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Extracts from the Dec 2003 Journal

The false prophet (editorial)

Size has often been quoted as an indicator of rightness and it is a fact of life that victory tends to be on the side of the big battalions. A pre-war panegyric of Stalin's Russia was entitled The Socialist Sixth of the World and, judging by the fact that the Islamic Conference at the UN embraces 57 states within the world body, one might currently talk about the Islamic Third of the World (the United Nations has around 180 members). [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

31 December 2003 deadlines [more...]

Letter from Israel

Anyone opening the newspapers or watching the news in England or anywhere else tends to think that Israelis live in a perpetual state of tension, with people constantly being blown up on buses and in restaurants. For that reason many potential tourists, even Jews, who should know better, have refrained from visiting Israel in the last few years. [more...]

What made East Brent cross? (editorial)

'When history repeats itself it occurs first as tragedy, then as farce.' Thus wrote Karl Marx and, unlike many of his oracular statements, this one has been borne out by history. The 'sensational' East Brent by-election is an obvious example. One could describe the result as uniquely farcical - certainly compared to the tragic outcome of the Oxford by-election of early 1939, a few months after Munich. [more...]