Extracts from the May 2009 Journal

Saved by a transit visa

Surprisingly little has been written about the Jewish refugees from Hitler who reached safety in Britain on transit visas, though at least 5,000 of them were admitted in 1939, in the last desperate months before the outbreak of war. In November 1938, at the time of the ‘Crystal Night’ pogrom, the Nazi authorities had rounded up some 30,000 Jewish men and detained them in concentration camps. The Nazis were prepared to release detained Jews, if they had entry visas for foreign countries and would emigrate immediately. [more...]

Art Notes (review)

The Black Death destroyed one-third of Europe’s population in the fourteenth century, but for surviving Jews a further tragedy loomed. In town after town across mediaeval Europe, the local populace turned on them, accusing them of bringing on the plague by poisoning the wells and water sources. The terrified Jews hid their precious belongings before fleeing the pogroms that followed. One thousand were killed on one day alone, 2 March 1349, in the German town of Erfurt. [more...]

Grande Dame of Austrian literature’

Riverside, CA: Ariadne Press, 2007, 444 pp. paper; translated and with an introduction by Christine Shuttleworth [more...]

Letter from Israel:

The demise of an institution is almost as sad as the death of a person. This is what I felt when I attended the meeting of B’nai B’rith’s English-speaking Albert Einstein Lodge in Jerusalem on a cold night in December. [more...]


‘What did you do when they put you in that cell?’, Hannah asked. ‘I did my nails. They let me keep my manicure wallet’, Eva replied. ‘How could you stay so cool?’ ‘What else could I do? I didn’t know where he’d gone, did I?’ [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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