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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Swiss banks deadline

Applications for dormant accounts published on the Swiss bank website must be submitted by 13 July 2005. The 2005 Swiss list is available online at www.crt-ii.org or www.swissbankclaims.com

Swiss Banks Settlement

In assessing how any residual funds of the $1.25 billion Swiss Banks Settlement (Holocaust Victims Asset Litigation) should be spent, it has emerged that to the end of May this year $735 million has been paid out to Holocaust victims. In addition to awards to former slave and forced labourers, compensation has been paid to Nazi victims who were either denied entry into Switzerland to escape persecution or expelled from it, as well as to those who were abused in that country. By far the largest category of awards has come from the Deposited Assets class of the Settlement: more than $210m has so far been paid to approximately 2,900 applicants.

Claims Conference negotiations

Following successful negotiations with the German government, the Claims Conference has announced that Jewish Nazi victims who were incarcerated for at least six months in certain labour camps in Hungary, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria during the Second World War are now eligible to receive pension payments from the Federal government.

The Article 2 Fund makes monthly payments of €270 to survivors who do not yet receive a Holocaust compensation pension and who meet the strict eligibility criteria, available from this office.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), Jubilee House, Merrion Avenue, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4RL, by fax to 020 8385 3075, or by email to michael@ajr.org.uk. Assistance can be provided strictly by appointment at the Holocaust Survivors Centre in Hendon, north London. For an appointment, please ring 020 8385 3074
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