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Extracts from the Jun 2002 Journal

Arafat = bin Laden? (editorial)

When speakers at April's Washington National Rally for Israel equated Arafat with bin Laden they were at one and the same time speaking the truth and guilty of hyperbole. Arafat is without doubt a terrorist in the sense that Eichmann was a Schreibtischmörder (a desk-bound killer). He released previously jailed members of murder squads from prison at the start of the second intifada, and spurred on his own Tanzim militants to engage in a grizzly competition with Hamas and Islamic Jihad as to who could achieve a higher tally of Israeli civilian dead. In addition, he has condemned suicide bombing only with great reluctance. [more...]

Appalling Tom Paulin

By profession, he is an Oxford don, a TV critic and a poet. By conviction, he is an Israelophobe on a par with George Galloway MP, nicknamed the 'Member for Baghdad'. Paulin first received wide publicity with a poem comparing to SS killers members of the IDF who shot back at stone-throwing Palestinian youngsters. He next called Sharon a war criminal in the unlikely setting of a BBC arts programme. [more...]

Continental Britons' - a story now told

"In seeking to develop a wider awareness of the experience of Jewish refugees fleeing from the tyranny of Nazism, the significant contribution which they subsequently made to this country and the continuing relevance of these events to today, the exhibition helps us all to celebrate the values and benefits of diversity whilst also developing a greater sense of community responsibility, common citizenship and shared values. I would like to congratulate the Jewish Museum and the Association of Jewish Refugees." - David Blunkett, Home Secretary [more...]

Cross, Crescent and Star of David

At the time of the Crusades, Europe was to all intents and purposes Catholic. The Crusaders thought they had a passport to heaven as they inflicted atrocities on Jews and Muslims alike. The waning of the Age of Faith saw the rise of nation states driven by purely dynastic interests. Catholic France didn't scruple to ally itself even with Mohammedan Turks or German Protestants to advance its interests at the expense of similarly Catholic Spain and Austria. [more...]

Austrian officials give details of General Settlement Fund

'Austria has a collective responsibility, not a collective guilt', the Austrian Ambassador told Holocaust survivors and refugees at meetings in Manchester and London. His Excellency Alexandra Christiani spoke frankly of the enormous difficulties and challenges, past and present alike, Austria faced, and expressed the hope that the new General Settlement Fund would in some small way provide assistance to Austrian victims of the Nazis. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims


The AJR extends its condolences to the family of Eli Ered (see Obituaries). Eli worked tirelessly to secure pensions and other reparations from the German government for Holocaust survivors and refugees and his strenuous efforts paved the way for the Central Office for Holocaust Claims to provide advice to Holocaust victims.

Further compensation for looting of assets in The Netherlands

The Foundation for Individual Securities Claims - established jointly by the Central Jewish Board in the Netherlands and the Israel Platform of Former Dutchmen in Israel together with the Netherlands Bankers' Association, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Association and the Amsterdam Exchanges N.V. - provides compensation for three losses: [more...]

Ludwig Spiro, nonagenarian (profile)

Ludwig Spiro, born in Trier in 1912, celebrates his 90th birthday as vigorous as ever. His father, a senior engineer with Prussian Railways, settled there with his family in 1911. Ludwig remembers the house being requisitioned as a mess for French officers during the occupation of the city after World War I. [more...]

Holding the demons at bay

Whereas the antisemites of the interwar period peddled raw hatred, their contemporary successors resort to lacerating ridicule. Jörg Haider waxed ironical about the fact that Vienna's Jewish community leader Ariel Musicant - a property developer and therefore automatically suspected of underhand (i.e. dirty) deals - was named after a washing powder. [more...]