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Jul 2001 Journal

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Obituary: Alice Schwab

Alice Schwab, former AJR Information arts correspondent, has died aged 86. She was born Lisl Rosenthal in 1915 in Heilbronn where her parents were wine merchants. Although her first love was art, Alice took practical training as a bookseller.

After arriving in England in 1938, her first position was with a much-admired Quaker family, following which she went to live with relatives in London and to work for the Jewish Refugees Committee at Bloomsbury House to assist Anna Schwab who became her mother-in-law when she married Walter in 1942.

In 1939 Alice joined Marks and Spencer, determinedly coping with the bombing of an East London store.  After the birth of her daughter Julia in 1950, Alice concentrated her efforts in support of AJR’s Employment Bureau, and later Children and Youth Aliya. From 1975 the Citizens Advice Bureau benefited from her help in finding employment for the over 60s.

A lifetime’s devotion to collecting and appreciating art led her to accepting the important position of AJR Information’s art correspondent, from where she informed and guided her regular readers for a quarter century. Alice was a delightful person blessed with a warm gregarious personality who will be remembered with affection by her many friends at the AJR.

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