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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Details of the Holocaust era agreement involving two major international banks have been announced.

Barclays and J P Morgan are to pay compensation for their role in operating with the Vichy and occupational authorities to plunder systematically the bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and other valuables of their Jewish clients both before, and in accordance with, antisemitic laws passed in France during WWII.

The banks have created Settlement Funds totalling US$ 6,362,500, with more than half contributed by Barclays. Separate funds will be established to pay administrative and legal costs.

Claims are also admissible in respect of assets held with the predecessors of Barclays and J P Morgan, including Rothschild Frères, Morgan et Cie and some branches of Lloyds Bank.

Submission of claims is not dependent on documentary proof. Claims will be valued by converting to US$ the balance as at 1940 and then calculating its equivalent as at 1999 - for Barclays claimants - and as at 2000 for J P Morgan claimants.

Following a fairness hearing to be held later this year, potential claimants will have until 30 September 2002 to submit applications. Then, and not earlier, claims will be assessed and awards made. For an application form or further information, telephone 0800 169 8318 (free).

Swiss banks

To ensure their application will be assessed, applicants who have had no confirmation of receipt of claims submitted in respect of Swiss bank accounts should send a registered letter to the Claims Resolution Tribunal, P.O. Box 2666, JAF Station, New York NY 10116-2666, USA. The deadline for filing claims is 5 August 2001.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL. For assistance with the completion of application forms please telephone 020 7431 6161 for an appointment.
Michael Newman

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