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Extracts from the Jun 2012 Journal

British politicians misuse the Holocaust

Sometimes it almost seems as if the centre of gravity in current exchanges about anti-Semitism and Nazism has moved to the Middle East, allowing such sentiments in Britain to pass unchallenged. While heated accusations of anti-Semitism are regularly levelled at those who criticise Israeli policies towards the Arabs, provoking the equally contentious counter-argument that it is possible to be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic, some recent, thoroughly reprehensible actions and statements by British politicians have passed without attracting the condemnation they deserve. [more...]

Erich Heller – a centenary tribute

Connoisseurs of German literature will regret that the centenary of the birth of the great literary scholar Erich Heller has passed largely unmarked. Heller was born in Komotau (now Chomutov in the Czech Republic) on 27 March 1911 and studied law in Prague. In 1939 he fled to Britain, where he was awarded his doctorate at Cambridge University in 1943 for a dissertation on Thomas Mann, the predecessor of his influential study The Ironic German: A Study of Thomas Mann (1958). Heller held lecturing posts at the London School of Economics, Cambridge and the University College of Swansea, where he was head of the Department of German, being promoted to the rank of professor in 1950. In 1959, he was appointed Professor of German at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where he lived until his death in 1990. [more...]

New light thrown on capture of Hoess

Untold details about the tracking down and arrest of Rudolf Hoess, the notorious Kommandant of Auschwitz, were revealed when a Belsize Square Synagogue group travelled to Cracow just after Passover. [more...]

AJR representatives at Buckingham Palace for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

AJR Co-Director Michael Newman and AJR member Clemens Nathan had the honour of attending a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Both are members of the Board of the Anglo-Jewish Association (Clemens is a former President and Michael is the current Deputy President), which, together with the Board of Deputies, has enjoyed since Victorian times the status of one of Her Majesty’s Privileged Bodies of the Crown. [more...]

Art notes (review)

Almost as many column inches have been spent on him as the insect life he has squandered in his quest for celebrity. I am talking about Damien Hirst. His latest fantasia of conceptualism at Tate Modern is about death staring you in the face. Dead cows and calves, splintered down the middle to reveal their sanitised innards. Butterflies flowering in their beauty only to flutter and die on the floor, or trapped in a virtual stained-glass window formed by their bodies. Maggots escaping from a rotting, bloody cow’s head. A million flies turned into a deathly-black mandala on the wall. [more...]

On the side of the underdog: From Kindertransport child to renowned DDR writer (review)

IM FLUSS DER ZEIT – AUF DREI KONTINENTEN (In the Flux of Time: On Three Continents)
by Walter Kaufmann
Berlin: Dittrich Verlag, 2010, 288 pp. hardback, illustrated, ISBN 978-3-937717-45-6 [more...]

Letter from Israel

A cold and rainy Saturday morning with no visiting grandchildren or social obligations presented a golden opportunity to attend a concert of chamber music given in the nearby neighbourhood of Ein Kerem. This is an outlying part of Jerusalem, consisting mainly of picturesque old houses, many of them inhabited by artists. The programme on this occasion consisted of two quintets by Schubert, and we had hastened to order tickets earlier in the week. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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