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Dec 2000 Journal

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News from the Groups

Speaking on his ‘Experiences as a Jewish Ambassador’, Sir Horace Phillips ranged from his Glasgow boyhood before the war to his last appointment as Professor of International Relations at a Turkish university. Called up in 1939 as a private in the Dorsetshire Regiment, after Dunkirk he was sent to Iraq to guard oilfields and started learning Arabic (“not unlike Hebrew really”). Then in Burma and the Far East,  including a spell as a code breaker of Japanese in Sri Lanka, and finishing as a Major on Earl Mountbatten’s staff. With his knowledge of languages, he went into the diplomatic service (“not common but not unknown for a Jewish boy”). Although much of his working life was spent in Muslim countries, he found no real difficulties, Indonesia and Turkey being very tolerant of other religions. His interest in, and care for, people clearly contributed and he seems not to have disappointed his mother’s ambitions for him.

Paul Samet

Chanukah party, with Esther and Alf Keiles providing the entertainment, will be on Thursday 7 December.

Brighton and Hove
There was havoc in Sussex on the morning of 30 October; with no trains in or out of Brighton and the roads through Eastbourne, Arundel, Worthing and Lewes impassable. In the Hove area there were a few fallen trees, blocked drains and other signs of destruction. After the weather’s antics throughout the night and early morning, radio and television were advising people to stay at home. Having cancelled the guest speaker, I took myself to Ralli Hall thinking that nobody would turn up for the monthly meeting. But by 10.30 five members had heroically appeared so we sat in the cosiness of the Pink Room, had coffee and biscuits and talked – as old friends do – about health issues, social services, Israeli politics and food. I must now circulate my recipe for vegetable lasagne. An unusual but most enjoyable meeting!

Fausta Shelton

Next meeting is on Monday 18 December when Michael Robinson will speak on ‘Food for Chanukah’. Come to the party.

West Midlands
There will be a Chanukah party at Central Synagogue on 10 December starting at 7.30 pm. Further information about tickets, for the 3 course dinner followed by a cabaret, from Henny Rednall (see AJR Group contacts page 10)

There will be a pre-Chanukah musical presentation on Sunday 17 December. Contact Werner Lachs (see group contacts page 10)

The next meeting will be on Sunday 10 December: David Fligg’s ‘Musical entertainment’.

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