Extracts from the Jun 2008 Journal

Supping with the devil

Some ten years ago, I was sent to Brighton by the Shoah Foundation to interview Professor Ladislaus Löb of Sussex University. I knew Laci Löb professionally, and had always assumed that he was Swiss. Only during the course of the interview did it emerge that he had been born the son of Hungarian Jews in Kolozsvár (Cluj), capital of Transylvania, which became part of Romania in 1918 and was returned to Hungary by Hitler in 1940. [more...]

The Britain we live in

The Britain we now live in has changed very much from the one I first knew. There is no longer a pride in one’s country. The virtue of the stiff upper lip is ridiculed. Queuing is often ignored. Contemporary Britain has turned into a back-biting, self-denigrating society which has sacrificed the old rules on the altar of modernity and has only trendy stratagems for their replacement. Not even Winston Churchill has been left unmocked. Climbing on the bandwagon of one-upmanship and touchy-feeliness are the flavours of the day. Despite increasing taxation, sneakily introduced, the country’s infrastructure has not improved. [more...]

Art notes (review)

Flowing shapes, mass and volume are the themes chosen by Alison Watt, the National Gallery’s seventh Associate Artist and the youngest since they linked with the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation to develop this scheme. The selected artist works for two years at the NG, which ensures continuity between the Old Master and the young contemporary artist. [more...]

AJR Report

Tax and benefit exemptions
We set out here confirmation that certain Holocaust restitution and compensation payments are disregarded when calculating entitlement to welfare benefits and are exempt from specific taxes. [more...]

Israel at sixty

Turning sixty is not generally an event to be celebrated. It marks a turning point between being middle-aged and elderly, though perhaps that is not as clear-cut today as it once was. But for a country, and especially one whose initial survival was uncertain, it is a significant milestone. Today, Israel’s existence, though still questioned by some on the terrorist fringe, is firmly entrenched and its achievements are far from insignificant. [more...]


Sir - Having been a keen reader of the AJR Journal for many years and finding it extremely useful for my research on German-speaking Jewish refugees, I am wondering whether there are any plans to index all available issues. This would make this excellent resource even more valuable for anyone interested in the history of the AJR and Jewish refugees in Britain. [link]

Letters to the Editor

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