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Jun 2006 Journal

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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Extension of Belgian scheme

The deadline of the Solidarité 3000 compensation programme, previously featured in the AJR Journal, has been extended to 30 June 2006.

The Solidarité 3000 initiative entitles Holocaust survivors who lived in Belgium between 1 May 1940 (beginning of the German occupation) and September 1944 (the liberation) to a minimum of 3,000 euros in reparations. Holocaust victims who have previously received less than 3,000 euros in compensation are eligible for the difference up to that amount. Shoah victims who have never applied for compensation for lost or stolen assets or previously been ineligible to apply are now entitled to claim.

Application forms together with an English translation are available from the AJR and, once completed, should be sent by post to the Fondation du Judaisme de Belgique, Avenue Ducpetiaux 68, 1060 Brussels, Belgium.

Netherlands art restitution

Following a recommendation from the Ekkart Committee, the Dutch government has announced a new deadline - 4 April 2007 - for applications to the NK collection of artworks.

The NK collection comprises 4,217 works of art - including 1,750 paintings - many of which were owned by Jews before the Second World War but were confiscated or purchased illegally by members of the German occupying force.

Information about the NK collection and applications for restitution should be sent to: The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Attn State Secretary for Culture, Postbus 16375, 2500 BJ Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Further details of this scheme and the efforts made by the Dutch state to return looted art are available at and

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), Jubilee House, Merrion Avenue, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4RL, by fax to 020 8385 3075, or by email to

Michael Newman

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