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Extracts from the Sep 2006 Journal

September surrenders

The most momentous formal cessation of hostilities to take place in the month of September in modern times was that signed by Imperial Japan on 2 September 1945, after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had demonstrated even to the obdurate Japanese military that they were defeated. The first, crucial move towards the German surrender in the First World War took place on 29 September 1918, when General Ludendorff, strong man of the German Army High Command and eminence grise behind Field-Marshal von Hindenburg, lost his nerve and prevailed on his nominal superior to advise Kaiser Wilhelm II that Germany must sue for peace. [more...]

The AJR and the Wiener Library

As our members will know, the Wiener Library is one of the leading archives, and certainly the oldest, archive recording the Holocaust and Nazi era. Its reputation extends far beyond our shores and the importance of its collection is as relevant today as when Dr Wiener began his work in Germany soon after the end of the First World War. It is unique in that, unlike other Holocaust archives, much of its collection was made at the time the events occurred. This gives it a powerful immediacy, which is both chilling and inspiring. [more...]

Letter from Israel

Living in interesting times

The sense of déjà vu is almost unbearable. Again, at the time of writing, Israeli soldiers are fighting in Lebanon. Again, rockets are being fired at our northern towns and villages, with greater intensity than before. Israelis are forced to live in shelters or move elsewhere in the country. Both the Israeli and Lebanese populations are suffering. Israel's long war has erupted once again. [more...]

Return to Leipzig

My name is Naomi. I am European. I am British. I am Jewish. Components of an identity which is too often pigeon-holed. I prefer just stating that I am who I am.
I am Naomi. People can discover the rest. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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