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Dec 2003 Journal

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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

31 December 2003 deadlines

December is the final month for making applications to four compensation funds, which have all announced extensions to filing deadlines.

Insurance claims

To view the list of more than 400,000 names of insurance policy holders who later became victims of Nazi persecution, please visit the website of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance: Claims www.icheic.org

The Council for the Compensation of Holocaust Victims in the Slovak Republic pays compensation to Holocaust victims (or their heirs) whose properties were aryanised during the Second World War. The Council can be reached at Kancelaria Rady, P.O. Box 115, 820 05 Bratislava 25, Slovak Republic. Its website is www.holocaustslovakia.sk and its email address is kancrada@stonline.sk.

Austrian National Fund payment

The Austrian government, through the office of the National Fund, makes a one-time lump sum award of AS 105,000 (approximately £4,500) to Austrian Nazi victims in respect of lost apartment and small business leases, household property and personal valuables and effects.

The Austrian Reconciliation Fund

See 'Austrian compensation fund eligibility extended'.

Applications to the above funds cannot be accepted after 31 December 2003.
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