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Nov 2001 Journal

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Members Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary in Style

More than 500 AJR members and their families filled the elegant ballroom of London's Grosvenor House Hotel to enjoy a tea, entertainment and one another's company in celebration of the Association's 60th anniversary. Among those present were two founders and outstanding leaders, Ludwig Spiro and Theo Marx. The present Chairman, Andrew Kaufman, the son of refugees from Nazi Germany, recalled AJR's proud history and restated the continuing need for services to the Jewish refugee community.

Pointing to the irony of a new Jewish museum being opened in Berlin that very day, Andrew Kaufman praised the foresight of AJR's founders in the dark days of 1941, when "Britain stood alone, our families were torn apart, the Holocaust was about to begin, and the State of Israel was a distant hope." Former refugees had benefited their country of adoption in many ways, not least in science, the professions, the arts, business and politics. Today's responsibility was "to assist those less fortunate to improve the quality of their lives", said Andrew Kaufman, a role which would continue for many years. He thanked special guests Esther Ranzen and David Baddiel for their support.
Ronald Channing

previous article:Obituary: Max Kochmann