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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Victims of Nazi persecution in the Netherlands are eligible to receive monies from a Dutch government scheme in recognition of retrospectively identified shortcomings in the restoration of rights following World War II and the government’s conduct in this matter.

The Stichting Maror-Gelden Overheid was created jointly in Spring 2000 by Dutch-Jewish organisations and the Dutch government and makes awards to Jewish victims of persecution who lived in Holland during WWII and/or whose assets were looted during this period. Heirs of victims who died on or after 8 May 1945 are also eligible to claim.

From a total of NLG 764 million (approx. £220m) comprised of contributions from the Dutch government, banks, insurance companies and the stock exchange, each eligible person will receive a first payment of NLG 14,000 (approx. £4,000) with the possibility of a further grant once all applications have been received.

Owing to the uncertainty of the potential number of applicants, a decision as to the total amount to be received by each claimant has not yet been disclosed.

The deadline for submitting claims is 31 December 2001. Completed applications should be sent to: Maror Desk Netherlands, P0 Box 19008, 2500 CA The Hague, The Netherlands

Additional information is available by contacting the Help desk on 0031 70 33 824 56 or on the Internet at www.joodsetegoeden.nl.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL. For assistance with the completion of application forms please telephone 020 7431 6161 for an appointment.
Michael Newman

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