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Extracts from the Mar 2008 Journal

The 1960s: The refugees and student radicalism

The attitudes of the refugees from Central Europe towards the student radicalism of the 1960s was influenced by events in West Germany, where the student movement was far stronger and more purposeful than in Britain. After the Bundestag elections of 1965, the Federal Republic had been governed by a Grand Coalition of the two big parties, the CDU and the SPD, leaving little effective opposition in parliament. The radical left established the Außerparlamentarische Opposition (APO, ‘extra-parliamentary opposition’) to fill this gap, though in reality the APO’s aim was to take on and, if possible, overthrow the West German state. After the shooting of a student, Benno Ohnesorg, by police at a demonstration against the visiting Shah of Iran in 1967, organised revolutionary groups emerged, principally the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF), better known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang. [more...]

Second World War internee records for the Isle of Man

This is the second, and concluding, part of this article. The first part appeared in last month’s issue of the Journal. [more...]

Art notes (review)

Despite a major attack by the Evening Standard’s Brian Sewell, From Russia at the Royal Academy (to 18 April) has survived controversy with flying colours. In order to appease the Russians, who feared putative claims on art expropriated by the Russian Revolution, former Culture Secretary James Purnell scrambled an Act of Parliament to bring to the UK 120 French and Russian paintings from Russia’s four major art collections and ensure their immunity from seizure. Sewell himself sees parallels between such potential claims and those of Holocaust heirs. Whatever the provenance of the works on show, they cast a long shadow over this much vaunted exhibition, following its unfettered success in Düsseldorf. [more...]

Austria’s loss, Britain’s gain (review)

edited by Charmian Brinson, Richard Dove, Jennifer Taylor
Amsterdam and New York: Editions Rodopi BV, 2007, 228 pp. paperback
(Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, Vol. 8, 2006)

AJR Report

New chairman for Kindertransport
Following five years’ sterling work, Hermann Hirschberger has stood down as Chairman of the Kindertransport Planning Committee. Although Hermann will continue to play a key role in organising the KT Reunion later this year and overseeing the Kinder Survey project, Erich Reich has taken over as chairman. Erich will be supported in his new role by Rev Bernd Koschland. [more...]

Letter from Israel

Visit to a rubbish dump
Among other things, I belong to the Giving Circle, a group of ladies of a certain age (most of us recent retirees) who put a sum of money into the kitty at each monthly meeting and at the end of the year reach a democratic decision as to which charity, or charities, we will give the money. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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