and Eugenie (née Rosenfeld).
   e-mail: endschu@t-online.de

Moritz-Max Abraham -

born 18.12.1919 in Berlin, last known address Haifa Kiriat, Samach Sajin 2. Berlin memorial researcher is looking for family or friends who may be able to help with research on Louise Prinz née Abraham and her husband Detmar Prinz, who committed suicide in 1941 to avoid deportation and are buried at Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin. 

   e-mail: (Mary Bianchi Bia24@web.de)

Musch, Hanne - came here after Kristallnacht. Graced the stage in Ilfracombe, North Devon with her talent and entertained Pioneer Corps refugees in uniform. Any info pls
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Musical Activities in British Internment Camps -

I am writing a dissertation on musical activities in British internment camps in the WW2 era. I am interested in musical activity of any kind. Any info pls to

   e-mail: suzanne.snizek@gmail.com

Nabel (or Nagel), Egon - came to Britain on Kindertransport from Breslau. Information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Nitterl, Georg Schuldenzker - My grandfather, is 92 and in perfect health but missing Austria terribly. We are trying to find any relatives, friends or anyone who might have information. His family fled Austria to Peru. He is now living with his daughter and grandson in California. Any information please
   e-mail: Angelo415CA@aol.com

North Devon - I am writing a book on the Jewish presence in North Devon in the Second World War. I would like to hear from anyone who lived in North Devon during this time, either as a child from the Kindertransport or as a member of The Pioneer Corps. I would like to trace Heinz Katsenellenbogan and his sister who lived on Lundy island for a short time. Also, anyone who attended the small Jewish school in Exford on Exmoor. Please contact: Dr Fry
   e-mail: andrea@ajr.org.uk

North Devon - I am researching Jewish refugees in North Devon in WWII. Readers who escaped Nazi Europe, were sheltered by Maurice Prince in his cinemas in Barnstaple and Bideford as temporary safe-houses,
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

North Rhine-Westphalia Kindertransports 1938-39 -

The Jawne Learning Centre in Cologne wishes to contact Kindertransportees from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and elsewhere in today’s North Rhine-Westphalia for a research and exhibition project. One focus will be the Kindertransport organised by Dr Erich Klibansky, headmaster of Jawne school. Please write to Lern- und Gedenkort Jawne, c/o Dr Ursula Reuter, Rothehausstr. 5-7, D 50823 Koeln or email

   e-mail: u.reuter@netcologne.de

Nove, Myrtle - was children's librarian in Enfield 1950, married 1952. Married name possibly Davis. Previously lived with mother in Watford Way. Info please
   e-mail: fay@fdavies97.freeserve.co.uk

Nyaradszereda in Transylvania - My uncle Harav Avraham Frankel was the rabbi of Nyaradszereda in Transylvania until he, his family and community were taken to Marosvasarhej and put on cattle trucks for Auschwitz, where the family was murdered. He arrived in Auschwitz on the second day of Shavuot in June 1944. We are searching for individuals born in the above community over whose barmitzvahs he officiated and would be eternally grateful for any information. Please contact Bracha Frankel
   e-mail: a622906@actcom.net.il

Obermayer, Prof Harry - For biography by Prof Julian Levinson. Whoever knew him in 1930-32 or studied with him in Praeparandenschule Hochberg near Wurzburg, please contact Gila Maor.
   e-mail: j-ronen@zahav.net.il

Oppenheim, Hermann (1858-1919) - was a world-famous professor of neurology in Berlin. I am writing a dissertation on him and seeking materials concerning his son Hans Oppenheim (born 1892 Berlin - died 1965 Edinburgh), a well-known British conductor. I am looking for a death certificate (or copy), a photograph of his grave, and any other materials. please email
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Oppenheimer, Ronald Martin - born London 1943. My parents were Walter Oppenheimer (born Frankfurt 1909 - died London 1996) and Rosa Oppenheimer (Hoffman) (born 1913 Leipzig - died London 1979). I am keen to find out anything about my family. Information, please
   e-mail: zen@mercuryin.es

Ostrava Moravska - Did you escape through the coalmines in 1938-39 or do you know someone who escaped on that route or helped someone to escape? Do you know other routes between Czechoslovakia and Poland? I am a Swiss historian writing a book about rescuers – people who helped others to cross borders illegally – during WWII and later. Any info pls to
   e-mail: iboesch@smile.ch

Papier - My family originally came from Vienna. Anyone of this name please contact Ben Godfrey.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Pariser, Gertrude - I am searching for my aunt, who was born in Vienna on 27.11.1929 and lived with her grandmother, Susanne Pariser, until 16.09.1938. She is believed to have gone on a Kindertransport to England. Any information, please send email
   e-mail: eva.bournes@chello.at

Peitz - I am researching into Jewish inhabitants of Peitz in 1938. Also, seeking information on Heinz Richard Abraham, born 23.04.1919 in Königsberg, an electrical engineer who emigrated to Oxford, England in 1939. Please contact Susanne Rothe
   e-mail: susi.rothe@web.de

Perlefter, Herr und Frau - Left Vienna in the late 1930s, possibly with other families, and settled in the London area. Hella Damisch disappeared from Vienna in 1938, along with her daughter, who would have been my aunt. Any info on these three persons pls to
   e-mail: rebecca@scotnet.co.uk

Persak, Gertie - My late sister Joan Nelson (née Brown), evacuated in September 1939 to southern Scotland, made friends with Gertie Persak (spelling?). Gertie’s parents came from Brno, where her father owned or managed a pottery or textile firm, and were probably murdered in the Lodz ghetto. Gertie later possibly became a nurse and married someone connected with Oxford University. Her only surviving family member, a cousin, may have become an RAF pilot. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Philipps-Universitaet, Marburg - has unearthed about 2,600 books which the Nazis confiscated from Jews and other persons but did not destroy. A researcher has tracked down one of the victims' heirs in Manchester, to whom the university recently returned several volumes at a public ceremony. University is anxious to hand back more books to descendents of former owners
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Philippson, Joanna -

, b 23.04.1887 Magdeburg, teacher in Berlin, emigrated to London in 1939, lived in Greenford, Middx in 1960s, died 1977 or 1986. Does anyone know correct date and place of death? If so, please contact Hans-Hermann Fries at

   e-mail: hhfries@gmx.net

Polasinski, Erika (née Zimet) (or relations) -

Polasinski, Erika (née Zimet) (or relations) Born in 1933, Erika left Vienna c.1941 for Venezuela with mother, Golda Zimet. From there emigrated to New York at end of war. Erika is half-sister of my father Eric Doitch, who was born Siegfried Steiner in 1923, and died 2000. Any info pls


   e-mail: KatheDeutsch@aol.com

Port Erin Women's Internment Camp - Isle of Man 1941-45. I am researching this subject and seeking photographs of both camp and internees. Any information, please send email
   e-mail: campuzano@onetel.net.uk

Queeny Francis Harvey (née Hahn) -

My mother Queeny Francis Harvey (née Hahn) died in London in July 1940 aged around 20. Her address was 43 Louisville Road, Balham, Wandsworth. My father's name was James Harvey. Any info on my mother please to

   e-mail: jamesharveygoa@live.com

Rabbi Dr Schonfeld -

Inspire, an agency dedicated to producing campaigns/events/films, are working with Hasmonean High School on a project on Rabbi Dr Schonfeld. I am seeking to locate children he brought primarily over to the UK. Any info please to Clive Braude at

   e-mail: clive@youinspire.me.uk

Rabbis from Germany in British Exile from the 1930s -

Doctoral student at Sussex University seeks info (personal experiences, anecdotes, papers, sermons, photos, etc). Please contact

   e-mail: astrid.zajdband@hotmail.com

Rauchwerger, Eva -

left Nitra, Czechoslovakia with Kindertransport in 1938 or 1939. Lived with her family in Equador till after the war. Later, may have lived in Israel or New Jersey. Any info pls to Alice Hodan Herz at


   e-mail: alicehodan@sympatico.ca

Ravensbrück - I am searching for survivors of this camp for a book. Also, further to a notice last December, I am still searching for survivors of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin. Some readers called about the Jewish Hospital but failed to reach me. Pls email me at
   e-mail: Sarah¬¬_¬helm@btconnect.com

Reens, Abraham and family - in wartime Amsterdam, especially his eldest son Robert, my late husband, who came to England in 1958 and died here of wartime ill-treatment. The Maror Bureau have recognised my claim for our daughter and myself. Information, please
   e-mail: cissbee@yahoo.co.uk

Refugee women -

I am a historian searching for refugee women who worked or trained in Britain as nurses in 1933-48. Any info please to Tashia Scott at

   e-mail: tscott@brookes.ac.uk or at stsctt1@yahoo.co.uk

Refugees from Hitler in Northern Ireland/Millisle Refugee Farm -

I am a student researching the story of German-speaking refugees, in particular Kindertransportees, in Northern Ireland. Any info please to Martti Steinke, Belfast tel (0044) 773 279 9559 or at

   e-mail: marttisteinke@ymail.com

refugees in Portugal in WWII -

I am a Portuguese journalist wishing to contact refugees in Portugal in WWII for a book project. If you have any stories, memories, documents, pictures etc, please contact Carlos Guerreiro at

   e-mail: carlosj_guerreiro@sapo.pt

refugees in Portugal in WWII -

I am a Portuguese journalist wishing to contact refugees in Portugal in WWII for a book project. If you have any stories, memories, documents, pictures etc, please contact Carlos Guerreiro at

   e-mail: carlosj_guerreiro@sapo.pt

Regent's Park School - Has anyone memories, fond or otherwise, of this school, run by Alma and Bruno Schindler (formerly of Leipzig) in the 1930s at 5 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 and later evacuated to Slough? Any information please
   e-mail: strausshaus@mindspring.com

Regina -

My late wife Regina attended Sunray School in Parrenporth and
was among a group of children who came to England from Germany in 1938. Any info about those children to Louis Kleinman, 5104 Robino Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida 33417, USA

   e-mail: lureg8@yahoo.com

Reitzenstein (von), Hans-Joachim - My mother Marlies Fricke (née Brohmer) - born 1926, is looking for Hans-Joachim (von) Reitzenstein , born 13.2.1945 in Potsdam, or information about his uncle or grandmother. Hans-Joachim is the only son of her friend Josephine Reitzenstein (Scharfenberg) who died in England in October 1948. Information, please  
   e-mail: b.brohmer@web.de

Renate -

My mother, Renate, from Teplitz, was a pupil at Upper Chine School, Isle of Wight, until 1939 then lived in London until 1947. If you have any info on her or on the life led by young girls in similar circumstances please contact Hugh Wilson at

   e-mail: mcharg-wilson@telus.net

Richard Wagner - Writer/researcher seeks information, especially anecdotes/recollections, on perceptions of Wagner during Nazi era, especially explanations of why he is so associated with Nazis and Holocaust. Contact Richard Burger.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Risa - came to England a refugee from Austria. Well-known at Austrian Centre during war. Lived St. Stephen’s Gardens, London W2. Married to Englishman, one daughter. Later married fellow refugee. Information on her whereabouts, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Robinsky, Edith - My friend was a Kindertransport child. She lived with a family in England (the lady’s name was Phoebe). Any info pls
   e-mail: robins@netactive.co.za

Rosenberg, Hans - I am seeking proof my father was deprived of German citizenship. He came to South Africa in 1939. Info pls to Hans Rosenberg
   e-mail: hans@capehols.co.za

Rosenfeld, Lotte -

Born 8/8/22 in Aaachen, Rhineland, emigrated to England in 1938-39, possibly on Kindertransport. Any info pls to Stefan Kahlen at

   e-mail: ccalen@web.de

Rosenfeld, Martin - born 28.7.1873 Schwersenz, died 11.9.1962 Richmond, Surrey, UK. Father’s name Samuel Rosenfeld (Rabbi). Spouse Marie Rosenfeld (née Cohn), born October 1884 St Petersburg, died 23.4.1967 Richmond. Martin one of 13 children, born in ‘Polish corridor’. Attended university in Charlottenburg, Germany, graduated 20.3.1906. They had daughter, Mia, in May 1924. She married John Harvey in October 1944, settled in Richmond. John and Mia Harvey had Linda (30.12.1950), David (11.9.1954), Alice (15.2.1957). There are brothers of Martin in America but unknown who or where they are. Their names include Julius, Leo, Albert, Ernst (who died in concentration camp). We have portrait of Samuel painted by Boris Pasternak 1906. Any related Rosenfelds from Germany or America, please contact Rebecca Riley.
   e-mail: mail@englishteacher.fslife.co.uk

Rosenkranz - I, Gita Ringsell, née Rosenkranz - was born 02.01.1927 in Teplitz-Schoau, Czechoslovakia. My brother, Martin Rosenkranz, was born 1931. My parents were Joseph and Charlotte (née Teitelbaum) Rosenbaum. Charlotte had three sisters: Rosa Teitelbaum (married name Webber), Clara Teitelbaum (had two children: Edmund and Eli), and Lola Teitelbaum. Any info on any of the above, pls contact me
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Rosenschein, Leon - b. April 1932 in Duisburg, Kindertransportee to UK via Holland. Information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Rosenthal, Hermann - born 27.7.1878 - Witten-Annen, Germany, died 25.4.1968 and wife Emmy née Lion, born 20.10.1885. Last known address 25 Hilton Crescent, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancs. He came to England in 1939. Kohlberg, Ida née Rosenthal - born 19.5.1893. Came to England 1948. Address in 1962: 145 Grove Ends Garden, London NW8. Gertrude, Brown, née Rosenthal - sister of Ida Kohlberg. Jacobs, Emmi - born 24.5.1931, came on Kindertransport to England? I am working on documentary about Jewish citizens of Waltrop. Information, please contact Karl-Heinz Schomberg
   e-mail: heidecrew@aol.com

Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate - Information sought from boys at Rowden Hall Hostel, Margate. Please contact Bernd Koschland
   e-mail: nisraf@compuchange.co.uk

Royal Victoria Patriotic School (also known as the London Reception Centre) - In WW2 some refugees to the UK were initially sent for screening to the Royal Victoria Patriotic School (also known as the London Reception Centre) on Wandsworth Common. Anyone with info on any individuals or other organisations whose members might have spent time at this building on arrival in the UK, pls email


   e-mail: simonmcnr@aol.com

Rushen camp, Port Erin and Port St Mary's -

.I am a children's author based in the Yorkshire Dales researching a book about a boy interned on the Isle of Man in 1940. I would like to trace people interned in Rushen camp, Port Erin and Port St Mary's. Please contact me at

   e-mail: robertbullock721@btinternet.com

Salm, Hedwig (née Spiegel) - born 29.08.1874 in Kirchbörde. Married to Hugo Salm born 10.11.1874 in Wickrath, died March 1938 in the Netherlands. Mrs Hedwig Salm left the Netherlands in March 1938 for London and lived in the UK possibly until about 1969. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Salzer, Ilse - - refugee, lived in Brighton September 1943 to April 1944 with foster-sister (or other family member), who married Gerald at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London 19 September 1943. Maiden name of Ilse's foster-sister Woolf or Gerald's surname was Woolf. The Woolf parents then lived in London. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Sampson, Jack -

Jack Sampson, who owned Lulham Shoe Factory in Shoreditch, had a foster child and two German girls at his home in Bromley in 1940. Has anyone info about them? If so, pls contact Claire Perskie at 

   e-mail: ckp12@yahoo.net

Samson, Lisbeth - also known by her married name Lisbeth Hamel, born Berlin 10 September 1901. Believed to have emigrated to England in 1930s; last known to be in London in 1962. Information about her sought on behalf of relatives in Israel.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Sandalbach Florenz, Lalla-Beatrice - (spelling?) At boarding school during war at St Mary's Abbey, Mill Hill, my mother and I made friends with girl, apparently refugee from Germany. Will be about 70 now.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Schablin, Anton (Prague) and Jacobson, Bernard (London) - Anton Schablin funded boat ticket for our relative Hans Zentner from Prague to Israel in 1938, saving his life. Bernard Jacobson was UK agent for Anton Schablin's Czech import-export business. If you have any information on either man, please contact Adrian Blumenthal
   e-mail: adrianb@inter-israel.co.il

Schlesinger, Charlotte - Researcher into musicians in exile seeks information on Charlotte Schlesinger, composer, b.1909 Berlin, died 1976 London, where she lived the last 14 years of her life (previously USA). Any information about her or her family (e.g. brother Hans Schlesinger), resident in Golders Green in 1976, very gratefully received.
   e-mail: rhode-juechtern@t-online.de

Schneck, Fritz - Joined Pioneer Corps 1939. Served until Demob. If you knew my father or know which company he was in Please email
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Schneider, Fritz J. -

my father, born in Germany, was interned on Isle of Man and ‘sent to Canada’. An ‘F. G. Schneider’ was on the passenger list of the Ettrick. Any info please contact Annette on 01892 534 355 or at

   e-mail: rayc99@btinternet.com

Schneider, Gertie - A school friend, Jan Doorn, is keen to trace Gertie who was at Realschule with him in Stepanska Ulice off Vaclavske Namesti, Prague, in the early 1930s. She lived with her parents in Betlemske Namesti, her father being a medical doctor. She left school in 1936/7 at the age of 18/19 years and is thought to have made it to England before war broke out. This information came from Magda Starkenstein, another classmate who got to Holland, where Jan's family came from before his father was Consul General in Prague. Gertie is thought to have married in England and was last heard of in Exeter, Devon. Jan is widowed and lives in Surrey.
   e-mail: lois@goldenacres.plus.com

Schonthal families - The two Schonthal families of Godollo, Hungary boasted 16 children between them – 8 boys and 8 girls. There are known descendants in the USA, Canada and Hungary seeking family members in Switzerland. Due to name changes there may also be family members under the names of, e.g., Szepvolgyi or Komlos. Any info pls contact Catherine (Schontal) Adam at
   e-mail: cia@interlog.com

Schoop, Hedi - Austrian ceramics artist who fled to California in the 1930s. Any information please
   e-mail: margot.mckinnon@ntlworld.com

Scotland's smaller Jewish communities - I am writing a history of and would like to hear from or about anyone who came to Aberdeen, Ayr, Dundee, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Greenock and Inverness. Please write
   e-mail: n.abrams@abdn.ac.uk

Seager, Edith Esther - formerly mayor of Smethwick. 'By guaranteeing jobs in Britain, she was instrumental in obtaining freedom for fifty refugees [including my mother] from Vienna, Germany and Holland' (Smethwick Telephone, 25 February 1955). I wish to find at least some of the refugees saved by Ms Levy.
   e-mail: jvadler@sprint.ca

Seagull, Eva -

was at school in Darjeeling and Mussoorie, India. Later studied nursing in Edgware, London. Any info please tel Gabrielle Millen (known to Eva as Gaby Helms) on 020 8866 1059

Seelig, Annemarie -

lived in Teddington, Middlesex and was relative or friend of Georg Manasse, ex-director of Schocken department store in Zwickau, Saxony, whose biography I am writing. He emigrated in 1935 to Sweden. Pls contact Jürgen Nitsche at

   e-mail: junitsche@aol.com

Seidmann, Gertrud -

no longer has any recollection of leaving Vienna in 1937 (?), settling in Belfast or her father, Ludwig (Louis), who was interned on the Isle of Man. Does anybody remember them?

   e-mail: megan.price@arch.ox.ac.uk

Selkowitz, Kathrina - As a WWII veteran stationed in Swiss Cottage, I met my lost love Kathrina Selkowitz, a refugee from Vienna, who lived at 96 Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6. My dream would be fulfilled if I could find her. Pls contact me, Morey Schartz (Maurice), at
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Sendler, Ruth née Marcus - - born 16 November 1909, presumably in Berlin, daughter of painter Otto Marcus and Elisabeth born Sendler. Ruth, a dancer, emigrated to London in the 1930s (?), joined the Royal Ballet, and played a role in the film The Red Shoes (1948). I would also like to determine the fate of a sculpture my grandfather Arthur Lewin-Funcke made of Ruth in 1923. Any information on Ruth and/or the sculpture, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Sgt Henry George Popper (RAF), -

1925-1944, son of Julius and Eugenie Popper of Barking, Essex. Born Vienna, came with parents to UK around 1938. Any info pls to


   e-mail: anette.sarnas@malmo.se

Shipman, Louis - - a founder member of AJR, was also a friend of Paul Davids, father of my mother-in-law, Susie Shipman. Any information on either Louis Shipman or Paul Davids please
   e-mail: terry@terryfreedman.com

Sigma - a German-Jewish refugee born 1939-40, stayed for many months during war with Jack (later Sir Jack) and Peggy Longland in Welwyn Garden City. Pls contact me re biography of Sir Jack at
   e-mail: lomondluddite@btinternet.com

Sigman, Adele, Paul -

Last known address Isabella Vea 11, Budapest. Cousin of Hilda and Serina Zigman, Heinselmangasse, Vienna 20. Any info pls to



   e-mail: sue1rutherford@btinternet.com

Sigmund Levi -

Any info pls on Sigmund Levi, detained at Kitchener camp around 1940. He became a naturalised British citizen on 10 July 1947 in Liverpool and took the name Leslie Seymour.

   e-mail: TheKolbs132@verizon.net

Siman, Henry -

Last known address Budapest V, Maria Valeria. Uncle of Hans, Hilda and Serina Zigman, Heinselmangasse, Vienna 20. Any info pls to



   e-mail: sue1rutherford@btinternet.com

Simon-Wilf, Gisela - Born 16.02.20 in Hamburg, arrived UK 24.03.39.  Lived in Leeds and Gloucestershire, last known address (Aug 1946): 6 Andover Street, Cheltenham.  Any info please contact
   e-mail: karin.ohlsen@t-online.de

Sobell, Dolly and Elsa - from Germany (?).Sobells arrived at Liverpool Street Station, lived with us for a while. My parents were named Sherkin or Scherkein. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Solf, Johanna (Hanna) - during the Third Reich gathered around her what became known as the Solf Circle, who helped Jews get out of Germany or in any way possible. She and her daughter Lagi Ballestrem-Solf survived the Volksgerichtshof and Ravensbrück. Any information on her please
   e-mail: eugen@solf-kronberg.de

Sommer, Rosemarie, née Windmann - born 8.9.1929 in Duisburg, Germany, and her husband, a large-scale shoe manufacturer, who lived in London from the 1950s onwards. Any information, please
   e-mail: info@leobaeck.co.uk

Sondheim, Kurt - - born in Frankfurt/M on 21 August 1926. Came to the UK by Kindertransport 3 March 1939 as a German national. Joined the British army, where he rose to Staff Sergeant, number 14448994, being originally encamped at 9PW, Base Camp, Quorn, near Loughborough. Became a naturalized British subject on 12 September 1947. Please contact Tamar Duke-Cohan
   e-mail: t.duke.cohan@rn.com

Sonnenhalde - - In connection with research project on Jewish Children's Home Sonnenhalde in Bollschweil, near Freiburg-im-Breisgau, the Stadtarchiv Freiburg seeks information about Dr Annerose Heitler from Baden-Baden and Berlin, then Brighton. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Spiers, Harry -

arrived London 1938 from Germany. Served as interpreter with my unit HQ during campaign in Europe June 1944-May 1945. Our company was in military command of Hamburg afterwards.


   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

SS Warszawa -

I am researching a documentary film on the SS Warszawa, which brought children from Poland in 1939. Some were in Zpaszyn camp from November 1938 until the last boat left in August 1939. My father, Jack Reich, and his sister Helen Reich came to London on this boat on 29 August 1939. Would members who also came to England on the SS Warszawa in 1939 please contact Alan Goldin

   e-mail: alan@goldinfilms.co

Steiner, František - - born Czechoslovakia (date unknown). Last known address 15 Staverton Road, Oxford. His brother, Karel Steiner, died in Auschwitz, as did his cousin Felix Steiner, who was a lawyer in Sušice.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Steinhardt, Heinrich and Siegfried - heard of in Worms. Any info pls
   e-mail: bobbybnj@comcast.net

Stern, Ellen -

came as refugee to Brondesbury, London 1938 and to our school in Kensal Rise. When war was declared, she was sent to Isle of Man. Any info to Marcelle Edwards (née Howgego), 13 Tweed Street, Ayr, Scotland KA8 9JD, tel 01292 611747

Stern, Heinz -

school friend, b. Vienna 28.1.1926. Any info to Henry (Heinz) Rado, 10 Kenton Park Crescent, Harrow HA3 8UA


   e-mail: henryrado@tiscali.co.uk

Stern, Oscar - My grandfather had a large warehouse in Altona, Hamburg. He was in the exotic fruit import business. My mother's name is Ruth. She had two sisters, Manzi and Kate. My grandmother's name was Rosa Stern née Berkwerk. Any information at all
   e-mail: stavrula@zahav.net.il

Stiassny (Stiahsny?), Emil - d.o.b. 21.12.1881, migrated first to Shanghai and from there to London with his wife Josefine Stiassny, d.o.b. 13 or 23.12.1891. In 1968 Josefine lived at 113 Park Avenue North, London NW10. The Israelische Kultusgemeinde in Vienna is searching for their heirs. Information, please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Stolberg, Anna née Klein - wishes to make contact with relatives or other pupils who attended Vienna's Hauptschule Leipzigerplatz in 1938. Any information please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Stolenberg, Alice Gerda -

my mother, left Berlin after the war for Norway then left for the USA in 1947 (?). She was in a DP camp in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. She told me she lost most of her family except her mother and sister. She had a friend, Siegfried Einhorn. If you have any info on my mother or Siegfried, please write to


   e-mail: rferrary@earthlink.net

Stone - Apparently my family was from Germany. In Virginia they changed their name from Stein to Stone. The names of my first relatives are Joshua, Isaac and William. This is all I have to go on.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Sulzbach, Herbert -

For a book on Jews in the German army in WWI, has anyone info on any descendants of these German-Jewish officers who became refugees in England: Sulzbach, Herbert and Weiss, Bernhard? Harold Pollins at 

   e-mail: snillop47@aol.com

Sulzbach, Herbert (1894-1985) -

For biography any info or memories to Ainslie Hepburn, 8 Kew Street, Brighton BN1 3LG, tel 01273 208174,


   e-mail: ainslie_hepburn@hotmail.com

Sulzer, Harry (mother: Fanny) - left Prague by Kindertransport in summer 1939. Any information on him please
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Suskind-Sheridan, Hugo -

I am looking for info on Hugo Suskind-Sheridan, a partner for many years of my late grandfather Benno Franken in Berlin until about 1936, when both emigrated to the UK. He changed his name to the above from Hugo Suskind in 1948 when he was living at 135 Gloucester Place, London W1. He died on 24 April 1973 when he was living at 19 Park Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1. Any info pls to jean.sussman@blueyonder.co.uk

   e-mail: jean.sussman@blueyonder.co.uk

Tannenbaum, Dora - my grandmother, born Berlin, raised in Jewish orphanage, worked in Jewish old people's home. Came to Luton late 30s - would have been in her early 20s. Had a daughter in England who was adopted. Later moved to Scotland. Info pls
   e-mail: eleanor_thom@yahoo.co.uk

Tchelebonne, Philip/Phil - last seen Metz, France, in 1962. His parents, Bulgarian Jews, emigrated c 1925 to New York, where Phil was born. Phil was hoping to go to Israel. Any info pls
   e-mail: caroline@aallum.eu

Temkin, Max - 11, was smuggled out of concentration camp by my father Rocco Folco and brought back to his camp. He was fed, clothed and cared for. My father and three other men signed papers for Max, who was sent to New Jersey. My father, 80, wants to know if Max is OK.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

The White House, Great Chesterford -

Current occupants of The White House, Great Chesterford, wish to hear from anyone who stayed here when it was a hostel. Pls contact Mark.

   e-mail: mark@gamblefamily.co.uk

Thorn, Hermann -

Pls contact me if you have info on any of the surviving family members of Austrian Supreme Court Justice Hermann Thorn. Mario Zuniga at mzuniga4209@yahoo.com

   e-mail: mzuniga4209@yahoo.com

Toller, Ernst -

German playwright. Came to UK in September 1933 after detention in concentration camp. Any info about the camp, his mode of transport and departure point etc

   e-mail: philippa_wilkinson@hotmail.co.uk

Tommy Serebrenik -

My father, Peter Hinchliffe (parents Thomas and Muriel), remembers Tommy Serebrenik and his mother living with him and family in Yorkshire after fleeing from Europe early in WWII. Tommy possibly became a lawyer and later lived in Bristol. Can anyone put Tommy and my father in touch again? Please write to

   e-mail: jane@simpsonw.plus.com

Traute Bank née Leisersohn -

last known address 61 Clova Road, London E7. Traute came to the UK by Kindertransport in 1938. Her parents and her brother Gerd were murdered. Berlin memorial researcher wishes to contact her, her family or friends who may be able to help with research on Louise Prinz née Abraham and her husband Detmar Prinz, who committed suicide in 1941 to avoid deportation and are buried at Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin. 

   e-mail: (Mary Bianchi Bia24@web.de)

Trier, Walter - - Researcher seeks information about the life of this illustrator of children’s books and the books he illustrated during his exile in London and Hertfordshire 1936-1947. Please contact Dr Gillian Lathey
   e-mail: g.lathey@roehampton.ac.uk

Triester, Mary - born approx. 1909 in Troppau, Czechoslovakia. Daughter of Mac/Max Treister and Susanna Dubs. Last known address (in 1938) Lerchenfeld Gasse 19, Reichemberg (Liberec), Czech Republic. Any information, please email
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Van Leer, Wim - I am seeking information on the group of young men organized by Wim Van Leer that left Leipzig for Welwyn Garden City in January 1939. I am the daughter of a member of that group (Werner Leschziner) writing a book on the period.
   e-mail: judyb14868@aol.com

Vane, Anny née Zuurdeeg - born 6.11.1899 Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany. Widow of Dr Willy Edgar von Lieberman. Both died in London, he in 1950s-60s.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Veit, Phillip/Philip - Came to UK on Kinderstransport from Munich. His parents were Herman Veit and Cilla Zinn. Information, please
   e-mail: oberman@ozemail.com.au

Vienna University - Department of English - Is seeking former students. If you were a student there or know of a student there during or before the Nazi period, please contact Mag Barbara Olsson.
   e-mail: barbara.olsson@univie.ac.at

Viennese émigrés - I am writing about a cultivated family arriving in England in 1938 and want to hear personal experiences about adapting to a new life in this country.
   e-mail: martin.holland@octoberfilms.co.uk

von Bieterman(n), Frederick -

probably of Saxony, second husband of Anne Elie Bowring Walsh. Also any info on John Edward Bowring Walsh, lived Berlin 1937-45, and his maternal grandmother, married name Aslanian, mother of Lisa Aslanian Bowring-Walsh. Pls write to



   e-mail: tuppencecb@yahoo.ca

Walenty Widla - My father Walenty Widla was born 19.02.1900 in Zabierzow, Poland. The son of Andrzej and Katazyna, he and his wife Anna lived in Warsaw. He was last seen 20.08.1944, then was probably transported to Sachsenhausen or Neuengamme. If you have any info about my father or my relatives, pls contact me, Pawel Plodzik, on
   e-mail: p.plodzik@wp.pl

Walter Alt -

My father Walter Alt, b. 1926, left Vienna via Kindertransport. The family’s friend in England, Mr (?) Kalman, may have helped him, but he possibly ended up in a Catholic boarding school. Contact Marlene Alt, Canada, on 613 270 0038 or 613 608 0116

   e-mail: doug.mar@sympatico.ca

Walter Alt -

My father Walter Alt, b. 1926, left Vienna via Kindertransport. The family’s friend in England, Mr (?) Kalman, may have helped him, but he possibly ended up in a Catholic boarding school. Contact Marlene Alt, Canada, on 613 270 0038 or 613 608 0116

   e-mail: doug.mar@sympatico.ca

Wegner, Norbert - Sgt, Intelligence Corps, Jewish Chaplain card number 13805634, said Missing in North West Europe 1.9.44, information provided by his aunt, Pte M Roth on 23.3.46. Information, please contact Martin Sugarman
   e-mail: martin.sugarman@westking.ac.uk

Weiler, Gerda - born 23.4.25 Dresden, survived internment in Riga/Stutthof concentration camp. Any information please
   e-mail: john@tehillah.freeserve.co.uk

Weinstock, Richard and Martha - Richard, born 23.5.1901 in Vienna, where he lived until 25.5.1939 in Zirkusgasse 38, second district. Martha, née Grossbard, was born 7.4.1886. They migrated to London after 25.5.1939.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Weisner, Paul (Berthold), Dr - left Vienna in 1930s for London. Married Dr Mary Barton and they established a gynaecological clinic in Welbeck Street. Any information on him or living relatives please
   e-mail: peter.natt@btinternet.com

Weiss - Seeking to contact any relatives of Hilde or Rosie Weiss who lived in the Highbury area of north London about 1940 to 1960.
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Weiss, Bernard -

For a book on Jews in the German army in WWI, has anyone info on any descendants of these German-Jewish officers who became refugees in England: Sulzbach, Herbert and Weiss, Bernhard? Harold Pollins at 

   e-mail: snillop47@aol.com

Weiss, Richard -

(b 5.4.1880) and Regine (b 22.7.1882), my parents, lived in Castellezgasse, Vienna 2, from where they were evicted to Staudingergasse, 20. They were deported to Theresienstadt in 1942; last news was their deportation to Auschwitz on 28.10.44. My mother was a mezzo soprano who sang in St Gallen before WWI. Her stage name was Grete Strauss (Strauss her maiden name). Can anyone remember her singing in Theresienstadt?Please tel 0191 252 0013



Weitzmann, Siegfried -

, born 1924 (?), parents Chana (Blumelfeld) and Hirsh Weitzmann. Kindertransportee from Vienna to England. His brother, Maximilian Moshe Weitzmann, lived with my family on a moshav in Israel in 1940. Any info please contact Adva Magal-Cohen at

   e-mail: advamc@bezeqint.net

Weldon, Hugh Robert/Weinberg, Hans Robert -  
My cousin Weldon, Hugh Robert /Weinberg, Hans Robert, born 1921 in Borgholhausen, Westphalia, went by Kindertransport to England and worked as gardener there in Loughborough. Interned as enemy alien, he was deported in July 1940 on Dunera to Sydney, Australia. In September 1941 he enlisted in the Pioneer Corps of the British Army, embarking for Liverpool. In 1943 he joined the Royal Armoured Corps. Any info on him please to


   e-mail: weinberg@wi.mit.edu

Weltlinger, Siegmund - involved in re-establishment of Jewish community in Berlin after Shoah. Am also attempting to track down his surviving family members. His only child, Wolfgang Weltlinger, emigrated to United Kingdom in 1939. Info pls
   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

Weltmann, Lutz -

(1901-67) was theatre critic and reviewer for AJR Information. Information sought for academic study. Please contact Dr Anthony Grenville at the AJR or at

   e-mail: tony@ajr.org.uk

what Allied leaders knew about the Holocaust -

We are preparing a film on what Allied leaders knew about the Holocaust during WW2 and seeking letters, postcards, telegrams, etc from Jews seeking to emigrate to the UK, USA or elsewhere from Nazi-occupied territories. Please contact Claire Perrier de la Bathie, Cinétévé Production, 4 Quai des Célestins, 75004 Paris, France or on +33 (0)1 48 04 30 00

   e-mail: cpbathie@yahoo.fr

Wilde, Georg - was the last rabbi to serve in Magdeburg, Germany. He arrived in England in 1939 and is thought to have died in the UK in about 1949. The Centrum Judaicum in Berlin is researching into rabbis who served as German army officers during World War I and we would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has any knowledge or information about this rabbi. Any information, please contact Chana Schuetz
   e-mail: at cjudaicum@snafu.de

Wilfrid Israel -

London-based film-maker wishes to contact any German-Jewish refugees who came to England via the Kindertransport and had any acquaintance with Wilfrid Israel (1899-1943). Please contact Tom Hamilton

   e-mail: thomas.hamilton65@btinternet.com

Wolf, Edita (née Ranchburger) - born 1928-299 Czechoslovakia, possibly Prague. Shared dormitory in Theresienstadt with Helga Weissova, who wishes to contact her. Info pls
   e-mail: irene@palaceview.demon.co.uk

Wolfgang, Gertrude - from Germany or Austria, lived with Black family in Newport, Monmouthshire. Her childhood friend in Newport, Heather Johnson, remembers that after the war Gertie learned her father had been shot, but her mother liberated from a concentration camp by the Americans. Any info pls
   e-mail: GothamPH@aol.com

Wolfratshausen -

The Historical Society in Wolfratshausen (Germany), whose members include many professional historians, is planning to restore a mikveh in Wolfratshausen-Waldram in memory of the Jewish population of the region and to use it for contemporary exhibitions and events. We would be grateful for any info from readers - please contact Gabriele Fyjis-Walker at

   e-mail: fyjis.walker@virgin.net

Wolfratshausen/Oberbayern -

Does anyone know of any person who was at the Wirtschafliche Frauenschule (School of Household Management) in this location in 1926-38? We are a group of women who are carrying out research on this school but we have found only the following names of former students who appear to have emigrated to the UK: Minna Kocherthaler, Hanna Lichtenauer, Gertrud Fanny Maier and Hertha Mannheim.

   e-mail: search@ajr.org.uk

WWII evacuation of refugees in the UK -

I am working on a research programme for Reading University.  If you have any info, pls contact Dr Eva Roman on 0208 462 5030 (evenings).

Yaol, Harry - arrived Leeds 1939, made aliyah in 1947. Any information please
   e-mail: shimons@sde.org.il

Zimetbaum, Mala - Born in Brzesko, Poland 16/01/1918. From March 1928 lived with her family in Antwerp, Belgium. Joined Hanoar Hatzioni. Later worked as a seamstress for Maison Lilian and then as a linguist-secretary in a small diamond business. She was arrested on 22/07/1942 and deported to Auschwitz on 15/09/1942. Her number was 19880. She escaped with Edward (Edek) Galinski – number 531 – on 24/06/1944 but both were recaptured and murdered. Would anyone who knew her in Poland, Belgium or Auschwitz or has any information about her and her family please contact John Paul Leavey
   e-mail: jpleavey@eircom.net

Zwickau Jewish community -

Have you any info on the fate of the Zwickau Jewish community? My brother and I were born there but managed to flee to Prague before the deportations in 1938. The rest of my family were deported in October 1938. My grandfather, Baruch Leib Biron, father of 6 children, was rabbi of the community. Pls contact Ruth Rogoff (née Biron) at

   e-mail: ruthrogoff@talktalk.net

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