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Apr 2002 Journal

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Continental Britons

Full programme of lectures, concerts and events

‘Continental Britons – Jewish Refugees from Nazi Europe’, an exhibition in celebration of the AJR’s 60th anniversary, opens at London’s Jewish Museum, Camden, on 8 May and will remain open to the public until 20 October.

Conceived, sponsored and created by the AJR, in co-operation with the Jewish Museum and the Wiener Library, this major new exhibition relates the remarkable story of Jewish refugees who fled Nazi persecution in German-speaking countries to arrive in Britain before the outbreak of World War II.

A programme of associated events includes:

Defying Hitler. by Sebastian Haffner. Book launch, Lord Weidenfeld 9 May
The Search for Refuge. Dr Joanne Newman and Dr Tony Kushner 21 May
Changing Countries. ed Dr Anthony Grenville and Dr Marian Malet 11 June
Refugee Composers. Concerts at the Wigmore Hall. JMI 9 and 17 June
Refugee Architects. Symposium LJCC and RIBA 16 June
Refugee Week. Refugee Council at Jewish Museum 18/19 June
No Place Like Home. Day Conference by Wiener Library 23 June
Continental Britons. Dr Anthony Grenville lecture 27 June
Remembering Sigmund Freud. A Walter Freud, Freud Museum 9 July
Hitler’s Emigrés. BBC journalist Daniel Snowman, lecture 16 July
Reception of Emigré Artists. Monica Bohm-Duchen, Ben Uri Gallery 10 September
German Jewish Heritage Today. Goethe Institute and Jewish Museum 2 October
Heritage of the Past: Blessing or Burden? Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Anne Karpf, symposium 6 October
The Church and Refugees. Dr Margaret Brearley and Andrew Chandler 9 October

For further information and full programme details, please contact:
The Jewish Museum, 129-131 Albert Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7NB
Tel: 020 7284 1997 Fax: 020 7267 9008 Email: admin@jmus.org.uk

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