Aug 2005 Journal

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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Hardship Fund

Victims of Nazi persecution who fled Austria following the Anschluss and who have not previously received compensation from the German government may now be entitled to receive a one-time compensation payment from the Claims Conference-operated Hardship Fund. Austrian Holocaust survivors not in receipt of a victim's pension from Austria and who did not receive any previous compensation from the German government in the 1950s or 1960s are eligible for the €2,550 (approx £1,700) award made by the Claims Conference with money endowed from the German government.

Survivors from Austria who have received payments from the Austrian National Fund or who are in receipt of an Austrian social security pension are entitled to apply. Application forms and guidelines are available from this office.

Restitution in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has held an exploratory meeting with representatives of the Jewish community in Ukraine with a view to setting up a process for the restitution of Jewish communal properties confiscated during the Soviet era. Suggestions include the creation of a commission to oversee the return of properties or the passing of legislation to establish formal guidelines.

One logistical difficulty is that the present territory of Ukraine comprises what used to be Poland and concern has been raised as to how to address property claims where a border or territory has changed.

In return for progress on restitution, Jewish groups have pledged to assist the country's trade developments.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), Jubilee House, Merrion Avenue, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4RL, by fax to 020 8385 3075, or by email to Assistance can be provided strictly by appointment at the Holocaust Survivors Centre in Hendon, north London. For an appointment, please ring 020 8385 3074.

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