Extracts from the Jul 2009 Journal

Berlin - the eye of the storm

Germany in the first months of 1945 experienced a firestorm of violence of almost unparalleled dimensions. Between January 1945 and the end of the war in May 1945, it became the arena for destruction and killing on a vast scale, both on land and from the air. Hitler’s war had come home to Germany in full measure, and its final battles were fought out in the heartland of the Reich, including its capital, Berlin. [more...]

Kindertransport Reunion founder Bertha Leverton to emigrate to Israel

Bertha Leverton, founder and organiser of the Reunion of Kindertransport, is to emigrate to Israel to live with her family there. [more...]

No needles, please!

Reader, I married him! But not without first telling him two facts about me that I felt he ought to know before we got hitched. One, I couldn’t cook. Two, to avoid sleepless nights, I needed to read in bed. I wasn’t much of a catch but he accepted both. In return, he asked only for one thing: I was never to knit in his presence - he couldn’t stand the clicking of knitting needles. I stared at him and laughed and laughed until I cried. [more...]

Art notes

Lithuanian-born sculptor Jacques Lipchitz is a jewel in the crown of the Ben Uri, which has launched the first major UK survey of his work for 20 years. Now, the Ben Uri is showing 152 of his drawings until 26 July in its show Jacques Lipchitz, Master Drawings: The Anatomy of a Sculptor. [more...]

Letter from Israel

The item headed ‘Britain: Unorganised boycott of Israel’ was tucked away inside my Hebrew newspaper. The body of the article described the response of a researcher in the UK to a proposal by an Israeli colleague to conduct a joint cancer research project. ‘Don’t take this personally’, her email stated, ‘But I don’t feel able to co-operate with you at a time when Israel’s government is killing innocent people, many of them children, and bombing UN schools and food supply depots. When these atrocities end, peace reigns and compensation is paid, I’ll be ready to think about it’ (my translation). [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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