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Central Office for Holocaust Claims

Austrian Fund deadline

Applicants to the Austrian General Settlement Fund are reminded that the deadline for filing claims is 28 May 2003. The fund will pay compensation in respect of properties and other assets owned in Austria before the Second World War. Claims for loss of education for Austrian survivors can also be submitted through the programme.

Completed applications should be sent to the Austrian National Fund, Parliament, Vienna 1017, Austria.

Article II and Hardship Funds

The Claims Conference makes monthly and one-time grants to Holocaust survivors with specific histories of Nazi persecution from money allocated by the Federal German government.

Eligible to receive monthly Article II awards are survivors who, for specific amounts of time, were interned in concentration camps and ghettos or who lived in hiding or under a false identity. Those excluded are survivors who have received more than DM 35,000 or £12,000 in previous reparations and those in receipt of a German indemnification pension (BEG).

The Hardship Fund pays a one-time grant of DM 5,000 principally to survivors who fled Nazi persecution but who were later trapped in the former Soviet Union or other communist countries.

Following the conclusion of recent negotiations, Article II payments to some 46,000 recipients will increase to € 270 or £185.

Personal tribute

David Jedwab was a close colleague and friend and someone who was of great help in developing the work of the Central Office for Holocaust Claims. His enthusiasm and great sense of humour will be missed.

Further help

Written enquiries should be sent to Central Office for Holocaust Claims (UK), 1 Hampstead Gate, 1a Frognal, London NW3 6AL. For assistance with the completion of application forms, please telephone 020 7431 6161 for an appointment.
Michael Newman

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