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Dec 2000 Journal

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Obscene echo

‘Rich Jews largely control the US media’ writes Jemima Khan (née Goldsmith) in The Guardian. She adds ‘Jews form over half of Clinton’s policy advisers, preventing the US from acting as an honest broker in the Middle East’.

Why is Jemima’s voice listened to in the first place? Precisely because her daddy’s dosh gave him influence. Which other rich man ever bought himself a brand new political party at a whim? This entity, the UK Independence Party, became notorious in 1997 for election rally calls to castrate Edward Heath (who had taken us into Europe).

Jemima’s comments on US politics exude a similar whiff of obscenity. Her words replicate exactly those of Goebbels in 1940 when he explained why America was veering away from neutrality towards a pro-Allied stance.

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