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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

German pension payments

Recipients of pensions from Germany are receiving letters outlining changes to the way their monthly payments will be remitted. From 1 July 2003 pensions are to be paid using the new International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

To avoid increased bank charges, anyone who receives such a communication is advised to contact their bank and ask for their IBAN and BIC (also known as a Swift Code). This information should then be sent back to Germany using the form enclosed with the letter.

Austrian claim extension

Holocaust survivors and refugees who have not yet received an award in respect of loss of tenancy rights and confiscation of household properties now have until 31 December 2003 to file such claims. Claims for the € 7,630 or approx. £4,500 award originally expired on 22 February 2002 with applicants requested to complete a purple coloured form.

Applications can be submitted by heirs only in respect of those Austrian survivors who passed away after 24 October 2000.

Before contacting this office with requests for application forms, which would have been sent direct from the National Fund in Vienna, kindly check whether you have received this money already.

Swiss banks update

As of the end of March this year, only 40 UK based claimants to the Claims Resolution Tribunal in respect of dormant Swiss bank accounts have received confirmation that they are entitled to a compensation award. The total value of these awards is CHF 5.2m or £2.45m. A total of $800m has been set aside to settle all Swiss bank claims by the end of 2004.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL. For assistance with the completion of application forms, please telephone 020 7431 6161 for an appointment.
Michael Newman

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