Extracts from the Dec 2001 Journal

Monotheism’s eternal triangle

Of the three great monotheistic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - the first is undoubtedly the oldest and therefore, however much they may deny it, the inspiration for the other two. It is also, and has been for well over a millennium, the numerically smallest and thus the most vulnerable. [more...]

Facing Mecca

During the Second World War all Britons abhorred Nazism, but a minority – dubbed Vansittartites after the head of the Foreign Service – abhorred all Germans. Islamophobia, a contemporary mindset deemed important enough for the BBC to devote half a dozen programmes to combating it, is roughly comparable to Vansittartism. In saying this I am not equating the Muslim world with the Third Reich – although some Islamic fundamentalists are indeed as hate-filled, anti-Western and fanatical as the Nazis. [more...]

Under Nelson’s blind eye

Trafalgar Square was recently the venue for an ‘interpenetration of opposites’ not equalled since Communists and Nazis jointly engineered the Berlin transport strike of November 1932. [more...]

German-Jewish cultural centre planned for Israel

In the late 1930s immigration into the then Palestine from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia reached its peak. Known as the Fifth Aliyah, the immigrants accounted for some 20 per cent of the total population of an area which, in 1948, was to become the State of Israel. The importance of these immigrants to the cultural and economic development of the country cannot be exaggerated. [more...]

Islam Hijacked

Who is privileged to enter Heaven according to Islam? Does a suicide bomber who kills innocent people merit entrance into Heaven? Islam is unambiguous on these questions. [more...]

Were the Refugees to Be Repatriated in 1945?

During the war, a major concern for the Jews from Central Europe who had fled to Britain was the possibility that they might be compelled to return to their countries of origin once hostilities ended. The Jewish refugees had contributed to the war effort and had shared the dangers and privations of wartime life with the British. They had begun to settle here, and in most cases had no desire to return to the lands where Jews had been systematically murdered. [more...]

Central Office for Holocaust Claims

31 December 2001 deadlines

Former slave and forced labourers have until the end of December to submit applications for compensation from the German Foundation: Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future. Those eligible to claim include any labourer under Nazi occupation and those who were interned in a place where labour was performed. [more...]

Genocide on Trial: War Crimes Trials and the Formation of Holocaust History and Memory

by Donald Bloxham [more...]