Extracts from the Sep 2002 Journal

Keffiyeh-clad heirs of Streicher (editorial)

The atrocities of September 11 drew less than a unanimous reaction from across the world. The West was divided between a horror-struck majority and a minority who deplored the deed but felt they could 'understand' the perpetrators. The East displayed a different sort of division. Some Muslims, exemplified by the ululating women caught on camera in the West Bank, rejoiced, while others professed to detect the hand of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad behind the atrocity. As proof, they cited the Saudi-manufactured mega-lie that 4,000 Jewish employees of the World Trade Center were absent from work on September 11 because they had been tipped off. [more...]

An inexplicable void

Risking the charge of Jewish megalomania yet again, I assert that Britain's greatest figurative painter and her greatest playwright - i.e. Lucian Freud and Tom Stoppard - are both Jews as well as refugees. Not that one would have guessed as much from their work, however! [more...]

Claims Conference ready to pull out of insurance company deal

The Claims Conference is prepared to withdraw from a deal that protects German insurance companies from lawsuits by survivors of the Holocaust in return for the pledge of reparation funds. Israel Singer, elected the Conference's new president in May this year following the death of Rabbi Israel Miller, has said that his members are "frustrated" by the slow pace at which Holocaust-linked restitution payments are being made. [more...]

The uses of illiteracy

Our current editorial focuses on the ignorance that exists across wide swathes of the Muslim world. Alas, Britain itself, birthplace of Caxton of printing-press fame, a country with possibly the highest newspaper readership in the world, is far from free of the taint of illiteracy. By illiteracy in the British context I don't mean the inability to read, but a deliberate rejection of knowledge and, alongside it, of thought and feeling. [more...]

Continental Britons

The cultural impact of refugees from Nazism

Daniel Snowman, author of The Hitler Emigrés and producer and presenter of a complete evening's programming on BBC Radio Three on the same topic, spoke to an audience of over 120 at the Continental Britons exhibition on the cultural impact of Jewish refugees. [more...]

Spitalfields Festival concerts

Christ Church, Spitalfields, London [more...]

Manuel dexterity: Profile of Andrew Sachs

During almost fifteen years of writing profiles for AJR Information/Journal, I have interviewed, among others, a life peer, two heads of Oxford colleges, a Regius Professor of History, the drama critic of the Daily Mail, an inventor, two industrialists, and two published poets - but none of these had anything approaching my present profilee's 'instant recognition factor'. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Payouts reach 100,000 survivors

The number of people who have received their first payment from the German Slave and Forced Labour Compensation Programme has reached 100,000, according to figures released by the Jewish Claims Conference (JCC). The JCC has also pledged to complete the first round of payments by the end of this year. Eligible applicants will also receive a cheque for $1,000 (approximately £600) from the Swiss Banks settlement as well as a further payment of around £1,500 from the German Fund at the beginning of next year.

Praise for Dutch Fund

More than 450 UK applicants to the Dutch Maror Fund have received payments totalling £18 million. The Fund, which has been praised for the speed and efficiency of its work, has confirmed that the worldwide total number of eligible victims is likely to be 35,000.

German ghetto law correction

Further to the note published in last month's journal, the new address for correspondence of the Landesversicherungsanstalt Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg is Postfach 701125, 22011 Hamburg, Germany.

French investigative commission

The deadline for filing claims in respect of bank accounts and other financial assets despoiled by the Vichy regime and its German occupier during the Second World War has been extended to 18 January 2003. [more...]

Desperately seeking solidarity (Part 2)

It followed as a matter of course that I too went into the rag trade. My fellow garment workers, though Jewish to a man, were not particularly sympathetic. A puzzling aspect of our relationship was their repeated mention of Franz Josef mit di papierenen hoisen (paper trousers). I later discovered that my Austrian origin put them in mind of Emperor Franz Josef and his dress uniform of pink tunic and white trousers. [more...]