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Extracts from the Jul 2011 Journal

From tiny acorns … The 70th anniversary of the AJR

What would the AJR’s founders think if they could see it now? The fledgling organisation they set up in July 1941 to represent the struggling and embattled Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria in Britain survived the war, retained its loyal membership through the lean years of post-war austerity and the fat years of prosperity that followed, and has now reached its seventieth anniversary in rude good health. While its sister organisations in other countries, in particular the American Federation of Jews from Central Europe and the Irgun Oley Merkas Europa in Israel, have discontinued most of their activities or ceased to exist entirely, the AJR continues to flourish and to perform valuable functions for its members. [more...]

AJR Centre to relocate

The AJR wishes to announce that the Paul Balint AJR Centre at Cleve Road, West Hampstead is to relocate to the Belsize Square Synagogue in January 2012. The move follows the decision of the AJR Charitable Trust to sell the premises at Cleve Road and to re-accommodate the three tenants who live in the purpose-built flats above the Centre. [more...]

Art notes (review)

How genuine is the surrealist soul of Joan Miró? Many Freudian images float through his work, but somehow you feel he was more comfortable with the lovingly painted images of his family farm in Barcelona such as The Tilled Field, when he first put brush to paper. Tate Modern’s latest show, Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape (until 11 September), features over 150 works, but the wall descriptions imply that the turbulent events which threw Spain into civil war in the early-to-mid-20th century, and spawned great works like Picasso’s Guernica, worked equally with Miró’s sensibility. Not so. He offers few political references. [more...]

Claims Conference obtains increase in Homecare funding

Following their annual negotiations with the German government, the Claims Conference has announced a substantial increase in funding for Homecare, a programme assisting with the costs of home-based care and enabling Holocaust survivors and refugees to live in dignity in their own homes for as long as possible. [more...]

Letter from Israel

A chance encounter led me to the offices of IMPACT, the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, where I was able to learn about their work and see for myself the fruits of their labour from their acting director, educational counsellor Shelley Elkayam. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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