Extracts from the Aug 2011 Journal

The Italian connection

This year saw the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy in 1861, which, along with the unification of Germany ten years later, transformed the map of Europe and the international political order of the Continent. The unification of Italy was closely intertwined with events in pre-unification Germany, especially the power struggle between the two principal German states, Austria and Prussia, and formed an important dimension to the history of German-speaking Mitteleuropa in the nineteenth century. [more...]

The AJR: 70 Years On

Celebrating the Jewish Refugee Experience in Britain [more...]

Art notes (review)

There’s still time - until 15 August - to visit the Royal Summer Exhibition. This year - at least in the photographic room - 90 per cent of selected works are claimed to be ‘send-ins’. The annual art show has funded the training of students in the Royal Academy schools since 1769. In the 18th century, every inch of wall space was used in what became known as the salon hang, which meant works were often hung too high to be seen. This year’s co-ordinator, Royal Academician Christopher Le Brun, has embraced something of that principle in using the upper space and the floor space to achieve a coherent display and to open a dialogue between artists. [more...]

Letter from Israel

London, Libya and economics [more...]

Winter in Prague’: The humanitarian mission of Doreen Warriner

When St Hugh’s College, Oxford wrote an obituary of their student, Professor Doreen Warriner OBE, who died on 17 December 1972, they observed that ‘For all her distinction and learning she remained modest and unaffected.’ [more...]

Letters to the Editor

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