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Dec 2004 Journal

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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Additional Swiss bank accounts

The court administering the Holocaust Victims Asset Litigation (Swiss Banks Settlement) has announced that an additional list of names of owners of Swiss bank accounts will be published. The updated list will be accessible only on the internet at or

To date, 1,379 awards have been made and more than $167m (approximately £95m) has been disbursed to 2,407 claimants. These figures include 145 awards made to UK claimants at an average of $60,000 (£35,000). A total of $800m (£450m) has been set aside from the Settlement to pay claims for dormant Swiss accounts.

Austrian General Settlement Fund

Although payments from the General Settlement Fund (GSF) cannot be disbursed until the conclusion or dismissal of lawsuits in the United States against Austria and Austrian companies, the deadline for claims under the in rem restitution heading has been extended until 31 December 2004.

According to the National Fund, 'These claims pertain to properties formerly belonging to Jewish Nazi victims that were owned by the Austrian government or any legal person under public or private law wholly owned, directly or indirectly, by Austria as of 17 January 2001'. Application forms are available from this office and should be submitted to the National Fund, Parliament A-1017, Vienna, Austria.

The imminent distribution of €1,000 (approx. £650) awards in respect of lost personal possessions - as mentioned in last month's AJR Journal - is entirely unrelated to the processing of applications to the GSF.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), Jubilee House, Merrion Avenue, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4RL, by fax to 020 8385 3075, or by email to Assistance can be provided strictly by appointment at the Holocaust Survivors Centre in Hendon, north London. For an appointment, please ring 020 8385 3074.
Michael Newman

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