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Extracts from the Jun 2005 Journal

The General Settlement Fund: waiting for an end to litigation

More than four years since the General Settlement Fund was created following the signing of the Washington Agreement - a bilateral accord between the US and Austria - not a single payment has been made from the indemnification programme established to pay compensation for a comprehensive range of Jewish-owned asset expropriation and Nazi persecution following the Anschluss of March 1938. [more...]

Monument to Frank Foley unveiled

The AJR, which generously supported the project to commemorate Frank Foley, 'the spy who saved 10,000 Jews', witnessed the unveiling of a monument to him in Highbridge, Somerset, where Foley was born and educated. [more...]

My country

When I left Germany I was full of hate for the country. I was furious when people described me as 'German' and would explain: 'I am a Jewish refugee from Germany.' When I appeared before a tribunal in 1939 to establish my status, the magistrate asked me: 'Do you want to be repatriated after the war?' I replied: 'Definitely not.' So my alien's registration book contained the footnote 'Does not wish to be repatriated.' When in 1947 I applied for naturalisation I put 'stateless' as my nationality. The Home Office wrote to me: 'According to our records, you are German. Why did you write stateless?' I replied: 'I am a Jew and therefore cannot be German.' The Home Office accepted this and I became British. [more...]

A visit to the doctor

I came to my foster parents as a mystery parcel, propelled out of Austria by desperate parents who weren't allowed to come with me. All that was known about me was my age - nine years - and my name. My foster mother soon set about examining the parcel. Advancing on my hair, she squeezed on it with a sticky substance called soft soap and began a vigorous scrubbing. Next, a toothcomb was used to scarify my scalp with an action like a plough harrowing a furrow. Bowels were of particular importance to her, and I soon learned it was politic to answer her daily question 'Did you have your bowels open?' in the affirmative. Otherwise, a battery of remedies ranging from the mild to the explosive would be applied along with the obligatory cod liver oil and malt. [more...]

Return to 'a land of refugees'

In 1940 and 1941, when I was 10, I lived in France in Château Montintin, run by the OSE (Organisation de Secours aux Enfants). In October 2004 I returned to the area for a colloquium on 'Jewish Children in Limousin from 1940 to 1960'. Attending were various academics and those of us who had been Jewish children in OSE homes or hidden by the Resistance and the OSE. The academics had researched the history. We were invited to give first-hand testimony at the two-day event. There were also programmes and tours of interest to us, the subjects of the colloquium. [more...]

Annual conference of child survivors

The World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust is an umbrella organisation of groups of Child Survivors. As children, we experienced Nazi persecution in Europe in one form or another. The World Federation comprises more than 50 Child Survivors' groups worldwide. Each group is an independent self-help group offering mutual support. [more...]

Doom-laden bacchanale (film review)

directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel
At selected cinemas [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Slave labour heir payments

The first tranche of compensation payments to heirs of former slave and forced labourers were made at the end of May by the Claims Conference on behalf of the German Foundation: Remembrance, Responsibility and Future. [more...]