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‘The Legacy of Hope’

AJR service at Belsize Square Synagogue
Guest speaker Dr James Smith, Co-Founder of the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, emphasised the value of such testimonies as the AJR’s Refugee Voices audiovisual project. At the time of the Holocaust, he said, ‘Ordinary people did not do enough. Governments did not do enough. We put barriers up, saying “It’s a Jewish problem!”’

During the service, which was led by Rabbi Rodney Mariner, AJR members lit memorial candles and Kaddish was recited.

Glenda Jackson, Member of Parliament for Hampstead and Highgate, said: ‘This year’s theme, “The Legacy of Hope”, was made human and tangible by those I was privileged to meet and speak with. Of course, we were in a synagogue which came into being by the dedication and commitment of Jewish refugees, who, having escaped the horrors of Nazism, gave thanks by never forgetting those who had not. Thank you for all the work you and your association have done, and continue to do, providing that “Legacy of Hope” every day.’

Liverpool HMD
As part of the Liverpool HMD activities, many AJR members attended the Service of Remembrance at Liverpool Town Hall, at which Dr Lola Barnett recalled how she came to be in this country.

Hana Eardley, Inge Goldrein and Sonia Strong spoke to the Liverpool Schools Parliament at the Town Hall Council Chamber, attended by over 200 pupils representing 40 Merseyside junior schools. A junior school presented Sonia with a book of poetry and artwork by children in Theriesenstadt entitled I Never Saw Another Butterfly. The schoolchildren included their own artwork.

The Liverpool AJR Holocaust Memorial Book, including the DVD Never Forget, has been distributed to 100 Merseyside junior and secondary schools.
Guido Alis

AJR represented at other HMD events
As well as the AJR’s service at Belsize Square Synagogue and the national event at Guildhall, AJR staff attended a number of events, including: City Hall in London, hosted by Mayor Boris Johnson; Brent Town Hall; a special commemoration of Czech Scrolls at Westminster Synagogue; a Glasgow City HMD event, attended by members of the Glasgow AJR Group at which the AJR’s Scotland Memorial Book was on display; East Renfrewshire HMD with AJR member Eva Clark; events in Newcastle and at Northumbria University; a Cheshire HMD event; and events at the London Jewish Cultural Centre and the Imperial War Museum.

Additionally, the AJR helped find speakers for commemorative events in Darlington, where Sylvia Hurst was the guest speaker, and in Cardiff, where Charlotte Jones addressed an audience at the university student union.

Staff were also present at HMD events sponsored by the AJR: the Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue and Finchley Reform Synagogue educational events, and the Glasgow Holocaust lecture.

Centre for German-Jewish Studies
Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller was guest speaker at the Centre for German-Jewish Studies’ HMD commemoration. The film Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust, by Martha Goell Lubell and Barbara Attie (USA 1999), was shown and a panel discussion chaired by Professor Christian Wiese, Director of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, was held

The event was organised by the University’s Centre for German-Jewish Studies, and introduced by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Ann Norman and University of Sussex Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Farthing. It was supported by the AJR.


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