Extracts from the Jul 2007 Journal

Remembering internment

My article on the ‘Thank-You Britain’ Fund (May 2007), which emphasised the positive side of relations between Britain and the Jewish refugees from Hitler, provoked a letter, published in June, reminding readers of the mass internment of ‘enemy aliens’ in the summer of 1940 - the heaviest item on the negative side of that account. The wartime internment and deportation of refugees was indeed the greatest stain on the record of the British government’s treatment of those who fled here to escape Nazi persecution. The events of that momentous summer, now 77 years ago, were of such consequence for the refugees that I intend to devote two major articles to them. [more...]

In support of today’s refugees

The asylum-seekers who depend on Barnet Refugee Service are often destitute and all are seeking safety having fled from persecution and frequently abuse, torture and rape. Family members and friends may have been killed in what had been their homeland. [more...]

Making a New Life Project: Holocaust survivors in Yorkshire

For three years a collaboration between researchers at the University of Leeds and the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association (HSFA), set up in 1996 to bring together the now ageing and scattered Holocaust survivors, has been documenting their extraordinary lives as much after the Holocaust as before and during its terrible years. [more...]

The ‘other’ Herzl: how a refugee engineer engineered history

Erich Herzl, an 87-year-old Viennese refugee, is not related to the famous Theodor. But he has made a lasting impact on history in a quite different way. [more...]

Letter from Israel; Peace at almost any price?

Peace with Syria? It has seemed like an unattainable dream for a very long
time. [more...]

A week in Wrocław (Breslau)

It was about time to visit the home town of my parents and grandparents. I had lectured in Birmingham and at the annual Limmud study week on the history of Breslau Jewry, but without ever having set foot in the city. [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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