Extracts from the May 2004 Journal

May Day (editorial)

After the bleak midwinter and hesitant early spring, May Day at last announces the advent of the best season of the year. No wonder that celebrating the first day of May is a custom of venerable antiquity. [more...]

From Karl's prophecy to repatriated eggs

According to Marx, the evolution of capitalism inevitably culminates in monopoly - in other words in a small number of large firms dominating the entire economy. Anthony Sampson's classic study of the oil industry was entitled The Seven Sisters because that was the sum total of the US petro-giants. [more...]

Sister paper at 70

Back in distant 1924 a group of German-Jewish immigrants to America who felt rather isolated set up a club in downtown New York as a venue for meetings and social contacts. The time was not particularly propitious for newcomers to the USA from Central Europe. Congress had just introduced the quotas-by-countries system which gave preference to immigrants from Britain and Scandinavia over applicants born further east and south. The club's founders also encountered lingering anti-German prejudice dating back to American involvement in the Great War. [more...]

Art Notes

I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a book published to celebrate children's drawings and poems from Terezin, lends its name to an exhibition of 24 originals and 35 reproductions of the children's art at the Jewish Museum, brought from the Jewish Museum in Prague and supported by the AJR. [more...]

RG's Interface

Midwives to genius Wagner famously declared Jews spiritually sterile, and therefore incapable of creating great art. His 'creativity libel' has since been refuted by outstanding composers (Mahler, Schönberg), writers (Kafka, Proust), painters (Chagall), etc. [more...]

A sorry tale

Stuart E. Eizenstat
New York: Public Affairs, 2004, £22.50 [more...]

Letter from Israel

It seemed like any other Thursday morning. I was on my way to work slightly later than usual. The traffic was not inordinately heavy, nor were the other drivers unusually obnoxious. Although the rain had stopped, clouds still obscured the sky. Later that day the hotly-disputed prisoner-of-war exchange with the Palestinians would take place and Israel would receive the bodies of its soldiers. Everybody had an opinion on the subject, but most people regarded it as a necessary evil. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

French Commission

Established in 1999, the Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Spoliation (CIVS) investigates claims for material and financial assets despoiled by the Vichy regime and its German occupier during the Second World War. [more...]