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This column informs and advises victims of Nazi persecution and the Holocaust and their heirs on procedures for claiming compensation for persecution and for the restitution of assets stolen or looted during the Second World War.

Holocaust era insurance policies

Details of more than 20,000 insurance policies taken out by Holocaust victims who originated from Eastern Europe are now available on the website of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims. For further information about the claim procedure call free on 0800 169 8318 and to search the lists visit

Belgian compensation claims

Claims for compensation for looted and stolen property in Belgium should be sent to Mr Rudi Van Doorslaer, Scientific Director, Research & Management Division, Commission pour l’Etude des Biens Juifs, 114 Boulevard Bishoffhein, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: 0032 2214 0910. Fax: 0032 2214 0911.

Trading with the Enemy

Applications for assets seized by the British Government under Trading with the Enemy legislation can be filed at the DTI in London. Further information and a database of 30,000 names are posted at Written applications should be addressed to Enemy Property, Department of Trade and Industry, 10 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET. The telephone number is 020 7215 3485.

Slave Labour

Holocaust victims used as slave and forced labourers are filing claims for compensation through the Foundation: Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future, established jointly by the German Government and German industry. Those who have not received prior information about the claim’s procedure and wish to submit a claim are invited to obtain an application form from this office.

Further help

Assistance with the completion of application forms is available (by appointment only) from the Central Office for Holocaust Claims at the offices of the AJR in Hampstead. Written enquiries should be sent to Michael Newman, Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL.

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