Extracts from the Jan 2006 Journal

The AJR Journal sixty years on

A historical retrospective

Sixty years ago this month, AJR Information first appeared. That first issue, with its poor-quality paper and blurred print, now seems like a window onto a different world. But the grey and battered Britain of the post-war austerity years was also the Britain in which the Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria settled - their adopted homeland. To read the early issues of the journal is to rediscover the history of the AJR's founding years. [more...]

Making a New Life: Holocaust survivors and photographs

'Making a Difference': Holocaust Memorial Day, January 2006

Austrial General Settlement Fund: A step closer

Albert Einstein, Man of the Century (review)

Letter from Israel

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Programme for former slave and forced labourers

According to the German Foundation law, the last day on which payments in respect of slave and forced labour from the German Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future may be made to eligible persons is 20 September 2006. Individuals eligible for payment include: [more...]