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Berlin to Auschwitz by pedal power

Erich Reich, a Kindertransportee and a member of AJR’s Management Committee, organised and participated in a sponsored bicycle ride from Berlin to Auschwitz with 20 others, many of them children of survivors, including his nephew and grand-niece.

The £70,000 the group raised has been directed to two projects of the former Central British Fund (now World Jewish Relief), which was responsible for German Jewish refugee immigrants into Britain before the Second World War. Ongoing projects to help disadvantaged and disabled Jewish children in Ukraine have been complemented with support for the siting of a Kindertransport memorial sculpture at London’s Liverpool Street Station, the entry point for nearly all the Kinder. The AJR Charitable Trust has also given considerable financial support to this permanent reminder of the arrival in Britain of child refugees, sadly without their parents, from Nazi persecution, which it is planned to dedicate later this year.

Although he was only four when he arrived in this country, Erich Reich had long wanted to travel the route his parents had taken from Berlin to Auschwitz, seeking to create something constructive out of this most difficult of journeys. Flor Kent, the sculptor of the Liverpool Street statue, joined Erich Reich at a Kinder lunch at the AJR Day Centre to relate the story of the bike ride and the statue.
Ronald Channing

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