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Aug 2007 Journal

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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Nuremberg art archives

In an initiative to identify former owners – and rightful heirs – of artworks looted from Jewish families in the Holocaust era, the city of Nuremberg has issued an appeal to people to make available to the City Archives ‘personal records or photos of flats in Nuremberg and of stolen cultural assets from their family property’.

By unveiling the ‘Lost Art’ project, the Nuremberg City Archives are attempting to facilitate the return of cultural objects, including paintings, graphical works, furniture and craftworks which were subsequently acquired over the local art trade by the city of Nuremberg.

Although it is acknowledged that it is not always possible to determine the details of former owners, the project will draw on the documentation already available in the Nuremberg City Archives as well as the Germanic National Museum and the Bavarian State Archives.

The Commission for Looted Art in Europe, which has helped recover thousands of artworks lost, stolen or confiscated in the Holocaust, is offering advice and assistance to potential claimants. The Commission can be contacted on 020 7487 3401 or via their website: www.lootedartcommission.com

Claims Conference negotiations

At their annual meeting with representatives of the German government, the Claims Conference was able to secure improvements to several programmes which provide financial assistance to Holocaust survivors.

As well as reaching an agreement that will enable more Holocaust survivors to receive the monthly payments from the Article II and the Central and East European Funds, the Claims Conference is hopeful that negotiations will result in further improvements to the homecare programme.

Michael Newman

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